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Chapter 69: Dont Die

Everyone looked over in surprise when they heard Wang Wens words.

Brawny Man gasped as he approached Wang Wen.

With a strange tone, he said, “It looks like this little guy is the second highest in our team.”

“You should never judge a book by its cover!”

“I am just lucky,” Wang Wen said modestly.

“I also know the Square Formation.

How do we divide the size How do we divide the profits ”

Brawny Man smiled as he looked at him.

“I dont mind.

You have the option of controlling the small monsters or killing the big monsters.

You get to choose first.”

One by one, his gaze swept across everyones faces.

Perplexed Man was the first to panic and waved his hand.

“I cant fight.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

It is fine as long as I complete the level.”

Fair-skinned Man shook his head.

“I am frail.

I will take care of the small monsters.

I am afraid the big monsters will transform into sh*t.”

Leather-Jacket Man and Wang Wen remained.

Both were powerful enough to defeat the big monsters.

That would be fine as long as they were split within a controllable range.

Only the two of them could compete with Brawny Man to defeat the big monsters.

“How about you” Leather-Jacket Man asked, turning to face Wang Wen.

“Big or small monsters”

Without waiting for Wang Wens response, Brawny Man said, “We can locate the drone and decide how to distribute the rewards.

Finally, we can divide the points for killing the big monsters evenly.”

Leather-Jacket Mans eyes shone brightly.

He shrugged and replied, “If that is the case, it makes no difference who gets the big or small monsters.

I can do it.”

Wang Wen paused and concluded that dividing the rewards equally was a good idea.

He nodded to show that he was willing to follow the rules.

Everyone else also agreed.

“Lock the reward distribution mode of this stage to equal distribution,” Brawny Man said cheerfully to the drone.

The drone spoke mechanically, “The reward distribution mode is set to equal distribution.

All monster-killing points will be distributed evenly among group members until the stage is cleared or when the team decides to leave the tower.]

“Are there any issues” Brawny Ma turned to face the four of them.

“Is anyone interested in slaughtering the big monsters Otherwise, I will go up.

You must guard the four entrances and avoid killing any small monsters!”

Wang Wen and Leather-Jacket Man shrugged, indicating that there was no problem.

Fair-skinned Man and Perplexed Man were also the same.

As a result, Brawny Man informed the drone that they were ready.

“Tenth floor, begin.”

As the mechanical voice fell, the four corners of the square teleportation portal lit up.

A small monster that looked like an enlarged version of a bat with its sticky tongue sticking out all over its body dashed out from the door and flew toward the group.

The four people guarding the corners dashed up to meet the monster.

They each stood in a corner, trying to corner the small monster.

They would catch any small monsters that attempted to fly toward the center.

They were all experienced tower climbers, so the disgusting sensation caused by that little bit of slime did not deter them.

The bat monsters sharp claws and teeth were the only danger.

No one knew how many bacteria and viruses they carried.

It would be extremely painful if they managed to scratch ones skin.

Leather-Jacket Man was the first of the four corner guards to stand in the nearest corner and did not move.

He said, “I am too tired to move.

You two should go.”

Perplexed Man and Fair-skinned Man split up and dashed to the two corners on the left and right.

They smiled and reached out to Wang Wen, motioning for him to go to the furthest corner.

Wang Wen rushed to the opposite corner after noticing the monster there was about to cut through the center.

He turned to face the three people who had already occupied their seats.

He laughed.

He walked to the opposite side without saying anything.

Brawny Man accompanied him.

When he noticed a cockroach the size of a car slowly emerging from the void in the center, he drew a long knife-shaped weapon and charged forward.

“I will hold the big monsters, and you run to stand in place so the small monsters do not come over!”

Wang Wen took off running.

As many as six bat monsters were flying up and down in that corner after passing through the center of the big monsters and arriving at the teleportation gate on the opposite side.

They let out an unpleasant cry and bared their teeth as they surrounded him when they saw a stranger approaching.

Brawny Man, who had already begun fighting the boss, avoided the monsters earth-shattering stomp and took the opportunity to survey the situation from all four corners.

There were only a few small monsters, so the four corners seemed stable, and no accidents occurred.

Aside from the other three corners, he noticed that Wang Wen had the easiest time dealing with the small monsters.

Wang Wen grabbed a bat monster with his hand.

He subdued the monster by pinching its wings side by side.

With its wings clipped, the bat monster resembled a bound chicken.

It could not get anywhere, no matter how hard it tried.

Then, he grabbed the second bat monster and pinched its wings too.

He held it alongside the first bat monster.

With their wings seized, the two bat monsters collided and kicked each other.

They appeared to be on the verge of exploding with rage.

The third and fourth bat monsters appeared out of nowhere.

He had caught all the monsters rushing out of the portal in the blink of an eye.

He took a sack from his body when he could no longer hold them!

He stuffed bat monsters into the sack!

He tied the ends and tossed them away!

A swarm of bat monsters struggled and scratched in the sack, but the material was surprisingly strong.

They could not get out, no matter how angry they were!

When he saw the situation, Brawny Man nodded and focused on attacking the cockroach monster the size of a car.

Hours flew by.

Brawny Man had been to the 200th floor before.

His strength was incredible.

He could easily kill the boss by himself.

The first cockroach was killed.

Then its body was divided into two.

Brawny Man attacked both of them at the same time.

One of the cockroach monsters finally gave up and spat out yellow liquid before dying.

It split into two once more.

There were three cockroaches on the field at the time.

Another cockroach was killed before it was divided in half again.

The count increased to four.

When they saw that, the four corner guards were overjoyed.

Except for Wang Wen, the rest of the team was crawling with bats.

It was extremely difficult for them to hold on.

However, as long as Brawny Man killed one more cockroach, the cockroach monsters would not split again when the number reached five.

After that, they would kill all five cockroaches and complete that stage.

They would not have squandered their time.

Wang Wen was overjoyed as well.

In the first round, they could easily earn 100,000 points.

That was an excellent starting point.

After pinching the bats wings, he could observe the battle.

However, he frowned when he saw Brawny Man fighting the boss monsters in the center.

When four cockroaches besieged him, Brawny Man, who had fought smoothly in the previous three rounds, began to show signs of fatigue.

When one of the cockroaches waved its sickle-like front claw, it cut his left shoulder.

However, the front claw was immediately cut off.

Brawny Man slid down tiredly, as evidenced by the bright red color that seeped through his chest and back and his staggering figure.

“Do you need help” Wang Wen immediately asked.

When Perplexed Man and Fair-skinned Man heard that, they were startled.

They were agitated because the flying bat monsters were blocking their vision.

They were concerned and asked, “What is the problem What happened”

“Look after the small monsters, and dont worry about me!” Brawny Man exclaimed as he dodged another earth-shaking stomp.

“It is nearly over! Do not let the little monsters die! I am not going to be able to handle another split!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Perplexed Man cried out in pain.

The bat monster bit his face as he was distracted.

The monster that appeared out of nowhere was too close to his eyes.

He was stunned and subconsciously pulled the bat monster from his face and threw it to the ground.

His heart was already half-cold by the time he reacted.

The bat on the ground looked like a rotten tomato that had been smashed into pulp.

Perplexed Man knelt on the ground, his trembling hands fiddling with the small bat, praying for their survival.


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