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Chapter 68: The Truth

Li He had no idea how far Wang Wen was willing to go to exact revenge on the Tiansheng Group.

Similarly, Wang Wen had no idea how far Li He wanted to rebuild the academy.

However, whether for vengeance or reconstruction, they all needed strength.

For someone like Wang Wen, who lacked talent, climbing the tower was the most effective way he could think of to gain strength.

When he found out he had to enter the tower again, Skinny Boy was furious.

Skinny Boy wanted to enter as well.

Cheng Qiaoyi, who had heard the news, also went to see Wang Wen.

Wang Wen understood their feelings.

He was also very grateful for their concern for him.

To take care of the two of them, he tried to explain as tactfully as he could.

“Right now, my strength is insufficient.

I might not be able to use all my strength if you come with me.”

“What do you mean” Skinny Boy asked hesitantly.

Wang Wen paused for a moment before deciding to speak the truth.

“You guys are new to the tower.

It will have an impact on my performance.”

“Hey, Hey!”

Skinny Boy was about to raise his fist and fight with him to see who was the new guy.

Even Cheng Qiaoyi produced a long needle to demonstrate that she was not a phony mechanism master.

Wang Wen stopped in front of them and handed them a piece of paper.

“Do not get too worked up.

Do these if you really want to go into the tower with me.”

They both took the paper and looked at it, perplexed.

The contents of the two pieces of paper were nearly identical.

For example, the paper read, “Disassemble the mechanism while holding your breath for at least two minutes.

After fasting for three days, look at your favorite food without eating and concentrating on drinking water.” It had other statements as well.

Other items included Skinny Boy having to rotate 100 times counterclockwise without vomiting, and Cheng Qiaoyi needing to finish the 14.5 km run and 260 stairs in two hours.

Their faces paled to varying degrees after they read the paper.

The content on the paper was very accurate in identifying the areas where they were weakest.

They had to strengthen their weakest point to complete those items successfully.

Cheng Qiaoyi, in particular, was transfixed by long-distance running and stair climbing.

She wanted to cry, but she gritted her teeth and suppressed her tears.

Skinny Boy examined his paper, then poked his head out to read Cheng Qiaoyis paper.

He sighed and asked Wang Wen, “How do you know so much about my flaws”

Cheng Qiaoyi, hearing that, looked up at Wang Wen with tears in her eyes.

She wanted to know the answer to that question as well.

“Because I value you!” Wang Wen said to the two of them.

“You are extremely important to me!”

Cheng Qiaoyi and Skinny Boy finally accepted their papers and dejectedly left.

Wang Wen returned to the tower.

The ordinary skill levels scattered across the hundred floors posed no threat to him, who was no longer overconfident and underestimating his opponents.

The difficulty level was not high either.

The sheer number of levels with many people working together was dangerous and difficult.

After all, peoples hearts were as well-known as the sun.

For example, he failed twice the last time he attempted to use his True Clone to break through the first hundred floors.

It was not until the third week that he got it.

That was also why he left the tower two days later.

The World Tower was enchanting.

He could reach the 100th level in two days, but he would not be able to go higher until the weekend if he failed.

Luck was sometimes a component of strength.

His luck, for example, was not bad at the time.

When he reached the tenth level, he noticed the treasure that everyone was talking about in his previous life—the Square Formation.

It was a square platform with four gleaming teleportation portals on each corner.

Monsters of all kinds continued to pour out of the portal.

There was no way to eliminate them all.

In the center stood a massive boss-level monster.

If killed, it would split into two equally massive monsters.

In other words, there was no way to eliminate all four monsters or the boss in the center.

Everyone assumed it was an attempt to persuade them to retreat.

The monsters that emerged from the portal did not have many points, and even the boss-level monsters in the center only had 10 points.

Some powerful climbers did not believe it, so the team split up and collaborated.

Four blocked the portal, and one fought the boss monster alone.

They saved their energy and killed 128 of the bosses all at once.

Finally, their minds blew up, and they gave up.

It was a low-level checkpoint, so many tower climbers later attempted to figure out how to defeat it.

There was a limit to how many times the monster in the center could split as long as they did not kill the small monsters in the portal.

If even one of the small monsters died, the central monster would only split into five.

The team had to think about the number of members they had

Every time they killed a monster, the number of split monsters would increase by one.

To pass that level, the most effective strategy was to avoid touching the monsters in the portal and concentrate on killing the boss.

They would kill all the monsters after killing five of them.

They would complete the level and be rewarded with a large number of points.

That level became extremely popular after the method for clearing it was discovered.

Nobody would ever complain about having too much money.

If they could successfully clear the level, every corpse of a giant monster that stopped splitting would be rewarded with 100,000 points!

Therefore, when he entered the arena and saw the familiar Square Formation, Wang Wens eyes lit up.

He was broke.

The 3,000,000 points he earned from the Tiansheng Group were donated to the families of those who died at the academy.

It was insufficient.

He had not considered how much money he could make by entering the World Tower, but he was extremely fortunate to come across such a windfall.

He did not know if the tower climbers had devised the proper strategy.

Wang Wen might not be able to handle it if they decide to kill the monsters randomly, causing the final boss to split and explode.

Wang Wen turned to face the other four temporary teammates, thinking.

All four of them were men.

One of them, a burly man with bulky muscles, saw that the team had gathered and took the initiative to speak.

“Everyone is here.

Everyone knows how to fight the Square Formation, right”

Two of the other three men nodded, while the third looked around in perplexity.

“Have you not read the information about the Square Formation” Brawny Man asked Perplexed Man.

“Have you done many floors”

Perplexed Man was a little embarrassed.

“I didnt get much time to read.

I am only on level 50.”

Brawny Man appeared surprised.

“You dont even understand the Square Formation, but you can reach the 50th floor Then you were extremely fortunate! Come on, everyone, tell me your number.

I just passed the 200th-floor last week.

Anyone gone any higher”

The other two shrugged their shoulders.

“My highest is the 69-floor,” a fair-skinned, bespectacled young man reported.

“If I hadnt been lucky, I would have died in the poison gas chamber.

I am not going to rush up the tower again.”

Brawny Man chuckled.

“Then you have been extremely unlucky.

When you encounter the Life Harvester, the first thing you should do is flee.

Do you want to go head-to-head with it No one could hold their breath long enough to disassemble the mechanism before the 300th floor.

After all, you only have eight minutes.

It is extremely lethal.”

Fair-skinned Man shook his head helplessly as well.

“And how about you” Brawny Man turned to face another man in a black leather jacket.

Leather Jacket Man gave a number calmly.

“The 80th floor.”

Brawny Man nodded and turned to face Wang Wen.

Wang Wen thought that particular segment was particularly awkward.

Why was it necessary for everyone to say that Would it not be preferable if they knew how to deal with the Square Formation What did it have to do with their levels

He knew that no one would believe him if he told the truth.

Instead, it would lead to misunderstandings.

After thinking for a long time, he said, “100th floor.”


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