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Chapter 67: Empty Words And The Truth

“Third year Li”

Skinny Boy looked at the two of them as they shook hands.

He searched his brain for a while and exclaimed, “Youre Senior Li, who broke through the 100th level”

He turned around and corrected him.

“Now its the 300th floor.”

Wang Wen also remembered the person who had recently returned from hell.

He had heard about it in the school cafeteria.

At the time, the other party appeared to have just passed the 100th floor.

However, in just a few weeks, he had risen to the 300th floor.

That speed caused Wang Wen, who was familiar with the World Towers difficulty, to squint his eyes and silently assess the person in front of him.

He knew in his heart that there was no need for overly abnormal power before the 300th level.

His physical strength would be able to keep up as long as he was familiar with the technique, and ordinary people would be able to do the same.

However, the term familiar technique referred to his level of familiarity.

He would need to be strong to fill in the gaps in his experience if he was slightly weaker.

For example, he could easily use the technique on some floors, but the weak might have to resort to brute force on some random floors.

That was the difference in experience.

Physical strength would be affected as long as it involved brute force.

The only distinction was how much force was needed.

There was a time when ones energy was depleted.

Climbing the tower was strenuous physical labor that demanded reasonable control over ones physical strength.

Every bit of physical strength expended in the early stages reduced the number of levels that could be reached in the end.

In just a few weeks, a third-year academy student advanced from 100 to 300 levels.

That was illogical!

Wang Wen had some reservations, but he did not express them.

He smiled and politely shook hands with Li He.

“I just found out that the hospital bills have been paid.

It must have been you.”

“Youre welcome.” Li He glanced at him.

“To be able to challenge the Tiansheng Group Group and personally pay to appease over a hundred victims families, I didnt think anyone would do that.”

“Dont say that.” Wang Wen waved his hands repeatedly.

“Im now truly penniless.”

Li He nodded and did not continue on that topic.

He turned around to face the surviving teachers and students in the ward.

“The academy is gone.

What do you plan to do next” he asked casually.

Wang Wen looked at Li He before turning around to face Skinny Boy.

“Maybe these are just empty words, but I want revenge on the Tiansheng Group,” he said jokingly.

Such words should never have been spoken.

Especially in that situation, where everything was on fire.

If the Tiansheng Groups people heard it, they might be so enraged that they would ignore the funeral and come after him.

After all, the Tiansheng Group had a solid foundation and far too many tower climbers.

With his strength, Wang Wen could only fight his opponents on the 400th floor.

He might not be able to escape if he crashed into the 500th floor.

Even if he hid in the World Tower to avoid the spotlight, he could still be pursued.

The Tiansheng Group could fully utilize its manpower advantage by arranging for a large number of tower climbers to enter the tower while purposefully leaving an empty spot to guard the entire floor.

It would be preferable if they could kill the target.

If they could not kill him, they would force him out of the tower with all their might, and the experts guarding outside would kill him then.

It was a sure thing.

Wang Wen, who had lived for two lifetimes, was adamant about such a move.

There should only be one reason he did it even though he was aware of it—the monstrous anger hidden under his seemingly carefree, unruly, and smiling face.

When he could not suppress it any longer, he would use a joking tone to express some of it so he would not burn his brain and do something irrational.

It was also because of that that he had the idea of destroying the entire Tiansheng Group.

He knew that simply killing a few people would not be enough to put out the massive fire he had hidden beneath the calm.

It could only be dug up and replaced.

When Li He heard his words, he turned around and looked at him suspiciously.

“How high have you reached in the tower”

Wang Wen stretched out her hand and made a nine sign.

Li He thought for a moment.

He would not be on the 900th floor, so he nodded and said, “For a climber who had only reached the 90th floor, those are empty words indeed.”

Wang Wen did not correct him.

Instead, he asked, “What about you What do you plan to do next Youve reached the 300th floor; Im sure many consortiums would want you, right”

Li Hes gaze turned back to the ward.

After a long while, he said faintly, “Maybe these are also just empty words, but I want to rebuild the academy.”

Wang Wen was slightly stunned.

He asked, “How many points do you have”

“I have 550,000.” Li He placed his hands behind his back and expressionlessly reported his account balance.


Skinny Boy covered his mouth with guilt.

No one knew whether he laughed because he felt guilty or if he thought the other youth was speaking arrogantly.

Wang Wen looked at him, then at Li He.

He nodded and said, “Rebuilding the academy is indeed difficult for a climber with only 550,000 points.”

Li He frowned.

“You dont believe me”

“No, no.” Wang Wen hurriedly explained, “Im just making a comparison.”

Li He said, “Want to bet Lets see who can boast about their achievements first! ”

Wang Wen smiled weakly and awkwardly.

“Dont misunderstand.

I really was only doing a comparison.”

Li He stared at him and did not say anything.

Then, Wang Wen scratched his head and asked, “Have you eaten Lets eat together in the afternoon”

Li He took a deep breath.

Then, he walked away.

When he brushed past him, he said, “Im sorry, I thought you were serious.

I overestimated you.”

“We are adults.

Do youneed to goad us into such a cliché” Wang Wen turned around and asked him with a smile, “May I ask, Senior Li, why are you so concerned about the academy Even the regional ruler doesnt dare talk about rebuilding the academy.”

Li He stopped in his tracks.

Without turning his head, he said, “I am an orphan.

The dean provided for me growing up, so I took his surname and treated him as my biological father.”

Wang Wen finally understood.

He recalled that the dean was also known as Professor Li.

He did not expect to hear that about the old man.

“The man in green killed Zheng Xiaodong to avenge my fathers death.

You also said that you wanted to seek revenge from the Tiansheng Group, so I will not snatch that from you.” Li His tone was calm, and for some reason, he shook his head.

Then, he raised his head slightly and said, “The old man wanted many things for the academy.

He did not have the time to complete it, so I will do it for him as his son.”

His footsteps resumed as he finished speaking, and his back vanished from the corner of the stairs.

Skinny Boy looked at Wang Wen innocently and said, “I suddenly feel like he is quite pitiful.

His biological parents are gone, and now even his foster father is gone.”

“Who isnt pitiful in this world” Wang Wen casually replied and walked toward the stairs.

Skinny Boy quickly followed and asked in confusion, “Where are we going now”

Wang Wen did not answer but only quickened his pace and trotted away.

Very soon, he caught up with the figure that had disappeared earlier.

Wang Wen shouted at the figure that was walking silently, “Senior, do you mean what you said”

Li He turned around and asked puzzledly, “What”

“Lets make a bet! Lets see who can achieve their goal first.” Wang Wen smiled happily.

Li Li was stunned.

The afternoon sun shone through the transparent skylight in the hospital hall and fell on the smiling youth as if he had been dusted with gold powder.

He felt his footsteps were heavy just a second ago, thinking that he would be the only one on the road to the academy in the future.

He had not expected to meet a reckless individual who stated his desire to accompany them.

Li He smiled for the first time in a few days.

He turned around and stood tall.

He gave Wang Wen a deep look and laughed loudly.

“It is a deal.

The loser will treat us to a meal.”


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