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Chapter 66: Third-year Senior Li

The academys dean would perish if he were not strong enough.

The consortiums heir would also die if he were not strong enough.

Wang Wens actions changed the future situation ahead of time.

Everyone realized that climbing the tower should not be left to the underlings.

The old way of massive resources being used to cultivate outsiders might vanish, whether intentional or unintentional.

The groups resources would no longer be distributed to outsiders but to their own people.

The higher the status of their people, the more they needed to match their strength.

The leaders height was the height of the various large consortia.

They would definitely consider more of the candidates qualifications in climbing the tower in the future when selecting the successor.

Once they were selected, regardless of how stupid the successor was, they would need to gather all the resources and stack them as high as possible.

The underlings would get a turn only after the successor had had his fill.

As in ancient sects, the sect leader would undoubtedly have the most authority and resources in the sect.

He could use whatever cultivation techniques, secret manuals, and elixirs he could get his hands on first.

The rest would be distributed according to rank by the other elders and disciples.

The death of the Tiansheng Groups young master seemed to have energized that world.

It abruptly evolved to the survival of the fittest.

The consortia gradually evolved into the modern sect model.

The larger the consortium, the more quickly they had to move.

They could lose their status if they did not act quickly enough.

The most important thing for all the consortia was to think of ways to increase the strength of their core members.

Only those of the same level could restrict those who climbed the tower.

How many levels would they need to go to feel better about the situation

There was no limit to the number of levels below 1,000.

The higher the level, the more at ease they would be.

One could imagine that it would be an extremely turbulent period.

The large consortia had the advantage of resources.

They had many talented men and women.

Even if they sent people to escort the boss to each level, they could still send the boss to the top of the tower.

Even if their foundation was unstable, they could at least protect themselves.

However, small consortia were flexible in their transformation.

They would be fine if they did not make any noise.

If someone could reach the towers upper levels, they would be able to overtake climbers from the small consortia.

That climber could even recruit his own customers.

Those elite teams that remained in the group and did not leave were trained with great zeal.

Even though they no longer had resource priority, they no longer worked as employees.

They would instead become core members, similar to the elders or guardians.

They would feel more at home than they had before.

After all, everyone wanted money, but not everyone wanted to be noticed.

Some people preferred to stay low-profile.

They desired to be at ease and earn money without having to worry about too many details.

They wanted to feel at ease.

The consortiums boss was also concerned that the climbers he had painstakingly trained would turn around and replace him.

It was up to one if one wanted to be happy and wealthy.

Everyone would feel more at ease that way.

That was not a promising sign.

Humans were extremely adaptable.

Those who were not adaptable were eliminated.

Those who could not keep up with the pace of change were left behind, and those who could stay and eat and drink were those who were adaptable and flexible.

It was the same at the time.

Those who were the first to recognize the changes in the times and change their thinking and take action in the face of opposition and ridicule could reap incalculable benefits in the future.

They would be able to travel further than those stuck in the same place.

Of course, at the start of the worlds changes, ordinary people found it difficult to notice.

Take Wang Wen, for example.

He was too lazy to be concerned about how those large and small consortiums would adjust.

He would just concentrate on himself and leave as soon as Tiansheng Groups money was in his hands.

Wang Wen had earned around six million points at the time, thanks to everyones help.

He split it with the skinny boy, scaring him so much that he stuttered for a long time.

After splitting the money, Wang Wen used his three million points to visit the families of the victims in the academy, donating to them.

In reality, few families survived the massacre in the Tiansheng Group mirror led by Zheng Xiaodong.

The majority of them were elderly and children who stayed at home.

They were fortunate to survive because they were unable to move freely and did not go to the Tiansheng Group to participate in the protest.

That made Wang Wen feel powerless.

The elderly and children who remained were mostly people without income or the ability to support themselves.

At first glance, the three million points in his hand appeared to be a lot, but after they were distributed to everyone, there was not much left.

There were over a hundred families, with each receiving 20,000 to 30,000 points.

They could last one to two years if they were thrifty.

Families with savings fared marginally better.

Those who lacked savings relied on the victims to provide for their families.

Wang Wen had no option but to leave them to fend for themselves.

Even so, the unexpected donation also enhanced his reputation as a good person among the families of many colleges.

The majority of people were unconcerned about the cause of the disaster.

They were only grateful for Wang Wens assistance in times of need.

When Skinny Boy learned of Wang Wens actions, he wanted to donate everything he had.

Wang Wen stopped him.

He might have done that because he felt guilty, but the boy did not need to do that.

It was pointless to add three million points if he could not solve the underlying problem.

The academy was completely empty.

The regional ruler did not appoint a new dean to take over because he was unsure if he was afraid of being blamed by the Tiansheng Group.

He also turned a blind eye to the academys survivors.

He did not even care about the cost of their hospitalization.

The eight teachers and students rescued from the prison cell paid for their treatment.

If they did not have enough money, the hospital would discontinue follow-up care after the initial treatment.

Wang Wen and Skinny Boy arrived at the hospital at the same time.

They wanted to solve the problem for the eight people.

However, they found out that someone had already paid in full.

They thought it was strange.

The commotion caused by the Tiansheng Group was a little too much at that moment.

It was world-class news that shook the world, whether it was the bounty on the man in green or the death of Young Master Zheng Xiaodong in his own manor.

Normal people would be aware of the recent major events that occurred one after the other as long as they could access the Internet and had eyes and ears.

The Tiansheng Group was temporarily unable to take care of the academy because the man in green had caused a lot of trouble.

Everyone assumed that once the man in green was dealt with, the survivors of the academy would be their next target.

Those who came knocking on the Tiansheng Groups doors demanding an explanation were all rather strong tower climbers.

They had to nip the problem in the bud.

Those eight people were like a smoldering pile of coal.

For fear of being burned, no one dared to touch them.

Wang Wen was very curious.

Who had dared to pay for the academy

He went to the ward.

He discovered someone standing outside the door, silently watching the doctors and nurses change the dressings on the eight patients.

When he saw Wang Wen approaching with a puzzled expression, he nodded and took the initiative to say, “Wang Wen I heard about your donation to the schools family members.

You are courageous.

I respect you.”

Wang Wen replied, “As an academy student, I have to do something.

Who are you”

“I didnt expect this to happen to the academy.

I was rushing to get to the towers 300th floor.” The person stretched out his hand.

His tone was indifferent as he introduced himself.

“Let me introduce myself.

Im a third-year student at the academy, Li He.”


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