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Chapter 65: Due For A Change

When everything was settled, Sick Indifference finally stopped calculating.

He asked Audience12138 to give all the remaining points to Weak Kidney Brother to buy dinner.

Audience12138did as he was told without hesitation.

In the end, he received dozens of points.

Weak Kidney Brother did not disappoint.

He did not save at all in the spirit of drinking and eating.

He spent points to buy a large bottle of white wine, some pork, tofu, and radishes and returned to his luxurious room to wash and cut the vegetables in front of the camera.

Finally, he set up a pot and cooked the ingredients.

It was rare for him to meet someone who could improve his life.

He sat on the bed and looked at the spacious and bright room.

Weak Kidney Brother was very happy.

After sitting for a while, he could not help but get up and touch the computer.

He turned the air conditioner on and looked up to feel the cool breeze.

He moaned comfortably.

“Oh, its so cold!”

The pot quickly came to a boil.

He sat back in front of the camera and smiled for a few moments.

Then he promptly extinguished the fire.

He simply scooped the pot with a spoon and ate it.

He ate very well after fasting for a day.

Finally, the audience arrived at that days eating segment.

They laughed as Weak Kidney Brother neglected to cook rice.

He only ate pork, tofu, and radish.

It was deemed a good meal after the wine and soup were consumed.

The live broadcast was nearing its end.

The audience gradually dispersed.

What was strange was that Weak Kidney Brother took the initiative to ask Audience12138 to add them as a friend.

It seemed like the two of them had become friends.

Outside the live broadcast room.

Luo Shan put down his phone and let out a long sigh.

In the First Consortiums head of the intelligence departments office.

Tong Xiaolei reported, “Mo Ran used the money to buy some relics to strengthen himself from the groups warehouse at an internal price, and then he entered the tower.

“Luo Shan had been staying on the live broadcast platform, giving points to a certain streamer and having a good time.”

The old man smiled and said, “Its good to earn money and spend it.”

Tong Xiaolei asked hesitantly, “You dont have confidence in the two of them”

The old man shook his head.

“I just dont have confidence in the treatment of the group.”

Tong Xiaolei appeared even more puzzled.

“Even the Tiansheng Group values talent so much, so why cant our group do better Im not trying to make a profit for myself.

I feel that everyones salary and treatment are a little low.”

In that regard, the old man displayed a rare helpless expression.

“I understand, but only the gods know what those ineffective board members were thinking.”

Tong Xiaolei sighed as she saw the old mans helpless expression.

“It is a shame you had to sell all your shares to use the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core.

Otherwise, the board of directors should at least consider your viewpoint.”

“Theres no need to say more.” The old man waved his hand to stop her from speaking.

He said solemnly, “Just do our own work to assist the groups elites in the World Tower.

We should not care about anything else.”

Tong Xiaolei silently nodded to show that she understood.

When the old man noticed her depressed state, he smiled and changed the subject.

“How are things What had happened to the man in green Have you gotten any information about his relationship with Wang Wen”

Tong Xiaolei picked up the tablet and swiped a few more times.

While reading, she said, “The information about the man in greens whereabouts had been kept quiet for some time, and there is no update at the moment.

As for his relationship with Wang Wen, even Team Leader Luo and Team Leader Mo are not clear about it.

They only said that he was acting in accordance with the plan given by Wang Wen.

They dont know anything else.

According to our analysis, he is a close friend.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for the man to help Wang Wen to that extent.”

“You mean…” the old man frowned and pondered.

“He might be Wang Wens relative.”

“The probability is very high!” Tong Xiaolei said that with certainty.

“If he were acting, he was working too hard.

Recently, he lost an arm.

A normal relationship would not make such a huge sacrifice.”

The old man was silent for a long time.

He asked, “What did the data say Can we find out his identity ”

Tong Xiaolei shook her head without looking at the computer.

“The Tiansheng Group compared the blood, DNA, and fingerprints of the man in green with all the available information.

They did not find any matches.

We also did not find anything in our database.

Its as if that person appeared out of thin air.”

The old man took a sip from his teacup.

“There are all kinds of strange things in that world.

The First Consortiums database cant contain things from the entire world.

That person must be highly skilled, so its normal if we cant find him.

As for Wang Wen, he hasnt come to see me after the incident with the academy.

He was only at the intelligence department to look for Luo Shan to earn the Tiansheng Groups money.

As you said, he is stubborn.

The more difficult it is, the more unwilling he is to ask me for help.”

Tong Xiaolei pursed her lips.

She sighed and said, “In fact, he has solved all the difficulties that he had faced.

He even took down the Tiansheng Group.

Zheng Xiaodongs death also dealt a significant blow to Qin Dongbei.

It seems like he really hit the nail on the head this time.”

“Are you sure it was the man in greens hands and feet” The elderly gentleman inquired.

“Not really.” Tong Xiaoleis expression was grim.

“But it seems like no one other than him can do that.

Even the top elites from the 600th floor cant do it.

She used her fingers to swipe the tablet slowly.

“The murderer did not leave any traces.

Their physical appearance, footprints, witnesses, and surveillance cameras all pointed to him.

It was as if Zheng Xiaodongs head split open out of thin air! That kind of strength was too terrifying.

It was the Qin manor, and they had tight security.

But the man could freely enter to kill people.

His strength would eventually make an enemy out of the world.

Everyone would feel so insecure that they would want his death.”

“Keep your eye on it.” The old man stood up and stood in front of the French window.

He looked at the clouds in the sky and slowly said, “The sky is about to change in this world.”

Zheng Xiaodong had died.

That young master of the Tiansheng Group, who had only begun his glorious life and had almost taken over the company with one hand, had died tragically.

He died by his manors lakeside.

He died while enjoying his favorite fish feast.

That steamed fish appeared to be his final meal.

After eating, he continued on his way.

Overnight, Qin Dongbeis hair turned white.

He went from middle-aged to old age in a flash.

He appeared to be more than ten years older.

His own son, whom he had raised as an heir, was the one who died.

He had done everything he could to help his son vent his anger.

However, before he could vent his anger, his son was gone.

Qin Dongbei recalled all of his lackeys, removed the bounty and the various departments that had been specially established, and lifted the emergency assembly order to allow the elite team to move freely.

He only brought the three mysterious men.

Like any other old man, he quietly organized his sons funeral.

Many people came to pay their respects at the memorial.

Even the First Consortium had sent a representative.

Nobody would stay out of it at the time.

The super high-level tower climbers could easily kill the top consortiums heirs.

That was a significant issue.

That meant that none of the leaders were safe.

No one had noticed before because no one had reached such a height.

However, that was different! There was a monster in the outside world whose identity was unknown, who was unbound and could take anyones head at any time!

No one in the consortiums could stand alone.

If that situation were allowed to deteriorate, it would be enough to shake the World Consortiums standing!

As the tower climbers gained strength, the ordinary consortium leaders would no longer have the right to speak.

Qin Wuzheng once said to Qin Dongbei after returning home from his training in isolation for half a year, “The future will definitely be the world of super high-level tower climbers!”

The operating models of the various large consortiums had to be altered to compete for the right to speak.

The operating model of the entire world would have to change.

Either the strongest tower climber was the person to speak, or the person in charge would become the strongest tower climber.

Things were due for a change.


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