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Chapter 64: Heaven

Unfortunately, even the people who had been watching the live stream from the start were confused, let alone the new viewers.

What was happening

They did not know about the reward for Weak Kidney Brother.

Why were the commenters in disagreement

Were they there to watch two commenters fight

Did they meet a god that day

The viewers were nervous, expectant, and flustered.

Fortunately, Audience12138 spoke out on behalf of the audience.


Sick Indifference is a tycoon.

Youre giving me a reward to compete with that jealous man]

Sick Indifference sent more texts in special effects, stunning the new viewers.

[Just for fun.]


The comments section exploded.

The new viewers were not confused anymore; they all shouted.

[Mighty God!]

Audience12138, who had 600 points on his account, finally understood what the tycoon meant.

The jealous man did not dare to go against the tycoon; they only wanted to bully a weak person like him.

As a result, the tycoon did not hesitate to lose 40% of his points to turn him into a pawn to be used against the jealous man.

So that was the world of the rich!

As expected, it was not something that ordinary people could understand.

It was too strange and too interesting!

Audience12138 was so excited that tears welled in his eyes.

Those were 1000 points!

It was almost a months salary for him.

Just to vent his anger

The point was that he had the tycoons backing and did not have to pay for it himself.

It was equivalent to spending other peoples money to feed his addiction.

He could just do it.

It felt good to have support!

He felt at ease!

If that were the case, he would just charge forward recklessly!

He imitated Sick Indifference.


He sent a colorful special effect text to the jealous man.

[Child, come and fight!]

The jealous man was terrified.

He commented and left the room.

[Ill let you off this time.

Continue pretending with other peoples money.]

Everyone cheered in the comment section.

[All hail the boss!]

Even though many others would want to join the fun, they could not deny that Sick Indifference was a god!

No one dared to mock him anymore.

Audience12138 was ecstatic to experience the power of a god-level tycoon when his comment caused his opponent to escape without a fight.

However, he was also a little bored.

It turned out the other experts were not lying.

He had reached a level where no one would fight him.

It was too lonely!

For a moment, he seemed to remember Sick Indifference.

Carefully, he asked a question.

[Sick Indifference, that guy has run away.

Shall I transfer the remaining balance back to you]

Sick Indifference had yet to say anything.

However, the other viewers had something to say about it.

[Are you kidding Why would he care about that]

[Keep them for yourself!]

[Give them to me.

I can talk trash too!]

Leng Jiao had yet to speak because of her illness.

Audience12138 did not dare to decide on his own.

He waited for the mans reply.

Sick Indifference finally spoke, still using special effect texts.

[You can gift something when I reward the host later.]

Audience12138 quickly agreed.

[Okay, Im free today.

Ill be here all afternoon.]

Other than the host, ordinary viewers could not withdraw their cash points on their own.

If he wanted to withdraw the 600 points, he had to work with the host.

From the 600 points, they would get the remaining 360 points.

If the host withdrew the points, he would get 216 points.

If they split equally, they would have around 100 points each.

Perhaps other people were willing to do so much for 100 points.

Or they could spend the 600 points on other channels.

Or they could refrain from speaking about returning the money.

Since it was the Internet, no one could do anything about it.

However, he did not do that.

He did not do any of those options.

He honestly wanted to return the points to the other party.

Perhaps it was a pleasant surprise to him that he could level up his account without spending any of his own money.

After all, his account level benefited greatly from his participation on that platform.

For example, as his level increased, so did the number of free special effects words per day.

After all, using the free charging item was a happy thing for most people.

He was pleased, active, and cooperative.

There was no reluctance or hesitation.

So, the special effects texted back.

[Wont let you wait long.]

Weak Kidney Brother introduced the slum areas most luxurious residences.

It was a high-rise with an elevator.

The best room is on the penultimate floor at the top, with one of the best views of the whole slum area.

The landlord wanted 300 points a day.

It was 200 points more than the original budget.

Weak Kidney Brother looked at the camera awkwardly.

He said hesitantly, “This should be the best room.

Its a bit expensive, so we can go and see other rooms that cost 100 points.

I remember its not far from here.”

As soon as he finished his sentence…

The gorgeous text floated up.

[320 points]

Audience12138, who had been waiting for that moment, instantly understood what he meant.

He made his move without any hesitation.

[Audience12138 rewards Weak Kidney Brother with gold and silver basins worth 320 points.]

The other audience members watched with interest.


With 320 points in hand and adding the 100 points from the previous rounds, he had 292 points.

Unless he counted the 15 points that Weak Kidney Brother had gotten from the previous landlord as well.

The discussion forums were filled with sighs.

Who said that rich people were bad at math

He knew it better than anyone else.

Weak Kidney Brother did not know whether to laugh or cry as he thanked the tycoon and Audience12138 for the points.

Audience12138 quickly clarified.

[Dont thank me.

Its Sick Indifferences money.

Im just a hired thug.

He was the one who tipped me.]

That person was honest.

He did not even want to take any credit for that.

Weak Kidney Brother received the points and confirmed the rental with the landlord.

In the end, the landlord insisted on collecting a deposit of 100 points.

At that time, Weak Kidney Brother did not have to ask.

The colorful text showed up again.

[160 points.]

[Audience12138 rewards Weak Kidney Brother with gold and silver basins worth 160 points.]

The crowd curiously calculated it.

They sighed again.

Sure enough, some of the leftovers from before were included.

Sick Indifference was scary.

There was a reason why wealthy people were rich.

They were generous and shrewd.

They were willing to spend money and not hold back.

No one else could understand that world.

Good things would always come to those who wait.

After more than half an hour, Weak Kidney Brother finally moved into the luxurious room.

It had cost 300 points a day.

The room had furniture, kitchen, office, stove, bathtub, TV, air-conditioning, computer, and so on.

A large terrace of more than 30 square meters was located outside the room.

From the terrace, one could see the majority of the slum⁠—a shabby bungalow, a dirty alley, a messy market, and a gray-black sewage pond.

One could also see a naked child, a hunchbacked old fool, a tramp with a turtledove-shaped face, and a big girl washing clothes.

The world seemed to have forgotten about that location.

It was filled with sadness.

However, for Weak Kidney Brother, his heart had left the world and ascended to heaven that day even though he had long been used to slum life.


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