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Chapter 61: Nothing To Do Here, Just Kill A Man

In a hidden room.

Wang Wen sat across from the man in green, who was missing a hand.

The man in green said, “My time is almost up.

Is there anything else I could help you with”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Ive earned enough money.

Its not safe to continue acting.

If the Tiansheng Group catches me or discovers my identity, it will be very troublesome.”

“Your worries are unnecessary,” the man in green said in a muffled voice.

“They couldnt find anything in that body at all.

Its a waste of time.

Furthermore, with the current level of those tower climbers, they wont be a match for me even if I lose another hand.”

“Its better to be careful.

After all, you only have half of it now.” Wang Wen smiled.

The man in green was speechless; he asked, “You still have the nerve to laugh at me What about you Do you have all of it”

Wang Wen continued to smile.

“Thats different.

I still have a long time to go.”

That sentence hit him square in the gut, rendering the man in green speechless.

They both laughed for a while.

Cracks had appeared on the True Clone wooden figurine.

The man in greens body also became transparent.

Wang Wen looked at the familiar yet strange person in front of him and said regretfully, “Its a pity I couldnt let you see our parents.

Theyre already gone.”

“This is enough.” The man in green took off his mask and revealed a face that was more mature than Wang Wens.

He sighed softly and said, “I saw many old friends with brand new lives.

This trip has not been in vain.”

“Even if its in vain, theres nothing I can do.” Wang Wen said helplessly, “We only have this one item.

There wont be a next time.”

The man in green shrugged and suddenly asked, “Why dont you let me destroy the Tiansheng Group That was not like me at all.

Was I so soft-hearted 20 years ago”

“You underestimate yourself.” Wang Wen laid out a plan that no one knew.

“I want to take down the entire Tiansheng Group, but I cant do that with my current strength.

Once you disappear, I cant hold on by myself.

So, for the time being, Ill simply weaken their strength so I can get more time to develop.”

The man in green nodded.


Wang Wen bowed his head and examined the growing number of cracks on his True Clone.

“To be honest, if it had not been for the Tiansheng Group, it would have been great if you had brought me to climb the tower! I could have climbed 500 to 600 floors.”

“Dont kid yourself.

Climbing the tower isnt an exam.

And thats cheating.” The man in green understood Wang Wens thoughts well; he knew what to say to make him let go.

Wang Wen chuckled.

As expected, he no longer thought about that.

The man in green took the opportunity to touch the top of his head and smiled.

“Alright, lets not leave any regrets.

This last bit of time is enough to kill someone.

Give me a target.”

“Do we need to get that violent” Wang Wen rubbed his chin and pondered.

“In fact, that person should have been killed in his previous life.

Even if Xiao Yi did not say that, you should know it.

Its just that too much time has passed, and theres not enough evidence.

The other partys identity was too sensitive, and killing him might cause the consortiums to feel uneasy.

Thats why we should hold back.”

The man in green pursed his lips.

“So, youve found evidence”

Wang Wen nodded.

“The evidence is conclusive.”

The man in green put on the mask again and sighed.

“Before I leave, I could still do something that Ive been holding back.

How satisfying! If I were not afraid of disrupting your plan, I would have done it when I saved the academy last time!”

At the Qin familys natural lake manor.

Zheng Xiaodong sat by the lake as he ate something.

Unlike his father and brother, who loved beef, he liked to eat fish.

As a result, he hired a chef to oversee the preparation of fresh ingredients on the lawn.

If a fish was caught and of the appropriate size, he would have the servants slaughter it before handing it to the chef.

The fish had to be cut into several pieces.

Different parts had to be specially prepared.

The flesh of the fish would be steamed to ensure that the taste would not be lost.

The fish head would be boiled, and the soup head was fresh, sweet, and nutritious.

The back of the fish would be roasted; the texture of the meat was flavorful.

The tail would then be fried.

Finally, the most delectable part of the fishs belly was used for cooking another dish.

It would be dipped in a sauce made of seafood, soy sauce, and spicy ingredients before they eat it.

At that moment, all of the flavors were sublimated.

Zheng Xiaodong would never be tired of seafood.

He had caught a fish that he was pleased with at the time.

He was savoring the first delectable dish delivered by the chef.

The fish head soup needed more time to simmer.

The appetizer was steamed fish cheeks with an intense flavor.

Two pieces of white and tender fish meat were served on a small round plate.

They were topped with a few green scallions and a thin strand of ginger.

Zheng Xiaodong picked up the strand of ginger and ate it first.

Then he took the plate and ate the fish meat with the steamed sauce.

He chewed slowly.

His expression was one of contentment.

Soon, the second dish was brought in a small cart pushed by a servant.

The fish head soup was still simmering.

As a result, the meals progression was accelerated to the main course—grilled fish.

Zheng Xiaodong frowned in displeasure as he waited for the fish head soup.

However, grilled fish was also a delicacy that he could not resist.

The saliva in his mouth had already begun to riot just by looking at the golden color of the fish.

He quickly picked up his chopsticks and prepared to eat the fish meat.

A cold light flashed through the air.

The hand that was holding the fish froze.

As he was about to eat the fish, Zheng Xiaodongs mouth was wide open.

His head had been split in two.

As the servants reacted and cried out in despair, their heads fell to the ground.

It was total chaos.

Wang Wen saw the scene when he sent the man in green off.

“We didnt even let him finish his meal.

Isnt that a bit cruel”

The man in green snorted disdainfully, “Im kind enough; I let him finish a plate.”

“Alright.” Wang Wen shrugged and looked at the man in green, who was becoming more transparent and had almost disappeared.

He asked reluctantly, “Do you have any other wishes”

The man in green turned around and smiled.

“Wishes Isnt that the only one ”

As he finished his sentence, the man in green disintegrated into specks of stars and vanished into thin air.

Wang Wen looked at the clone that had shattered into starlight.

“Get to the 1000th floor.”

“Goodbye, me.”

Many people had different ways of expressing themselves when they had money.

Luo Shan had a special hobby most of the time.

He does not like food or clothes, he does not gamble, and he does not mess with women.

After work and rest, his only source of entertainment was watching a live broadcast of poor people in the slums.

There was a strange kind of entertainment in that world.

The plan was for some smart poor people in the slums to spend a lot of money on equipment and then broadcast it on the Internet.

They showed their daily lives to boost the sense of superiority of ordinary people in the slums.

Some people would act in accordance with the audiences expectations.

For example, they would eat weird food or do strange things.

If the spectators were willing to spend money, they would be satisfied.

Of course, that segment of the poor could not rely on that method to become wealthy; after all, they were mostly men with little talent.

They were also very lazy.

The audience was mostly from the working class.

The genuinely wealthy big shots would go to see beautiful women dance and would not be in the mood to watch such a dull program.

As a result, the daily tip total was only sufficient to support those peoples basic needs.

Even if they did not enter the tower or work, they could at least eat and not go hungry.

Luo Shan happened to be of a higher social class than the rest of the audience.

Even though he was the head of the intelligence department, he was not wealthy.

He could only occasionally advise a poor, hungry man.

In exchange, the other party would shout his thanks.

Of course, that was before.

He had not been rich enough to support a poor man.

However, at that moment, he was looking at the seven digits in his account.

He suddenly felt a little excited.


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