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Chapter 50 Poor Qin Wuzheng

Qin Dongbei, the Tiansheng Groups big boss, had two wives.

One was the wife, and one was the mistress.

One was legal, and one was not.

One was called Wu Keru, and the other was called Zheng Fuhong.

Wu Keru was the original wife, and she accompanied Qin Dongbei through his most difficult times.

However, Qin Dongbei seemed to prefer Zheng Fuhong, whom he met later and ten years his junior.

Therefore, when his eldest son was born, Qin Dongbei very thoughtlessly used his and his two wives names when he named him.

It was as if, from the moment he was named, Qin Wuzhengs life was doomed to be a tragedy.

As it turned out, that was indeed the case.

Qin Dongbei did not like Qin Wuzheng from a young age.

On the contrary, the youngest son, Zheng Xiaodong, the illegitimate child, had always been well-cared for.

Even his willful desire to follow his mothers surname was allowed.

His wife, Wu Keru, was gentle and kind.

She had no objections to everything.

She was a wife who was devoted to her husband and son.

That was also her detestable characteristic.

When her gentleness went too far, it became a weakness.

She did not fight and did not even lose her temper, which led Zheng Fuhong to live openly with the Qin family.

It also made Zheng Xiaodong even more arrogant.

After all, his mother had only taught him one thing from the beginning—if he wanted anything, he should go to his father because the older man owed it to his youngest son.

Poor Qin Wuzheng.

He had no chance, no fatherly love.

After half a year of seclusion, it seemed like it did not change anything.

He sat in his room in a daze.

Suddenly, he missed the days in the World Tower.

He took out the Certificate of Evil and pressed the green button.

The scene in the room instantly changed to the villa from before.

He walked silently to the front of the villa and gently patted Wang Wen, who was about to rush to the cellar.

He leaned against the door frame for a while and looked at the familiar layout where he had spent more than 190 days and nights.

His eyes were a little moist.

“Dad.” Qin Wuzhengs voice was choked with sobs as if there was endless pain in his throat.

“Since you dont love me, why did you have me”

There was a knock on the door.

He wiped his eyes, turned off the Certificate of Evil, and walked a few steps to open the door.

Outside the door stood a young man with a deep scar on his forehead.

It was his half-brother, Zheng Xiaodong.

When he saw Qin Wuzheng, Zheng Xiaodong hugged him.

He patted his back and said, “Its good that you came back safely.

Brother, I know about your discussion with Dad.

Dont worry.

The two of us will work together to conquer the world!”

Qin Wuzheng patted his back and shook his head.

“Do your best and forget about me.

I want to leave the Tiansheng Group and start my own business.”

Zheng Xiaodong was stunned.

Then, he advised him, without batting an eyelid, “Why Dont be angry with Dad.

Its not worth it.”

“Im not angry.

Dad and I have different ideals.

I want to try and prove it to him.” Qin Wuzheng turned and returned to his room.

Just as he was about to close the door, he looked at Zheng Xiaodong and said, “The Tiansheng Group will be yours in the future.

Good luck!”

The door slowly closed.

Zheng Xiaodong turned and walked away, expressionless.

He descended the stairs to the first-floor living room and exited the main door.

A massive manor stood outside the door.

The natural lake in the center was surrounded by lush vegetation.

The lakes surface sparkled, reflecting the blue sky and wisps of white clouds.

He was in a good mood.

Shen Rushuang, who was standing outside, approached him.

He knew the matter had been settled when he saw Zheng Xiaodongs happy expression.

He bowed and said, “Congratulations, Young Master.

The obstacles to taking over the Tiansheng Group have finally been removed.”

“Obstacles” Zheng Xiaodong turned his head to look at the stairs in the house and chuckled.

“He has never been my obstacle.”

Wang Wen felt satisfied.

He had been extremely fortunate to find such a comfortable place to settle down without worrying about food and drink during his first week in the World Tower.

Especially when he awoke one day to see a new group of tower climbers approaching that checkpoint.

He found himself locked in the villa.

All the entrances and exits were sealed and could not be opened.

The fragile glass had become as hard as steel.

He could only stay by the window on the second floor, drinking milk and watching the tower climbers on the road stumbling to their deaths.


It was a struggle toward the end.

The tenth checkpoint, where he had previously met the witch and fought against the bikers with the buzz-cut man and the others, should have become another level of difficulty.

It was no longer the low-level level where he had the master key to fight against mortals.

Instead, illusions and undead creatures began to appear.

Wang Wen knew that there were at least two hundred levels.

The five new tower climbers were very strong.

Three men and two women.

Initially, the World Tower was constructed entirely of local materials.

They destroyed more than a dozen skeletons that had crawled up from the corpses of the gang as if they were dried weeds.

However, after that, it was not so easy.

A strange green mist rose from the scattered skeletons.

Whether the climbers were fighting or fleeing, they could not get away and were all engulfed by the green mist.

Then, seemingly immobilized, a group of people stood in place, rolling their eyes and staring blankly.

The scene resembled a cult gathering.

Wang Wen, who was on the second floor of the villa, could tell the five people had entered an illusion at a glance.

He began to count the time.

A minute later, someone moved.

It was one of the two women.

The first action that appeared was to tear the clothes off their bodies as if they were terrifying monsters.

After a while, they were naked.

Wang Wen thought it was over.

He did not expect that after the other party tore the clothes, they would start to pull their skin.

Another minute passed.

The second person moved.

It was a man.

He looked very handsome in a silver-white wristband.

He grabbed the woman, who had already torn herself into a bloody mess and ruthlessly slapped her face twice.

The woman vomited a large mouthful of blood, but she woke up.

The third persons reaction when she woke up was to throw up on the ground.

No one knew what she had experienced.

The fourth person woke up and raised his finger to dig into his eyes.

The handsome man stopped him.

The fifth person woke up and raised the weapon in his hand.

He attacked the handsome man with all his strength.

It was a fight to their deaths.

Wang Wen held the cup in his hand and was stunned.

He analyzed the relationship between the five people thoughtfully.

The World Towers illusion was usually aimed at a climbers most vulnerable moment—something they were afraid of or a painful past.

The difference was that those inner secrets were exclusive to themselves.

If they entered a shared illusion, they were likely to be taken out and shared with everyone.

If some secrets touched the interests of others in the same team, it would inevitably develop into that situation.

So the tower climbers often had three pieces of advice.

Never play cards with your mother-in-law.

Never sleep with an ambitious woman.

Never team up with their best friend to enter the tower.

Those pieces of advice were given from the past climbers experiences.

Wang Wen quietly watched the five strong tower climbers on the road being torn apart by an illusion, killing each other, and finally dying and running away.

It was as if he was hiding by a window on a rainy day, watching some unlucky people on the street who had forgotten to bring their umbrellas.

The painful scene of Cheng Qiaoyis death in his previous life flashed through his mind like a shooting star.

Everyone had secrets that they did not want to share.

He did not know what kind of supernatural power the World Tower used to dig out those secrets and make them into an illusion to share with others.

That method was unforgivable.

The night passed.

The sky was bright.

Wang Wen woke up from his soft bed and realized that everything was back to normal.

He knew that the tower had reset.

A new week had arrived.


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