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Chapter 37: Full-time Master

Yu Zhi had always assumed that the people looking for trouble with Wang Wen were simply hooligans that he had found.

The so-called pursuit was just an exaggerated narrative.

She had once believed she had assisted Wang Wen in resolving that issue.

She thought they would stop looking for trouble with him because he had readily agreed to her request.

It was not until that moment that she realized who Wang Wen was dealing with.

What exactly was the Tiansheng Group

What a powerful person!

How could Wang Wen have provoked such a fearsome foe

The heavens had opened their eyes.

He was just a poor student! Why must they do that to him

Yu Zhi, who was hiding in the cafeteria and watching the horrific scene outside through the glass window, clasped her hands and prayed for the boy whose face was covered in exhaustion and blood.

She was surprised to discover that her prayers had been answered!

The boy was stumbling and appeared to be on the verge of collapsing.

However, he actually pulled out a gun!

The bad guy was extremely powerful.

He could not be killed by so many consecutive shots!

However, the boy was stronger.

If the gun were not enough to kill him, he would use his fists!

Were those simple and powerful movements meant to enchant her


Yu Zhis gaze followed Wang Wens figure, and the adoration in her eyes was almost overwhelming.

She covered her mouth in surprise when she saw Wang Wen finish off the sneak attack in one breath.

She cheered happily when she saw Wang Wen confidently turn the tide on his opponent.

She had never imagined that a young student could be so attractive.

She had met all kinds of stupid idiots who could not even speak properly when they tried to talk to girls.

Could the boy save the world like an adult

How could he have such a serene expression How could his movements be so effortless How could his body be so powerful

When the bad guy realized Wang Wen was finally looking down on him like a god descending from heaven, her eyes widened, and she sank to the ground.

Yu Zhi shrieked.

She could no longer see anything else after that.

Wang Wen was all she could see.

The male students nearby were envious of Yu Zhi.

To be fair, they would never dare to swap places with the boy named Wang Wen.

They would not only be jealous but also die if that happened.

Forget about that.

The lovely ladies were all dressed up for the prince.

It would be preferable if those poor idiots stayed away from the female students.

In the ring, Wang Wen had no idea he had been hit from afar by a wave of love and hatred.


He only knew that his eyes could not see anything.

When the final blow smashed Shen Rushuang into the ground, his eyes went blind.

His body was still insufficiently strong.

He had used far too much force.

That was a disastrous situation.

He was blind, so he could not see his opponent.

He did not even dare to show it openly.

Many Mirror members were staring at him.

They would beat him up if they knew he was blind.


Wang Wen stood motionless.

The dying Shen Rushuang took a pill.

He stuffed it into his mouth while quietly looking at the collapsed pit.

Shen Rushuangs heart was about to stop beating.

He was a top expert on the 400th floor.

However, he tried his best not to make a move, or else the situation would be too big, and he might not be able to control it.


In the end, he did not do anything.

He was pursued and beaten from beginning to end, and he was nearly killed!

The person who had nearly killed him was still standing there quietly, waiting for him to take pills to heal his injuries.

His opponent did not seem to care about the fact that he was a 400th-floor tower climber.

Was he a student

Was he some kind of monster

Shen Rushuang was stunned and enraged.

His body recovered slightly after taking the pill, and he quickly climbed out of the pit, carefully retreating backward.

Wang Wens ears twitched.

He had an uneasy feeling in his chest.

After many attacks, the butler from the Tiansheng Grous Mirror was still alive!

He was extremely difficult to work with!

Wang Wen carefully removed the bullets and inserted them into the gun.

His movements were slow and deliberate.

He could have dropped the bullets on the ground if he were not careful.

Then he would be revealed…

However, in Shen Rushuangs eyes, that slow movement was as terrifying as the Reaper wiping the scythe.

He vividly remembered the opponents quick reloading action.

The previous attacks began with reloading the gun and pulling the trigger simultaneously.

What was the reason for the bullets being suppressed slowly and steadily

Was it because he did not recognize it

‘Stop playing games.

That was the calm before the storm.

It was to build up killing intent before exploding with shocking fury and a thunderous strike!

Shen Rushuang was terrified.

He decided to withdraw for the time being until he was fully recovered from his injuries and ready to exact his revenge!

However, he had created the issue.

He secretly examined his surroundings, considering a possible escape route.

As he looked, his heart grew colder.

He noticed a group of people falling from the academys wall.

Five individuals.

They were tall and swift in their steps.

They were all dressed in black and had their faces covered.

One of them was running with a nearly two-meter-long spear in his hand, shouting, “Wang Wen! We are here to assist you!”

‘Does he have helpers

‘F*ck, he has assistants!

Shen Rushuang almost burst out laughing.

Another person dashed out from the other wall.

Cheng Qiaoyi!

What was she doing there

Shen Rushuang was unsure, but his mind went blank when he saw Cheng Qiaoyi throw the steel needles at him.

He would never forget how those steel needles tortured him to death!

Cheng Qiaoyi, according to the intelligence report, was also a mechanism master!

There were two mechanism masters!

He might not be able to leave!

Shen Rushuang was terrified.

He could not take it any longer, so he whistled urgently at the other Mirror members.

Those Mirror members engaged in a fierce battle were all stunned.

They deciphered the butlers secret signal.

That urgent whistling could only mean one thing—protect him and retreat.

The Mirror members looked back and saw that the butler was seriously injured and covered in blood.

His face was ashen, and he looked like he was about to die.

There was nothing else left to say.


They looked regretfully at the guards protective circle, which was about to be breached.

They backflipped and somersaulted.

They gathered around Shen Rushuang in the blink of an eye.

Then someone took a peculiarly shaped water ball and tossed it into the air.

The water ball exploded, leaving ripples in its wake.

Shen Rushuang, like all the Mirror members, slowly vanished into the ripples.

Shen Rushuang was still staring at Wang Wen before he left, worried that he would make a move.

“It is fine,” Shen Rushuang thought.

‘He appeared to have never seen such a tool before.

I am not sure if it is for escape, but I have done it!

The adversary vanished.

The five-person team was taken aback.

They could not decide whether to pursue, stay, or return to the Regional Security Department.

Cheng Qiaoyi, on the other hand, had a different type of telepathic connection.

She was the first to charge at Wang Wen.

When she saw him about to raise his gun, she yelled, “Senior, it is me!”

Wang Wen smirked.

“Cheng Qiaoyi What are you doing here It is dangerous here.

Please hurry up and leave!”

Cheng Qiaoyi held his arm.

She pinched his pale knuckles and patted the gun.

She could feel his body trembling as he fought against the tension.

She said, “Senior, it is over.

You have defeated all your adversaries.”

She looked at Wang Wens bloodshot eyes and listless expression as she spoke.

Finally, she could not hold back her tears and wrapped her arms around his head.

Many male students witnessed that scene.

They sobbed.


What was the point of having a monster in the academy

He was capable of fighting and flirting.

They should call him a Full-time Master, not the Omnipotent Tower King!


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