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Chapter 34: Weird Mindset

At the Tiansheng Group headquarters.

Qin Dongbei, the owner, looked at the report compiled by his subordinates.

The First Consortium had recently stockpiled a batch of valuable rare relics, no less than 50 pieces, enough to arm at least ten teams of middle and high-level tower climbers.

The groups strength had increased slightly.

Qin Dongbei frowned.

There were very few detailed explanations for that report.

It was filled with unknown variables, including the method of obtaining the relics, which meant that even the spies who had been lurking for many years could not figure out the contents of the information.

There was only one note.

It was speculated that it was classified information for the groups intelligence department.

A third-party independent tower climber had supplied that information.

“What do you think” Qin Dongbei looked up casually and asked the scarred youth sitting opposite him.

“It seems like the heavens blessed the First Consortium.

The world only wants to cooperate with them and doesnt like the Tiansheng Group.

Such good information was only sold to them.

Does the Tiansheng Group not even have the qualifications to make a bid”

The scarred youth snorted with disdain.

“Its just some rare items from the towers lower levels.

Do we lack those items”

“Why not” Qin Dongbei was not satisfied with the other partys answer.

“Wealth and strength are amassed gradually.

We must not underestimate even the smallest growth of our opponent, let alone our number one competitor!”

When he noticed Qin Dongbeis tone changing, the scarred youth hid his indifferent expression and thought carefully.

“Then we must give them a warning.

Kill everyone who has chosen the wrong partner.

They will not have the courage to ally with the First Consortium.”

“Too reckless.” Qin Dongbei only spoke before he went into silence.

After some time, he noticed the agitation of the young man sitting across from him.

He shook his head and pointed out patiently.

“At least we cant target him so obviously.

Its hard to explain if the First Consortium held something against us.

The young man nodded as if he understood something.

At that moment, another man said, “Boss, Young Master, the person who sold the information has a record with the Mirror.”

“Oh” Qin Dongbei said and looked at the scarred young man curiously.

The young man looked behind him with puzzlement.

The man took a small step forward and said, “Young Master, its Wang Wen.

As for the information about the transaction, its most likely the Earth-shaking Talisman that the Regional Security Department had asked about.”

“Him again” The young man asked suspiciously, “That guy sold his information to two parties”

The man laughed.

“I guess he doesnt care about his life.”

Qin Dongbei knocked on the table.

“You two, say something that I can understand.”

The young man rolled his eyes and laughed.

He said to Qin Dongbei, “Dad, I have a good idea! I can threaten him and make the First Consortium lose out.”

“By the way—”

A trace of malice flashed in his eyes.

“It can also relieve my anger.”


Wang Wen arrived at the academy on time and planned to eat dinner in the cafeteria.

Eating was one of the few times during the day when he could unwind and unwind.

As a result, he treasured and valued it tremendously.

Unfortunately, he was stopped before the academy entrance.

Wang Wen looked at the time and decided not to get involved.

He pretended not to notice the person leaning against the entrance and wanted to sneak past.

The person in front of him laughed and blocked his path.

“Everyone is very busy, Mr.

Wang, so dont be naughty, okay”

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks helplessly.

“What is it”

The person who blocked the way introduced himself politely.

“I am the Tiansheng Groups head butler with the Mirror, Shen Rushuang.

I am here to ask if you can stay away from Miss Cheng Qiaoyi”

“What era is this Isnt it disgusting to still use this kind of trick” Wang Wen asked him curiously.

“You sent those hooligans, right”

Shen Rushuang nodded.

“Since you know its us, why dont you leave” Mr.

Wang, do you want to play games with the Tiansheng Group”

“Dont get me wrong.

I dont have any thoughts about the Tiansheng Group.” Wang Wens first half of the sentence made the other party smile.

Unfortunately, the second half of the sentence froze Shen Rushuang.

“Normally, I wouldnt care about pursuing Cheng Qiaoyi.

I also hope she can find someone good.

But why do you have to use such a dirty trick”

“I understand.” Shen Rushuang did not say anything else and turned to leave.

Then, a few figures pounced on Wang Wen.


The pitiful ground cracked.

Wang Wen, who had stood in front of the academys entrance, pointed at the shattered ground and shouted, “Compensation for damage to public property!”

Then, he turned around and ran toward the cafeteria.

The few figures looked at the ground in puzzlement, then got up and chased after Wang Wen, who was sprinting into the academy.

However, they were picked up by the guards and thrown out of the gate like chicks.

Shen Rushuangs face was as cold as frost.

He walked forward and asked, “Does the academy want to stop the Tiansheng Group”

A guard in a supervisors uniform cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Mr.

Shen, its no problem if you want to visit the academy, but theres no need to bring your subordinates, right The academy is a place for studying.”

His subordinates were furious and cried out loudly, wanting to tear the academy down.

Shen Rushuang stretched out his hand to stop them.

He straightened his collar and walked into the academy.

“Then I will come for a visit today.

I want to see what makes the academy think they have the confidence to challenge the Tiansheng Group.”

The supervisor repeatedly said, “I dont dare to do that.” He took the initiative to lead them to the deans office.

At the school cafeteria.

Wang Wen hurriedly ordered some food.

He found an empty table and began to eat.

He was like a heartless dung-making machine.

Halfway through the meal, he put the tray down next to him.

The smell of shampoo drifted into Wang Wens nose.

He looked up and saw that it was the crazy woman.

He frowned, picked up the tray, and walked to another table.

Just as he put down the tray, he saw Yu Zhi follow him.

He picked it up again, but he heard a weak sob from the other side.

“I will cry if you leave again.”

“What are you trying to do” Wang Wen said impatiently.

I am being pursued; stay away from me!”

Yu Zhi rubbed her eyes and shook her head.

“Dont worry.

Ive already told them to stop.

No one will make things difficult for you anymore.”

The corner of Wang Wens eyes twitched as he repeated those words in his heart.

He was a little shocked.

He asked tentatively, “Will they listen to a little girl like you”

Yu Zhi smiled bitterly.

“I cant command them, but the person who likes me can.

Ive already agreed to see him.

I want to tell him not to trouble you again.”

“You” Wang Wen was shocked as he sized Yu Zhi up.

Even though Yu Zhi was just a pretty girl and might not have been as good as Cheng Qiaoyi, it could not be denied that she was a one-in-a-hundred beauty.

Given the despicable methods of the Tiansheng Group, it was possible that the young man was desperate and lied about agreeing to Yu Zhi.

He would lie to her until she gave into him.

He would discard her eventually and then continue to chase after Cheng Qiaoyi.

That crazy woman was wasting her efforts.

She not only failed to address the root of the problem, but she also sacrificed herself in vain.

It forced Wang Wen to do something he did not want to do.

“Are you stupid” Wang Wen finally put down the plate in his hand and said to Yu Zhi, “Hes a beast!” He just wants your body!”

Yu Zhi ran her hand through the hair and said, “Arent all men like that”

Her eyes were filled with tears.

She stared at Wang Wen without blinking and said, “Ive been waiting for you for a long time, but you havent come to class for a long time.

I just want to say that Im sorry.

Are you willing to forgive me”

“No.” Wang Wens mind was a mess.

Why did another woman become like that

After Cheng Qiaoyi, Yu Zhi also became like that.

What kind of creatures were those women Why were they illogical, unprincipled, and unreasonable

He was a middle-aged man who had lived for two lifetimes, and he had encountered a problem that most men would be troubled with for the rest of their lives.

What exactly was in a womans head

Wang Wen carefully reached out and touched Yu Zhis shoulder.

He said to her in a low voice, “Lets discuss this calmly.

Do you think you can return to your original unruly appearance Dont do things you dont want for someone else.

Just pretend that I never showed up in your life, or that Im nothing.

Just pretend youve never seen me and live your normal life.

Can you do that”

His words were incoherent.

It made the girl next to him cry.

Yu Zhi did not make a sound.

Her tears fell in big drops.

Wang Wens face wrinkled when he saw that scene.

He reached out his hand as he clenched his teeth and pinched that crying face.

Then, he slapped her.

She rubbed her tear-stained face.

It felt so good!


Yu Zhi was stunned.

She stared blankly at the boy in front of her as if she were in a trance and said nothing.

Sometimes, she gritted her teeth.

Sometimes, she grinned foolishly.

Sometimes, she even rubbed her hand.

She did not know what she was thinking.

She was crying.

Did he not know to coax her

What exactly was in the mans mind

She carefully reached out and pulled the corner of Wang Wens clothes.

Wang Wen was startled.

He stared at her hand vigilantly.

Then he realized that they were at the academy and that those things could not happen.

In order to win, the enemies in the World Tower would attack without thinking.

He sat down on the chair.

He sat next to Yu Zhi as if they were better classmates.

He dissected the situation.

“Look, you were the one who returned the love letter to me.

You mentioned not wanting to be distracted before graduation.

I agree with everything you said.

What you said was true, and I see where I went wrong.

So I promise to stay away from you and never make you angry, okay Take a look at yourself right now.

How did you get to be like this Why should I forgive you You have done nothing wrong.”

It would have been better if Wang Wen had not said that.

Once he said it, Yu Zhi could no longer stop her tears.

She cried out, “As expected! Its all because of that! I have already apologized, but you still refuse to forgive me! So, what are you expecting me to do”

Wang Wens mouth was agape.

He was utterly stunned.


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