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Chapter 33: Not Something Money Can Buy


A puff of green smoke drifted past.

Everyone outside the office was stunned.

The teacup in the old mans hand almost fell to the ground.

Mo Rans entire body froze when he looked down at his pierced palm.

“I told you, I dont have time.” Wang Wen held a miniature silver pistol in his hand.

On-duty members of the intelligence department rushed forward.

They took the medication, cleaned the wounds, and bandaged Mo Rans hand.

While they were busy, they looked at Wang Wen with complicated eyes.

Mo Ran let them attend to his bloody palm.

As if he could not feel the pain, he asked Wang Wen in a daze, “Why do you use a gun”

“Oh, this.” Wang Wen calmly put away the small silver pistol.

“In light of my outstanding contribution to the Regional Security Department and the attack by knife-wielding criminals, I got this self-defense.”

Mo Ran was still in a daze as he asked, “Why do you use a gun”

Wang Wen was puzzled.

“Its supposed to be a boxing match.

You could have used traps and hidden weapons.” Mo Ran raised his voice and shouted at Wang Wen, “Why do you use a gun”

“That was the fastest way.” Wang Wen sank to the ground and picked up the bullet shell.

He blew at it deliberately because he was afraid it would be hot.

“The bullets given by the Regional Security Department have a separate serial number for each bullet,” he explained to those around him.

He walked past Mo Ran and pulled the bullet from the wall opposite him.

“I have to keep it carefully.

You might blame me if I lose it and something happens.”

After keeping the bullet, he turned around and saw Mo Ran standing in front of him.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes and waited quietly.

He heard the other partys voice blow out like the cold wind from the polar region.

“You underestimate me.”

Wang Wen shook his head and pulled out his gun.

At the time, the guns muzzle was aimed directly at the other partys forehead.

Mo Rans brow was pressed against the guns muzzle.

He looked at Wang Wen.

“At this distance, the gun will not be as quick as me,” he said coldly.

Wang Wen acted as if he did not believe him and pulled the trigger.


The figure at which the muzzle was aimed had vanished almost immediately before the gunshot.

The right side of his face was under intense pressure.

A faint flash of sharpness flashed between the opponents fist and fingers.

Wang Wen felt a rare sense of danger.

The first thing he did was close his eyes.


It was as if a gas tank had exploded in the intelligence departments hall.

The frantic shock wave blew a large amount of paper, wood, and stone chips.

Cracks appeared on the walls that were closer to the explosion.

The ground at the explosions center had shattered, revealing the steel structure at the bottom.

The crowd that had gathered to watch the scene had an undeserved disaster.

Stray bullets left blood splatters on their skin.

They hurriedly retreated and hid behind tables, not daring to face it head-on.

After a few breaths, the aftershock slowly dissipated.

Wang Wen turned around in the middle of the explosion and quietly examined the fist in front of him.

At that moment, if someone stood at the side and looked closely, they could see that Mo Rans fist was only half a centimeter away from the tip of Wang Wens nose.

Mo Ran could not advance an inch no matter how hard he tried because of that half-centimeter distance.

The next second, his arm drooped weakly.

His face was slightly pale as he looked at Wang Wen.

“Are you a Spiritual Master”

Wang Wen asked him expressionlessly, “Are you satisfied”

Mo Ran raised his other hand.

“I can still attack again.

What about you”

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes.

“Okay.” The old man walked out of the office without any hurry.

He stood in front of the two people.

He looked at Mo Ran and said indifferently, “Go and rest.”

Mo Ran complied, lowered his head, and retreated.

Someone walked into the intelligence division.

The old man stepped forward to accept the item.

He eventually brought a dark-colored box and handed it to Wang Wen.

“Go and save your friend.”

Wang Wen opened the box.

There was a porcelain bottle inside.

He removed the seal on the porcelain bottle, and a wax ball the size of a soybean rolled out.

He closed his eyes again.

A breeze blew past his hand and gently covered the entire wax ball.

When he opened his eyes, Wang Wen nodded and thanked the old man.

“Thank you.

I owe you one.”

After saying that, he walked out of the intelligence department.

When he turned around, a large amount of blood gushed out of his nose uncontrollably.


Wang Wen pressed his shirt against his nose.

He was pleased with his bodys newfound strength.

At the very least, he was not fainting uncontrollably anymore.

He covered his nose and walked out of the First Consortium building.

He returned to the hospital.

The doctor was speaking with the boys mother.

Wang Wen dashed over, hearing the silent sobbing she had suppressed in her throat.

The doctor recognized Wang Wen and said quietly, “I tried my best, please…”

“Ive got the medicine.

Lets try again!” Wang Wen pulled the doctor back to the operating room without any explanation.

He saw the skinny boy on the operating table.

They had already removed the ventilator, and the boy was lifeless.

Wang Wen took out a porcelain bottle and said to the doctor, “This is the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core elixir.

Please feed it to him.”

When the doctor heard the words 500th floor, he was shocked and confused.

“How can there be such a thing The highest record was—”

He could not continue speaking.

The other party had given him the porcelain bottle.

“Lets give it a shot.” The doctor poured the wax pills into a clean container, cut open the outer wax coat, and took out the yellowish-brown pill.

With the help of his nurse, he fed half a teaspoon of water into the thin boys mouth.

Before the nurse could let go of the boys mouth, a golden light flashed in his mouth.

In the next second, the golden light spread to every wound on his body, as if it was covered with a layer of golden liquid, jumping with vitality.

As the golden light jumped, the horizontal line on the instrument also fluctuated slightly.

The boy had gradually regained his breath.

It was as if the person lying there was not a dying patient but a child who was too sleepy.

The nurses in the room widened their eyes and clenched their fists.

The doctor carefully examined the boys body.

Then, he stood up, shook his head, and exclaimed, “Its a miracle!”

He raised his head.

He looked at Wang Wen, who was smiling, and his tone was filled with myriad emotions.

“Hes already out of danger.”

Outside the ward.

He watched as the medical staff connected various instruments to the boy, who was sleeping soundly on the hospital bed.

They also hung a drip.

The boys mother grabbed the doctors hand and thanked him profusely.

The doctor said awkwardly, “Actually, we didnt do anything.”

Wang Wen said, “If it were not for the emergency treatment, we would not have been able to save him no matter how many relics we had.”

The doctor gave Wang Wen a friendly smile and gestured to the boys mother.

“Hes the one you should be thanking.

If it werent for the precious medicine, we would not have been able to do anything.”

The boys mother grabbed Wang Wens hand and shook it vigorously.

“Wang Wen, come by later.

I will cook fish for you!”

The commotion finally stopped.

The doctor caught up with Wang Wen, who was about to leave the hospital, and asked, “Do you still have that pill If possible, our hospital would like to purchase one for research.

You can name the price.”

Wang Wen shrugged helplessly.

“Its a rare item from the World Towers 500th floor.

Its from the First Consortiums inventory.

I wont be able to get a second one.

You can try to talk to them.”

The doctors hopeful eyes dimmed when he heard the words First Consortium.

He sighed and turned to leave.

“The First Consortium Then its not something that can be bought with money.”

Wang Wen smiled and stood outside the hospital entrance.

He looked at the setting sun and thought of what the boys mother had said when they parted.

“Tell me how much those medicines cost.

I will pay you back.”

He shook his head silently.

He thought,Thats not something money can buy.


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