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Chapter 31: There were Always People Who Force You To Be Strong

If the Earth-shaking Talisman was valuable because it was rare, the Ginseng Fruit was so common that everyone knew about it, resulting in massive market demand.

Everyone wanted to eat the Ginseng Fruit.

The effect was real, the taste was good, there were no side effects, and the little thing was adorable.

‘I cant wait to bite the juice out of one of them.

‘Even if it doesnt work, at least one for each person

With so many people worldwide, not everyone could easily reach the 250th floor.

There were always some elderly people who were too old and frail to climb the tower in the hope of exchanging some useless paper scraps for the chance to live another year.

For some people, money was more important than life.

However, for some people, life was more important than money.

However, the market price of the Ginseng Fruit could not rise because of the one-year effect.

It would be good if an ordinary item could be sold for the same price as a rare item.

However, the Earth-shaking Talisman was available on the 200th floor, while the Ginseng Fruit was on the 250th floor.

Many people thought that they would not be able to reach the extra 50 floors.

Therefore, it was hard to say who would win or lose.

The Earth-shaking Talisman was a treasured item for the battle maniacs, but those who were about to die would prefer the Ginseng Fruit.


Regardless, the four Regional Security Department climbers had jumped from the 210th floor to the 250th floor in just a week.

That was a shocking piece of news.

“How much did you spend”

The chief asked Deputy Chief Jiang while standing at the office door and looking down the hall.

He assumed the four guards had spent 2,500 points on intelligence.

He felt a pain in his heart as he considered the cost of more than two hundred layers of information.

He estimated that the Regional Security Department would have used all 52 Earth-shaking Talismans they had recently obtained.

The deputy chief shook his head and looked at Wang Wen, and cheered the four guards from afar.

“I didnt buy any information,” he replied.

“I only improved some of the training grounds equipment and restocked some medicines.

Wang Wen was preoccupied the entire time.

He even bought meat for us.”

The deputy chief was stunned and asked in confusion, “What was his motive”


With a puzzled expression, the deputy chief turned to face the chief.

“Perhaps he wants to use his utmost sincerity in exchange for the Regional Security Departments cooperation.”

Personally, the deputy chief hoped to collaborate with Wang Wen.

That was a win-win situation, as the other party had always emphasized, that was beneficial but not harmful.

The only resistance was from the chief.

Deputy Chief Jiang knew that the chief had complained that the only elite tower climbers in the Regional Security Department were in his hands.

Then, he knew that he would have to work with outsiders and use the Regional Security Departments resources and personnel to obtain relics for their tower climbers.

He would not have a pleasant expression.

Once trained, the climber would be assigned to the deputy chief, and the relics would be distributed to outsiders.

The deputy chief would not obtain anything.

He could not sustain himself with just the title of number one.

Furthermore, the guards had duties.

Cooperating with an outsider to climb the tower would be considered unethical.

If he were caught and investigated, it would not make sense even if he said he did it to generate income.

As expected, the deputy chief snorted coldly and asked angrily, “Sincerity Perhaps I would believe him if he had not hidden vital information to harm the guards.


He looked up at the deputy chief.

“Youre the one who talked to him about the cooperation”

The deputy chief nodded silently and admitted it.

The deputy chief said firmly, “Then youll end the discussion with him.”


After saying that, the deputy chief turned around and walked back to his office, closing the door.

Deputy Chief Jiangs gaze passed through the hall, and he let out a long sigh as he looked at Wang Wen, who was in the center of the crowd.

He sighed.

A few minutes later, the crowd fell silent as the news was delivered.

Everyone turned to look at the deputy chief, who announced the end of the collaboration in a calm but confused manner.


The leader of the four guards, Deputy Chief Jiangs most trusted aide, Jiang Dali, asked the same question, “Mr.

Wangs strength is obvious to everyone.

We were able to break through so many floors in such a short time was all because of him! Why are we ending the cooperation”

“Dont ask.”

Deputy Chief Jiang said expressionlessly, “That was the organizations decision.

We have to follow their orders.”

“The organizations decision”

Jiang Dali yelled angrily, “The decision that will harm others but benefits oneself was definitely made by that—”

“Jiang Dali!” Deputy Chief Jiang shouted and interrupted him.

“Are you done Shut Up!”

Jiang Dali was slightly stunned and lowered his hand indignantly.

Wang Wen had been listening quietly.

He walked out when he realized the situation was tense.

“Was it about profit distribution” he asked Deputy Chief Jiang.

“I have considered it.

Even if I volunteer to train the tower climbers for free, it is not a good idea for me to take all the relics.

That is something we can discuss.”

He looked at the security guards around him and said, “Were all on the same side.

Other than the relics I specifically asked for, the rest of the tower climbers profits will belong to the security department.

How about that”

When Deputy Chief Jiang heard that, his face was flushed as if he had been drinking.

The other partys conditions could be described as being backed into a corner with no way out.

He had given up so much of his own interests to facilitate the collaboration.

Deputy Chief Jiang could not do that because it went against his heart.

“Theres no need, Wang Wen.

As you said, the premise of our cooperation was a win-win situation.

If either of us had to sacrifice so much, then theres no need for such cooperation to exist.”

He said to Wang Wen guiltily, “You should go.

With your ability, its not a problem for you to cooperate with anyone.

Its our bad luck.

Im sorry to have wasted so much of your time…”

Wang Wen looked at his hands.

Then he looked up at the sullen and helpless expressions of all the guards around him.

Finally, his gaze fell on the closed office door in the distance.

He felt that it was amusing.

It was also regrettable.

In his previous life, the elite tower climbers looked down on the Regional Security Department.

No one had thought about pulling the Regional Security Department to work together.

Therefore, the life of a Regional Security Department climber was very miserable.

Until Wang Wen broke through the 700th floor, there was not a single guard who could go up to the 400th floor.

He was not qualified to discuss a partnership with the First Consortium in that life because his initial strength was insufficient.

He had an epiphany and went to the Regional Security Department.


In the end, he was still rejected.

What a ridiculously petty personality, what a sad bureaucratic style, and what a hopeless security department.

Wang Wen packed up his things and took the only fruit of his labor, the Ginseng Fruit.

He quietly left that place, where he had stayed for more than half a month.

He thought that he would stay there forever.

Just as he was about to walk out the door, his new phone rang.

His mood improved when he saw the skinny boys number on the caller ID.

“My work is done,” he said as he answered the phone.

“Lets have lunch today.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

However, it was not the boys voice that spoke to him.

“Is this Wang Wen” a deep male voice asked leisurely.

“Im calling from the World Towers main square.

Theres a boy here.

He was seriously injured when he left the tower.

He called for an ambulance but realized it was too late.

Hes about to die.

Your number was the only one he had on his phone.”



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