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Chapter 3: Idiot


A group of people walked into the canteen.

They were all young and beautiful girls.

One of them was a girl with long hair and big eyes whose skin was so pale that she looked like she was glowing.

She was surrounded by a group of people, like stars surrounding the moon.

The moment she appeared, most of the gazes in the canteen were focused on her.


The girls name was Cheng Qiaoyi.

Most of the students in the academy recognized her.

Besides her appearance, which was naturally easy to attract more attention, she was also always the number one in mechanical skills.


She was the best in the entire academy.

Wang Wen recognized her as well.

Furthermore, he was familiar with her.

Cheng Qiaoyi was a member of his team.

She was the most professional mechanical expert and the fairy that everyone wanted to protect.

She could have been as beautiful as a rainbow.

Unfortunately, she had a weird personality due to her experiences as a student.

She was always depressed.

Her illness reared its ugly head during her last attempt at the tower, and she killed herself.


They would have climbed higher than the 929th floor if she had not died.

Wang Wen did not want to enter the World Tower after his reincarnation, but he would do it to help his old teammates.


He did not want to experience the same pain again.

The boy who had been feasting on the fishbone gulped as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, wanting to say something.

Wang Wen looked at the time, patted his arm, and asked, “Do you have a pen and paper”


The boy took out a notebook from his bag curiously.

Wang Wen took the notebook and wrote a few lines.

He tore the page and carefully folded it.

Then, he carried the tray and walked toward the girls who had just sat down.

The boy hurriedly packed his things and chased after him.

When he arrived at the table, he heard the chattering and laughter of the girls.

“Among all of Qiaoyis suitors, you can be considered one of the bravest.”

“Bravest I think hes an idiot.

He just walked here with a tray in the school cafeteria.”

“Thats right.

What was he thinking Hes not afraid of scaring Qiaoyi”

The girls were chattering.


The boy thought the words were unpleasant; he felt indignant.

In his opinion, those girls with Cheng Qiaoyi did not seem like good people.

Those who wanted to get close to her would have to go through those girls.

Would one have peace with those girls around

Wang Wen did not mind them.

He said cheerfully, “Thank you for your help.” He took his student card from his pocket.

“I had a great breakfast today, and I saw this new dessert.

I hope you can give me a chance to treat you.”

The girl with glasses closest to him stood up to accept the student card.

She noticed that he was not faking it and purposefully smiled.

“Is that enough to feed us all”

“It should be enough.”

Wang Wen nodded.

“There are more than 400 points on the card.”

The chattering stopped, and the girls looked at each other.

They had seen many suitors, and there were even rich ones.

Those people would be eager to spend 4000 or 40,000 points on Cheng Qiaoyi, let alone mere 400 points.

A poor boy with 400 points dared to join in the fun

“What a fool.”

A girl shook her head and smiled.

The bespectacled girl said, “You want to drive us away with 400 points She might not only want cake.

She might want candies and cookies.

Maybe even a glass of milk.

Be careful not to empty your card!”

“Youre welcome to order anything.”

Wang Wens face was solemn.

“Ill earn more after you empty it.”

The other girls all stood up and giggled as they walked toward the cafeteria window.

It would be a waste to refuse free food and drinks because someone overestimated himself.

Cheng Qiaoyi, who had been eating quietly with her head lowered, finally raised her head.

She looked at Wang Wen and asked calmly, “Whats the matter”

Wang Wens mind was flooded with memories as he sat in the empty seat and looked at that familiar face.

He almost said the word Xiao Yi.

Fortunately, climbing the tower for 20 years had taught him how to control his emotions.

He was not held back by inaction.


Unfortunately, the beauty opposite him was unwilling to give him more chances.

When she realized the person was not talking but was only staring at her, she frowned, picked up her tray, and walked away.

Wang Wen realized he did not have much time when he saw that.

He rose and handed her a note.

“Can you enter the tower a year later I know you have great mechanical skills, but you need to work on your physical strength.”


It was no secret that she had planned to enter the World Tower.

There were so many people around her that it was not surprising that someone found out about it.

Cheng Qiaoyi walked around the dining table with a plate in her hand, never pausing.

Wang Wens gaze followed her.

“If you must enter the tower, please stop before the tenth floor.

As a first-year student, its already an impressive result to break through nine floors on your first try.

Theres no need to go to another floor.

End it when you dont feel well.”


Cheng Qiaoyi paused in her steps as he said that.

She did not turn around and only retaliated lightly.

“You look down on me.

I am aiming for the 19th floor!”

Of course, Wang Wen was aware of her objective.

He was even clearer about the enormous cost she would have to pay to achieve that goal.

That was the source of her pain.

Wang Wen wanted to find a way to stop that.

He did not argue with her.

He said, “If you have to break through to the 10th level, please dont trust your teammates too much.

Pay more attention to their situation.

When you see an intention to retreat, dont hesitate.

You must run before they do!”

Cheng Qiaoyi turned around to look at him suspiciously.

“What are you talking about What do you know”

Wang Wen handed her the paper in his hand.

He said, “I know you wont listen to any of this.

I just want you to take a look at this paper.

At least you can be more careful when you are in trouble.”

Cheng Qiaoyi stared at Wang Wen for a long time with a strange look in her eyes.

Seeing his solemn and determined expression, she paused for a moment before taking the paper in one hand to open it.

There were some words on the paper.

[Do not eat or drink after entering the tower, especially if you are not in good condition! If you feel dizzy, end the attempt according to the rules.

Do not try to be brave or take any risks! Finally, make a pair of iron pants and keep them with you.]



Cheng Qiaoyi appeared to believe she had been teased or humiliated somehow.

She became enraged and threw the paper on the ground.

She turned around and walked away.

Wang Wen silently picked up the paper on the ground and rolled it up in his hand.

The girls appeared to have noticed Cheng Qiaoyis rage after gathering at the cafeteria window in front of them.

The bespectacled girl waved the student card at Wang Wen from a distance.

Then she smacked the stone table outside the window.

She turned and walked away.

“What happened”

The thin boy held his plate and looked at Wang Wen in a daze.

Wang Wen shook his head and looked at the time.

It was 7:45 a.m.

He walked to the window to retrieve his student card and left the cafeteria with the boy after finishing the remaining food on the plate in a few bites.

He wanted to help his teammate, but there was nothing he could do if they did not want to listen to him.


Did he have to tell her that he had been reincarnated, so he knew the tragedy that would befall her, and he wanted to save her


He thought it was ridiculous, no matter if the other party believed him or not.

At that point, he should at least be a little more vigilant.


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