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Chapter 29: Setting A Small Target

When Wang Wen returned to the academy, it was time for dinner in the cafeteria.

The academy cafeteria was very conscientious.

They served stir-fried noodles for dinner! There was even shredded meat in it!

At 50 grams per point, the price was also very reasonable.

It could even be 80 to 100 grams if one were good with the staff.

The skinny boy was delighted to see Wang Wen.

He said that he wanted to treat him.

Wang Wen did not argue with him.

Instead, he picked up a few tablespoons of fried noodles.

He weighed them on the machine.

It was more than a kilogram.

The skinny boy was a man of his word.

He did not even blink when he paid for the meal.

The two of them took a tray and found a table.

Wang Wens throat was dry after eating a few mouthfuls of noodles.

He stopped eating and exhaled.

He took a new phone from his pocket and pushed it across the table.

The thin boy stared blankly at the phone that was shoved into his hand.

He had noodles hanging in the corner of his mouth.

He asked in a daze, “You bought a phone Which one is this Its so beautiful! ”

“Its for you.” Wang Wen took a deep breath and felt better.

He lowered his head and started eating noodles again.

“My number is in it.

Youll see it when you open the contact list.”

The thin boy widened his eyes in disbelief.

“Its for me”

He was so shocked that he did not even eat his noodles.

He put down his bowl and chopsticks, clapped his hands on the table, and wiped his pants with all his might.

Finally, he picked up his phone to examine it.

His expression became intoxicated the moment he turned on the screen.

He abruptly stopped playing with it after a long time.

“Why did you give me such an expensive thing” The skinny boy stared at Wang Wen vigilantly.

“Do you want to keep me as your mistress”


Wang Wen raised his head, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

At the next table, a young woman spat a mouthful of fried noodles onto the face of the male student opposite her.


She repeatedly apologized and got up to help the boy wipe it off.

In a flurry, she noticed that Wang Wen and the skinny boy turned their heads to look at her.

The girl covered her mouth with her hands, looking like she was about to die.

After a random bow and apology, she ran away, leaving the boy with a confused face.

“I might be a little busy,” Wang Wen said to the skinny boy.

“Its easier with a phone.

You can call me at any time.”

The joy of obtaining a new mobile phone instantly disappeared when the skinny boy heard that.

He hesitantly pushed the phone back.

Wang Wen was puzzled.


The boys voice was as low as a mosquitos.

“I dont want a phone.”

He was terrified when he heard Wang Wens words.

Wang Wen might never return to the academy if he had kept the phone.

They could only contact each other through their phones from then on.

They would never see each other again in their lives.

The boy felt terrible.

He only had one friend at the academy, Wang Wen.

If accepting a phone would mean losing that friend, he would rather not have one.

Even if that was a beautiful phone.

Wang Wen, who had lived for two lifetimes, immediately understood what the boy meant.

He could not decide whether to laugh or cry because he was so emotional.

“Are you an idiot Put the phone away! You can also notify me of the exam in advance!”

The skinny boy looked at him suspiciously.

“Do you still need to take the exam”

“Nonsense! Im a student!” Wang Wen threw the phone into his hands, scaring the boy into a flurry.


The next day, the morning exercise was over.

Wang Wen, who had eaten breakfast, left the academy again.

Nobody expected Wang Wen, who had only recently been released from prison, to return to the Regional Security Department with a slew of items.

The chief had gone on a business trip to the World Security Headquarters to give a report.

He would only be back in a few days.

During that period, Deputy Chief Jiang would temporarily take over the Regional Security Department.

The atmosphere in the Regional Security Department had improved dramatically since the departure of the chief.

Everyone was very animated.

They cheered and hugged Wang Wen when they saw him.

Wang Wen handed out the gifts he had brought to everyone.

After settling a few expenses with the deputy chief the previous day, he did not have much money left in his account.


He had only spent two to three hundred points to buy some cooked food and snacks, but the guards were not picky at all.

They came over cheerfully and quickly took everything.

He laughed with everyone for a while.

Wang Wen followed the deputy chief to an empty field deep in the Regional Security Department.

The deputy chief pointed at the various facilities in the field and proudly said, “This is our training ground.

Is it okay”

Wang Wen walked into the field and looked at it.

He casually dismantled and reassembled a few traps in front of the deputy chief, who was staring at him with wide-open eyes.

He nodded to indicate that everything was fine.

Obviously, the okay that the two of them meant had a completely different concept.

The deputy chiefs fine was filled with pride and self-deprecation.

Wang Wens fine was really just mediocre.

In his opinion, the Regional Security Department had already done an excellent job constructing a simulation training ground for the World Tower.

He could not have asked for more.

If one were to judge strictly, that training ground could not be compared to the academys training ground, let alone the First Consortiums.

He should not be rude.

There was no training area for scientific decryption or spiritual power training other than a few regular fitness areas.

There were only a few mechanisms that one would find on the first hundred floors.

Rather than saying that that was the training ground of the World Tower, it was more like a gym.

Wang Wen sighed and clicked his tongue.

He pitied the security department.

He asked the deputy chief, “So far, only five people in the Regional Security Department can go up to the 200th floor, including you, Deputy Chief Jiang, right”

Deputy Chief Jiang was dissatisfied when he heard the words only five.

“Except for the headquarters, our security department is among the top three in the Eastern Region!”

Wang Wen was speechless.

Even if they were ranked first, the ranking did not include the elite teams.

They did not even have a team on the 500th floor.

What was there to be proud of

“Then lets set a small target first.” Wang Wen looked at the deputy chief and raised a finger.

“Lets get first place.”

The deputy chiefs expression was messy.

“Dont joke around.

The Regional Security Department that was first had quite a few fierce climbers who could go up to the 300th floor!”

He saw Wang Wens unconcerned expression, and he said worriedly, ” I think we should think of a way to get more Earth-shaking Talismans from the 200th floor.

Didnt you say that the First Consortium is also fighting for them It refreshes once a week, and someone still has to go in and restart it.

Its a competition of speed to compete for resources.

I reckon that Xiao Chen and the others will go crazy if they come out empty-handed again.”

“Dont keep your eyes on those little things.” Wang Wen shook his finger, and his expression became serious.

“What about the cooperation we mentioned before”

The deputy chief was a little hesitant.

“After all, we are public officials.

It doesnt seem very good to work with you privately.”

“Didnt you always say how difficult it was for the Regional Security Department to rely on the funds from the higher-ups Dont you lack income” Wang Wen pointed in the direction of the hall where they came from.

“There are only so few people in such a big department.

If there are no benefits, who will want to work for you This time, they get the bonus from the Earth-Shaking Talismans I gave you.

What about next time”

He slapped the deputy chiefs shoulders with both hands and said earnestly, “Deputy Chief Jiang, its time to make a change! Working with me is a win-win situation.

It wont do you any harm!”

The deputy chief was silent for a long time, but in the end, he could not overcome the cruel reality.

He asked, “Yesterday, you said you can earn at least 100,000 points a week!”

“At least 100,000 points!”

“F*ck it! Ill do it!”



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