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306 Its Starting To Become Interesting (Part 3)

He did not want to be a good person.

He lacked the guts to take on the real big boss.

His pursuit of Du Keke was a ruse.

He was used to street food barbeque but wanted to try high-end food occasionally.

After all, men were cheap.

They only wanted what they could not get.


His female companion had gone with another person.

That was even more ironic than not being able to get her at all.

Even the lower class had pride!

That encounter had completely taken He Jiong by surprise, and he felt truly humiliated.

He accidentally drank too much.

The party was halfway through.

Everyone had a smile on their face when they were full and drunk.

The organizer took to the microphone and said, “Everyone, Im very honored to be able to invite the most famous elites to attend this dinner.

I would like to express my gratitude!”

Some people laughed and shouted, “Young Master Huang is too polite.”

Du Keke, standing beside Ning Li, had a sharp gaze.

She immediately recognized the organizer—the 16th Consortiums Young Master, Huang Baobao!

Even though the groups ranking had dropped out of the top ten…

Their family started by selling luxury goods! The luxury brands were popular among women of different ages in the six districts.

Du Keke was still carrying their signature lamb-skin handbag.

Many women considered the young master to be the ideal husband!

If they were lucky enough to marry him, they would never have to worry about bags, clothes, shoes, or hats again!

On the stage, the Young Master smiled.

Then, his expression calmed, and he said, “I invited everyone here today because I have a request!”

His gaze swept across the crowd below the stage, especially the few experts from the 400th floor.

He said, “Perhaps many of you already know that my father has recently offended an important figure due to his greed.

He is now locked up in the Tiansheng Groups dungeon.

I want to save him, but I cant even get any information about him.

Id have to trouble all of you.”

When he looked down at the silent group, the warm atmosphere quickly turned cold, and a bitter expression appeared on his face.

He held the microphone and shouted, “I dare not trouble you to save him.

I just want to ask one thing today.

Which big boss can help me pass a message to the other party I will thank you for your help! If you can help me beg for mercy, I am willing to pay anything for your great kindness!”

The audience was silent.

Those with the necessary knowledge did not dare to speak up.

Others were speechless.

Even those familiar with the family did not show their support.

Huang Baobao looked at the silent crowd with a bitter expression.

He could not help but plead, “Everyone, please! You dont have to offend anyone.

I just need to give them a message.”

Still, no one spoke.

He raised his head and gulped the wine drunkenly.

Du Keke looked at her friend beside her, puzzled.

The other party also looked at her in confusion.

Then, as if he had reacted, they turned to look at Ning Li.

Ning Lis expression was grave, and he tightly pursed his lips without saying a word.

When he saw his female companion looking at him, he shook his head.

Who knew that the Young Master would get so anxious that he started to call out names “Director Fang, do you have any ideas Can you help me pass on a message

“Big Ming, didnt you always tell me that you and Team Leader Luo Shan are good friends Were you just bragging

“Brother Ning! You are the captain of the Ninth Consortiums elite team! Can you help me pass on a message As long as you hand it over, I will pay you anything! Did your friend like one of our bags Ill give you the whole store!”

One by one.

They shook their heads.

Some people even felt a little displeased.

They put down their glasses and turned to leave.

Huang Baobaos heart sank.

He sat on the ground with a sad face and wailed, “Please! I beg you to help me! Think of a way! As long as you can find Wang Wen, Chen Hansheng, Li He, or anyone else! I beg you; please help me!

A drunken voice suddenly broke the silence.

“Whos looking for Wang Wen Hes my big brother!”

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