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303 Its Hard To Refuse Such Kindness

“Dont worry.” Wang Wen looked at him and asked, “This gift is too big for me to accept.

Tell me who was involved.

Ill return it to them.”

“I—” The head of the Fifth Consortium, Director Lin, looked up at the big light bulb on top of him.

He swallowed his saliva.

“Im going to die anyway, so why should I betray the others If you want to kill me, come at me,” he said.

Wang Wen nodded and said, “So, other people are also involved, right I see.”

Director Lin was stunned.

He was about to say something.

“Send me all the consortium leaders who are involved in this,” Wang Wen said.

After that…

The people in charge of the Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth Consortiums, the woman in charge of the Seventh Consortium, Director Xu, and the middle-aged fat man from the Tenth Consortium.

They all appeared in front of everyone.

There were also other people besides those!

The former deputy chief of the Regional Security Department, Jiang Yu, walked up to one of them and asked suspiciously, “Boss Yue, what are you doing here How bold are you to join in on the fun”

The man Jiang Yu addressed as Boss Yue looked around in a daze.

His body trembled when he saw the massive ball of light above his head.

Then he saw Wang Wen looking at him.

He stuttered; he could not form a complete sentence.

Instead, he started crying and wailing.

“Is that your friend” Wang Wen inquired.

Jiang Yu quickly waved his hand.

“Of course not.

Hes the Yuelun Groups big boss that you sent here when you came to the guard department to register.

The hulking man who stopped you on the street and yelled at you is his brother.”

It was too long ago for Wang Wen to recall, but he only realized it after Jiang Yus explanation.

On the other hand, Chen Hansheng also questioned someone with a pained expression, “Are you blind to earn this kind of money You didnt even ask who the target was.”

The man lowered his head and was silent for a long time.

Then he raised his head and said, “Im willing to do that! I think theyre right.

A single tower climber cant control this world, or the world will be in chaos.”

Chen Hanshengs body trembled.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed that everyone around him was staring at him.

Helplessly, he said, “One can trespass the heavens, but one cant go against ones conscience!”

He turned around and left.

“Your friend” Wang Wen asked Chen Hansheng.

Chen Hansheng nodded.

He shook his head once more.

“We are good friends.

I cant believe hes so stupid!”

Wang Wen smiled and tried to persuade him.

“How is this stupid If it were me, I wouldnt want to let a single individual suppress me, either.”

Chen Hansheng was stunned.

“But what” Wang Wen shrugged.

“You should know that I have never considered doing anything against the major consortiums.

Theyve been making things up in their own minds and then coming to me for trouble.”

As he spoke…

Wang Wens gaze was drawn to the most eye-catching person in the room, the First Consortiums chief, Zhou Dafu.

From the moment the oath was activated.

Wang Wen felt that something was wrong.

The amount of energy used was far more significant than he had anticipated.

There must be some people from higher levels among the participants, which was why the price for forcibly teleporting them was higher.

It was close to 50 percent of his full energy!

Based on his current total value, that consumption level was likely to force people out of the World Tower!

They would have to wait for the tower to release them.

He did not expect that.

He expected only six consortium leaders to show up, but so many people were there.

He did not expect that.

The First Consortiums Zhou Da was also among them.

Zhou Shengsheng was already hugging and crying over Zhao Dafu at that point.

Zhou Shengsheng, who had followed Wang Wen all the way there, knew what kind of ending those people would face.

He had never expected that his father, who had said that he would not get involved, would eventually participate.

He kept asking, “Why”

Zhou Dafu just kept silent.

Occasionally, he would smile bitterly and shake his head.

Wang Wen asked Zhou Dafu in an approachable manner, “Whats the First Consortiums full name”

Zhou Dafu raised his head and introduced them as if he were chatting with an old friend, “We started our business in the jewelry industry.

Our full name is Zhou Jewelry Group.

“Thats good!” Wang Wen nodded.

“Its much more low-key and straightforward than the Tiansheng Groups.”

Zhou Dafu smiled and asked, “I heard from Fifth Brother that you managed to pull all of us here just by speaking.

What kind of ability is that Is the 700th floor really that invincible”

Wang Wen was even more curious.

“I also find it strange.

Logically speaking, theres no need for you to be involved in this kind of thing.

Are you that brainless”

“In my position, its not up to me to participate or not.” Zhou Dafu looked around and sighed.

“Look at this.

Many people may have only contributed a small amount, but theyre all here.”

He turned around and looked at Wang Wen.

“The First Consortium is rich and powerful.

I didnt even have a chance to refuse when the Board of Directors smacked me with the account book.

Besides, the profits Fifth Brother and the others have given up are too much.

I cant resist it.”

“Bull**! Its obvious that you cant bear to see the rise of the academy.

Youre afraid theyll take away your position at the top!” Chen Hansheng shouted at him.

“Thats right.”

Zhou Dafu nodded with a bitter smile.

“Thats a way to look at it.”

Wang Wen took a deep breath.

He faced the heads of the various consortiums and said, “Everyone, I havent touched any of the consortiums interests.

Why do you keep attacking me Is it wrong for me to focus on climbing the tower”

The entire place was silent.

No one made a sound.

Only Director Lin laughed.

“Theres nothing wrong with focusing on climbing the tower, but its your fault for climbing too high.”

Wang Wen frowned.

“This world is so strange!” He sighed, his face flushed.

“You cant bear to see others doing well!”

Perhaps they were infected by Director Lins words.

The other consortium leaders also laughed.

“The world cant be wrong.

So, you are wrong!”

“It is so! Who asked you to be so ridiculously strong and invincible No one can control you, and you can do whatever you want.

Who do you think you are The Emperor”

“This is too much.

Coward! Since were going to die today, we might as well say it!”

“Thats right, Ive even written my will—”


Zhu Xingguo rushed over after hearing the news.

He pushed his way through the crowd to Wang Wens side.

“Master, are you all right” he panted as he looked up at the big light bulb above his masters head.

“I came right over when I heard the news.”

“What are you doing here” Wang Wen looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you think a small nuclear bomb can hurt me”

“Im here to see if theres anything I can do.” Zhu Xingguo nodded in agreement.

He turned to look at the major consortium leaders sitting on the ground.

He said, “Its these guys Let me give each of them a mosquito!”

Wang Wens friends were all enraged as well.

The scumbags in the major consortiums irritated them greatly.

The other party had clearly launched a nuclear bomb and committed evil acts, but they ultimately blamed Wang Wen for being too powerful.

What kind of bullsh*t logic was that

Everyone agreed that Zhu Xingguo should give each of those slackers a mosquito!

Even those who had never heard of Zhu Xingguo or understood what a mosquito was did not stop cheering.

The major consortiums were well aware that they would perish today.

They were relaxed

They did not seem to be afraid at all.

Instead, they seemed to be very happy.

They all claimed to be heroes who were not afraid of death and willing to cry for global justice.

The result.

However, Wang Wen suddenly shook his head and stopped Zhu Xingguo, who was about to make a move.

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled.

His friends were puzzled.

Even the mangy dog opposite him was puzzled.

Everyones eyes turned to Wang Wen.

“I think Director Lin and Director Xu are right,” Wang Wen said.

Chen Hanshengs jaw dropped.

He quickly came over and said, “Brother! Dont you dare use that speech of yours again! If you are against this situation, how can we continue”

Wang Wen looked at him and smiled.

“I am just thinking about how enthusiastic Director Lin and the others are.

It is difficult for me to reject their kindness.”

He turned back to look at the people staring at him in a daze and said in a clear voice, “Since everyone has repeatedly requested it, then, from today onward, I will reluctantly be the Emperor!


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