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295 A Repair Thats More Expensive Than Enhancement (Part 2)

He and Gu Jianbing were old friends in his previous life.

He was aware that Gu Jianbings health was deteriorating, so he discovered numerous natural treasures, but they could only extend his life.

He noticed it early in his new life.

He knew he wanted Gu Jianbing to continue living, so he had to extend the old mans life.

Wang Wen needed to begin caring for Gu Jianbings health as soon as possible.

He could not be like in his previous life.

The 749th floor had ended.

Wang Wen felt he had less than 60 percent of his energy left as he stood on the 750th floors safe zone.

He decided to rest for a while.

The three of them ate, drank, and slept in the safe zone for more than five hours.

Wang Wen noticed that he had only recovered about 1 percent of his energy.

He was somewhat speechless.

The total amount of energy was increasing at an alarming rate.

His recovery rate was inadequate.

In the human body, the energy recovery rate was proportional to the bodys overall quality.

Five hours of rest had only recovered a few thousandths of Wang Wens energy, even though his overall strength had been increased to Level 7.

He estimated that to regain 10 percent of his actual speed in an hour, he would need to be strengthened to Level 9.

That was entirely beyond the scope of his previous knowledge.

Even though he had previously held the Oath Scepter, it only served to strengthen his spiritual energy.

It did not even reach the Broken Might level.

He relied on his items and body to resist them every time it was used.

He never imagined there would be such a thing as energy.

The five phases were a completely new domain, and everything had to be discovered from the start.

Wang Wen was certain that with his strength, he would have a 50-50 chance of winning against the man in green.

That meant he had already recovered half of his strength from his peak.

In just a few short months…

He was improving at lightning speed.

That was simply shocking in the eyes of outsiders.

However, he was not satisfied.

For example, how could his slow recovery rate keep up with his rapid ascent of the tower

Did he need to use all his world energy points to fix it

Wang Wen frowned and counted his fingers casually.

The number he was given made him want to pass out.

If nothing unexpected happened…

That repair, which used nearly 40 percent of his energy, was almost certainly massive.

He tried to ask the drone a question that he had never used in his previous life.

“Can I specify a number and not a complete repair”

The drones answer sounded normal on the surface.

Nonetheless, the three of them detected a tone of contempt in his words.

“Partial repair is available but not advised, or there are hidden dangers, and the repair cant be less than one world energy point.

“If you are short on cash, it is suggested that you save enough money before attempting a complete repair.”

Wang Wen pulled the drone over and kicked it away.

Then he called for another drone and asked, “Can I just check how much it will cost for the repair without starting the process”

The drone landed and scanned the area with its scanning light.

“Total repair necessitates 570 million world energy points.

Do you wish to proceed with the repair”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were at a loss for words.

“Did I mishear the drone”

Zhu Xingguo turned his head and asked Ren Ruoruo, “How many points”

Ren Ruoruo said, “Well, 500 million world energy points, to convert to points, requires 50 trillion points.

Were bankrupt.”

“Fifty trillion”

Zhu Xingguos face changed dramatically.

“Thats too much for even the immortals!”

Wang Wen shook his head and smiled.

“Swearing is a moment of pleasure,” he said bitterly.

“Captain, what will you do in the future” Ren Ruoruo asked Wang Wen worriedly.

Wang Wen looked at the Unity of Man and Nature, which only had two uses left, and sighed helplessly.

“I still have to earn money to strengthen my body and increase my recovery speed.

Otherwise, itll be really troublesome.

“Are we still going to climb the tower” Zhu Xingguo took out a piece of bread cut to the size of a book and took a bite, chewing it like gum.

Wang Wen only had 300 billion points left.

Besides the quality check, the lucky draw, and a few of his main superpowers, he did not dare upgrade his other skills to Level 7.

He had spent 100 billion points on the repair.

After the restoration…

His energy had only recovered by two thousandths.

Zhu Xingguo was dumbfounded.


He clicked his tongue with his mouth agape.

“I have always assumed you only spent a thousandth of your energy on the normal floors.

I had no idea it was worth 50 billion points!”

Ren Ruoruo clutched her forehead in pain.

“Captain, why dont we just forget about it Thats no longer climbing the tower.

Its purely burning money!”

Wang Wen gritted his teeth, and his eyes were determined.

“Ill crawl even if I have to burn money! Im going to reach the 800th floor this week!”

“But even if we put all our money together, we wont be able to repair it completely, right” Ren Ruoruo counted on her fingers.

“Then Ill sleep!” Wang Wen drew Zhu Xingguo and continued to gather supplies.

Tents, bedding, bed mats, summer mats, fans, generators, urinals, buckets, bowls, ladles, and spirit lamps.

It was as if they wanted to stay in the safe zone for a long time.

“What should I do” Ren Ruoruo was so shocked that her face turned pale.

“The conditions are limited; we have to overcome them!” Zhu Xingguo said in a muffled voice.

Wang Wen thought for a while.

After all, they have a female comrade.

So he said to Zhu Xingguo, “I remember theres a curtain for the bathtub.

We can use it for Ren Ruoruo.”

Ren Ruoruo was shocked.

They needed enough energy to climb the tower safely; the team could not ignore Wang Wens condition.

The rest was inevitable.

She pursed her lips and nodded.

No longer acting coy; she said to the two, “Its okay.

I can do it.”

Zhu Xingguo consoled her.

“Dont worry.

I can sell all the trash to the World Tower.

Its very clean.”

Ren Ruoruos face turned pale as she imagined that scene.

She tried to ask, “With that skill of yours, can you separate garbage and food further”

“Its just a list; theres no such thing.” Zhu Xingguo looked at her face and said with an understanding smile.

“Alright, Ill sell a few more normal items.”

Everything was ready.

Wang Wen washed up and laid down to sleep.

Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo could not fall asleep.

They sat at the farthest end of the room and chatted softly.

Ren Ruoruo looked at the time on the drone.

It felt like a long time had passed since they entered the tower, but in reality, only a day had passed.

They were climbing slower than on the lower floors; they were on higher floors then.

A place that no one had ever been to!

They also saw many new things that they had never heard of before.

It turned out that there were double trials.

It turned out that there was a god on one of the levels.

It turned out that different levels would still affect another level.

It turned out that the repair cost could be higher than the enhancement cost.

That trip was an eye-opening experience for the two of them.

If they left the tower again, they would gradually pull away from those lower than them.

Finally, they revealed a temperament that did not belong on the 600th floor.

It was difficult to be different amongst a group of people.

However, Ren Ruoruo might not leave the tower at that time.

She would return to the 720th floor and wait for her divine skill to be fully mastered or for Wang Wen to bring people back to the 720th floor to visit her using the same floor teleportation.

At the thought of that…

Ren Ruoruos eyes dimmed.

Zhu Xingguo suddenly thought of something and said, “By the way, I dont know if youve ever thought about it, but I dont think you need to be sad.

Because Master has the same level of teleportation, so you can go to that level at any time to cultivate your divine power.

Theres no need to stay there, right”

The moment he said that…

Even the sleeping Wang Wen was awoken.

He stood up and looked around, saying, “I keep feeling like Ive forgotten something! Hes right! Ren Ruoruo, you dont have to stay at all.

Every time we climb the tower, well bring you there.

Then, you can stay there and cultivate, and the rest of us will continue to climb!”

Ren Ruoruo looked at the two men in a daze.

She suddenly realized how stupid she had been acting!

Even the stupid bull could think of that, but she was so sad for so long!

Her heart was filled with emotions.

She could not help but hug Zhu Xingguo and kiss him on the lips.

Zhu Xingguos body froze.

He felt as if the world had stopped.

Everything in the world became incomparably beautiful.

No one would believe that it was his first kiss!

With his status and wealth, countless girls outside the tower would throw themselves into his arms.

However, he did not know why he did not like any of them.

He felt that they were not suitable for him.

It seemed like they lacked something.

At that time, he thought it was tenderness.

Wang Wen was speechless.

He laid back in bed, covered himself with the blanket, and even wore an eye mask and earmuffs.

He only hoped he could stay asleep until it was time to exit the tower.

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