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Chapter 289: Where Is God

Wang Wen had an odd feeling when he saw the beam guns in the hands of Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

However, the beam guns impact was too small.

It was impossible to make a clear judgment.

Wang Wen was finally certain when he saw the massive, heavy weapons surrounding him.

The aura emitted by those weapons was not identical to Ren Ruoruos.

It was exactly the same!

In order to verify that…

Wang Wen brought the two of them over and had them stand in front of a massive cannon-like object to scrutinize it.

He got closer to observe.

The aura was even more apparent.

The puzzle-level scientific decipherment results nearly overlapped the massive cannon and Ren Ruoruo.

“Whats wrong with that cannon” Ren Ruoruo asked, puzzled.

“You cant tell” Wang Wen looked at her, baffled.

“What did you see” Ren Ruoruo was taken aback.

She observed the huge cannon again.

She finally noticed something.

“Thats unusual.

Now that you mention it, I do have a sense of familiarity and intimacy.

What about that cannon”

Had she been confused

Wang Wen did not keep her in suspense and said, “From my observation, your aura is exactly the same as the cannon.

More precisely, its the aura you have after you say youve gained new power.”

Ren Ruoruos eyes immediately flickered.

She studied the massive cannon.

She realized that a divine power powered the canon.

Wang Wen did not waste the opportunity to open his eyes; he asked Zhu Xingguo to hand over the beam gun.

Ren Ruoruo learned that the light energy gun used divine power as its energy source.

Her expression was a little complicated.

“Captain,” she said, raising her head to look at Wang Wen.

“This seems to be the power that has entered my body.

Its called divine power.”

“Yes.” Wang Wen nodded.

“Its apparent.

Its this worlds power system, the divine power.”

“It feels so ethereal.” Ren Ruoruo rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache.

“I dont know how to obtain or use it.”

Wang Wen looked at the crowd far behind them and said, “I think we have to rely on the natives.

However, Im not sure how to use them.

Maybe we can ask the people who made those guns and cannons.”

Just as he finished speaking…

The team in front of the tall metal wall moved.

They charged toward Wang Wen and the other two.


Wang Wen saw a large group of metal-armored humanoid creatures charging at him with metal spears in their hands.

There was no horse, and they had to run on foot.

Their postures were simply too submissive.

However, their strengths were beyond Wang Wens expectations.

The force of the collision with the transparent barrier caused the ground to shake.

Wang Wen was taken aback by the rate of energy loss.

It had actually consumed a thousandth of it.

He crushed the dozen iron blocks in front of him with a wave.

However, a light suddenly flashed across the other partys body.

Even though the mans nose and mouth were bleeding, he could still bear the heavy pressure that Wang Wen was putting on his head.

It was capable of fighting and resisting.

The strength of that group could not be underestimated!

Wang Wen sighed in his heart.

Then he used one percent of his energy.

The entire team, as well as the surrounding area, including the soil and stones, were blasted into powder.

In front of the three of them…

A huge square pit that was hundreds of meters long appeared.

Those who witnessed the scene from a distance kneeled once more.

Ren Ruoruo started twitching again.

Zhu Xingguo felt sorry for the deep pit that had nothing left in it.

Those iron lumps could be worth at least a few hundred points!

A group of people flew out of the metal wall.

They stopped in mid-air, not far from Wang Wen and the other two.

An elderly man wearing only a brown robe and no armor or spacesuit stood with the crowd.

He said, “How did you destroy the Holy Knights with ease Did you offer your soul to the devil Great God, may you forgive those foolish and fallen people.”

Wang Wen heard the word god…

He thought that he had finally found the right person.

He quickly lifted the three of them to the other party and asked in a friendly manner, “May I ask where your god is Were looking for him.”

The people on the other side were so angry that they almost cursed.

The brown-robed old man stared at Wang Wen with a complicated expression.

After a long time…

He said, “Forget it.

Blasphemers cant be forgiven.

Please take him away.”

Wang Wen doubtfully recalled his wording.

He did not understand the ideology of such fanatical believers.

In his opinion, the other party had tried to kill him with a gun.

Then they shot themselves in the head with the light.

They had even dispatched someone to stab him with a metal spear.

It was already very polite of him not to crush their heads on sight.

How could they blame him for blaspheming their god

Was there such a blasphemer who was so easy to approach

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

Well, he had a favor to ask about the so-called divine power.

He had no choice but to lower his stance and say amiably, “Actually, we dont have to look for a god.

Do any of you know how to use divine power How did weapons like the divine magic cannons use divine power How about sharing it with us so we can learn from each other”

It was called an exchange.

Wang Wen and the other two were clueless.

Therefore, it was hard to say how mutual they would be if they sat down and talked.


The people on the other side did not intend to communicate with them.

He instantly demonstrated how to use divine power.

The group of people began to recite strange sentences in a peculiar tone.

They pushed their hands out in unison toward Wang Wen and the other two.

A solid-like polyhedron appeared in the surrounding space, wrapping the three of them in the air.

Zhu Xingguo tried to hit the polyhedron, which made a muffled sound as if he were hitting the concrete floor.

Wang Wen extended his scepter and lightly tapped it.

The entire polyhedron disappeared without a sound.

Ren Ruoruo accidentally inhaled.

The dissipating polyhedrons rushed into her body, shocking her.

She felt only an increase in her strength and no other discomfort in her body, and she was slightly relieved.

When the people opposite him saw that, they were so shocked that their nostrils widened.

The brown-robed old man shouted angrily, “The demon is devouring Gods power! My friends, lets fight to the death!”

As he spoke, he pressed a switch in his hand.

All the heavy weapons below seemed to have received orders, aiming at Wang Wen and the other two and shooting out light beams of different sizes.

Wang Wen wanted to test the light beams power.

He carried the three of them to avoid the center of the attack while releasing a transparent barrier to resist the light beam.

The results…

The energy was being consumed at a thousandth of a second rate.

It was as he had expected!

Those heavy weapons were extremely powerful.

Almost all of them were as powerful as the nuclear bombs shock wave during the punishment stage!

Wang Wen nodded.

He waved his hand to uproot all the heavy weapons, then lifted them to Zhu Xingguo.

He motioned to him, saying, “Everything that can be lifted, counts.

Ill sell one to make a profit.”

The people on the other side stood helplessly by as the divine magical cannon they were so proud of was dismantled by someone when it was fired.

Fear gripped all of their hearts.

The brown-robed old man in the center coughed.

After a while, he said to Wang Wen, “Your previous question.

Its not a problem if you want to see God.

Ill take you there.”

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