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Chapter 282: Double Trials

As the airbag sank deeper and deeper.

The light around them gradually dimmed.

The energy Wang Wen used to resist the water pressure was also gradually increasing.

The deep sea was not as exciting as he had anticipated.

He expected to see corals, fish, beautiful algae, and shellfish.

None at all.

There was only darkness and a deathly silence.

Occasionally, a giant fish would pass by, and the water would hit the airbag.

It would take Wang Wen a long time to stabilize it.

Zhu Xingguo felt the pressure from the environment and could not help but say, “Master, can I do anything”

Wang Wen thought for a while and said to him, “Bring me a piece of bread.”

Zhu Xingguo was overjoyed to hear that.

He quickly used the Fair Exchange to get a piece of bread the size of a book and handed it over.

There was not enough light.

The actions between the two of them could only rely on tacit understanding.

Fortunately, the distance was short enough for him to reach out and touch it with one hand.

Wang Wen took a big bite of the bread.

His gaze was fixed on the surroundings.

Even after the bread had been consumed, there was no sign of the entrance.

The pressure had deformed the airbag.

Wang Wens struggle with the water pressure had clearly reached a boiling point.

He directed the airbag to rise and return to the small wooden boat after throwing the bread to a random large fish.

Ren Ruoruo pulled the two of them back onto the boat.

Wang Wen could feel that he had used up almost 30 percent of his energy at that stage.

Other than the 20 percent for teleportation….

The rest was spent resisting the water pressure at the bottom of the sea.

Deep diving consumed a lot more than he had anticipated.

He looked up at the sky and decided to take a break.

That kind of calm sea on a sunny day was like a vacation if there were no customs restrictions and no drinking water and food shortage.

There were two critical periods for wild survival.

It happened at noon and midnight.

They would have extremely high and extremely low temperatures, respectively.

Apart from those two points, his survival would be very comfortable if he was not affected by other interference.

Even if it was a special checkpoint.

Wang Wen waved his hand to set up a shelter on the small wooden boat.

He then expanded the deck to allow them to rest, and he hid under the pergola to recover his energy.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo dried their bodies with clean towels from Fair Exchange.

They then changed back into dry clothes and hung their wet clothes to dry on the deck.

They then drew a few bottles of water and fruit juice to drink.

Those resources were all conveniently picked up when they passed through various trials in various environments.

Since he obtained the Fair Exchange, Zhu Xingguo thought the levels difficulties had been relatively low for him.

He did not think of it metaphorically.

If there were anything more leisurely than eating and drinking by the sea and basking in the sun, it would be the most relaxing thing.

It was a skill that could store infinite supplies and take them out indefinitely while lying on the calm sea and basking in the sun.

Ren Ruoruo asked Zhu Xingguo to find a bottle of aloe vera cream and apply it to her exposed skin.

Zhu Xingguo was sitting at the boats bow, holding a pack of cigarettes and smoking happily.

Faint smoke drifted.

There were no environmental requirements in the World Tower, so he could flick the cigarette ash and butts into the sea.

However, considering that even a mosquitos leg was valuable, he sold the empty bottle and ashtray to the World Tower.

The Fair Exchange skill was really useful in the tower.

It was like a garbage disposal station.

No matter what kind of trash it was, it could be sold for money.

More importantly, it was convenient.

He could sell any non-living thing at any time and anywhere.

It would reduce the pressure of carrying weights, and he could also earn some money.

Even though he could not get rich and use bits and pieces to gather world energy, the feeling of collecting from the World Tower was wonderful, even if it was just one or two points.

In addition, Zhu Xingguo was a thief who collected seawater with his masters Shear Water Beads.

The amount he had gained was far more than one or two points.

The two of them sat at the bow.

Zhu Xingguo occasionally used a net bag to scoop the full beads, squash them, and throw them away.

Ren Ruoruo, on the other hand, looked down at sea from time to time, trying to find the entrance.

Unfortunately, the ocean was too big.

She still could not find the entrance.

Ren Ruoruo pinched one of her acupoints and temporarily slowed down her search.

However, at that moment…

The two noticed a vast shadow several times larger than the ships body.

Its shape was a little like a banana leaf.

Before Zhu Xingguo could rush to wake Wang Wen…

The entire boat overturned.

The two of them were sent flying.

The moment they were about to fall into the water, an airbag wrapped them up.


Only when they were underwater could they see what had overturned the wooden boat.

It was a huge crocodile-like creature that was more than ten meters long.

Its thick and powerful fin-shaped limbs and long tail made it sprint at a breakneck speed, stirring up the initially calm sea as if it were boiling.

The giants mouth crushed the overturned wooden boat in just one round.

It did not taste any flesh or blood and was about to turn its head.

Its entire body was lifted out of the water.

Wang Wen was standing on a ship the size of a cruise ship, waving his scepter, and tearing the giant creature in half.

In mid-air, flesh and blood vanished.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who were still struggling in the water, found that the surrounding environment had suddenly changed.

They were shocked that the boundless sea had turned into a shallow stream.

The two of them were struggling in the knee-deep water.

Zhu Xingguo stood up, looked at his broken hands and feet, and sighed.

“No wonder we cant float.”

Ren Ruoruo looked in confusion at Wang Wen, who was slowly descending from the sky.

She asked, “What happened Were we in an illusion”

Wang Wen nodded, his eyes searching the rocky shore.

“What was that” Ren Ruoruo asked.

Wang Wen stopped his search and turned to the two of them.

Illusions would always extract the things people hate or dare not face.

It had been an ancient sea dragon that they just went through.

“A dinosaur! No wonder I couldnt understand the information,” Ren Ruoruo recalled in surprise.

“Its all fake!”

“Master, youre so amazing!” Zhu Xingguo exclaimed.

“Youve encountered such a dangerous trial!”

Wang Wen thought,”My previous life can be considered the past.

“Thats not right.

We still need to find a new entrance.

Whats going on with this level” Ren Ruoruo frowned as she looked around.

She thought she could find the exit hidden in the gravel beach.

“Two trials.” Wang Wen looked at the nest of venomous snakes near the entrance and shook his head.

“The illusion and survival in the wild appeared simultaneously, and I couldnt see through them immediately.

As expected, this is really difficult.”

That was what he said.

Well, that was not the case at all.

He knew there was a chance of a double checkpoint appearing above the 700th floor.

He had also been paying attention to it.

However, he did not expect to be trapped in an illusion when he stepped onto the 701st floor.

‘When did I get hit Wang Wen pondered.

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