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Chapter 279: Physical Work That Doesnt Require Luck

Wang Wen gathered 60 percent of the missions participants—those who had failed.

They stood on the field.

He said, “I believe everyone knows that the monthly statistics of the resource team have been released.

The mission completion rate is not ideal.

That will definitely affect your annual bonus in the Boai Group.

I want to ask everyone—do you still want to stay here and do missions Is it worth it to spend time without any results”

Wang Wens words were interesting.

He was speaking from the perspective of fully trusting the resource team.

He did not even consider the benefits of the antidote.

The resource team would lose their annual bonus from the Boai Group if the missions impact evaluation were not completed.

He was deeply concerned about the resource team members.

When they heard their Little Teacher Wangs words of concern…

Those 300 people let out a mysterious laugh.

The smart man shouted, “Dont worry, Mr.


We will do our best.

It doesnt matter if we were unlucky or didnt get a bonus from the Boai Group.

Those are just worldly possessions.

The main thing is that we liked the atmosphere created by the resource team.

We feel the warmth of home.

We really like it here.”

He heard a shout.

Wang Wen nodded in that direction with a smile.

“Im relieved you dont care about the Boai Group prize, but…”

He changed the topic.

The smart man narrowed his eyes and waited for the next sentence.

Wang Wen said, “Considering everyones luck, it doesnt seem very suitable for the quest to get items.

To avoid wasting everyones time, I have another option for everyone.

You can skip the weekly quests.

Instead, you can take turns entering the tower with me every month to fight monsters.

Its a physical job that doesnt require luck.

Is anyone interested in that”

The smart mans mind turned quickly.

Someone raised his hand and asked, “Excuse me, do all of us have to choose”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Youre entirely free to choose.

If youre interested, you can sign up with me.

However, its fine even if no one is interested.”

The smart man heaved a sigh of relief.

The rest whispered in each others ears.

One of them asked, “How many levels do I need to go up Will it be dangerous”

“Within the first 200 floors.

I can guarantee your safety,” Wang Wen said with a smile.

It was safe, and they did not have to go into the tower every week.

The smart man was quite tempted.

After looking around for a while, he asked, “We get a share of the relics, but is there a share for the so-called physical work Im just purely curious.”

“Of course.” Wang Wen thought for a moment, then stretched out a finger and said, “The share is in the form of points, about a thousand per trip—a ratio of one in ten thousand, I think.”

The smart man was done listening.

He quickly calculated in his mind.

His heart turned cold.

One in ten thousand

Even if Little Teacher Wang were invincible and could obtain 100 million points, he would only get 10,000 points.

Some people whispered to their teammates, “Whats the point Its better to stay here and continue to farm potions.”


The 300 people discussed it for a long time, but no one asked.

Wang Wen was not in a hurry.

He quietly waited for them to make a decision.

After a long while…

Song Pingan, who was in the crowd, raised his hand and said, “Little Teacher Wang, may I ask if you need more people who do physical work like that Compared to the Elixir of Life, which one do you need more”

Wang Wens gaze turned toward him, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Both are equally important, and they are what I need urgently.”

Song Ping asked again, “Do we really not need luck I mean, I dont need even a little bit of luck, right”

The people around him burst into laughter.

Everyone in attendance knew something about Song Pingans glorious deeds.

When they heard him asking about luck so timidly…

They laughed so hard that they bent over and covered their stomachs.

When he saw the scene…

Wang Wen was slightly taken aback.

Mi Lailai leaned in and whispered a few words sweetly.

Wang Wen silently nodded and said to Song Pingan, “Yes, theres no need for luck.

Its purely physical work.”

Song Pingan seemed happy.

“Then Ill sign up for physical work.

That Elixir of Life is poisonous.

I really cant stand it.”

His words once again caused the audience to burst into laughter.

However, his team members also raised their hands to sign up.

Another five other teams, a total of 25 people, also signed up for physical work after Song Pingan finished asking that question.

Wang Wen glanced at the raised arms in the arena.

An imperceptible trace of satisfaction flashed across his eyes.

In his opinion, there were two most important indicators for an employee.

Ability and loyalty.

Employees could be divided into four types in the shape of a cross.

The best employees were those who were both capable and loyal.

On the other hand, those who were neither capable nor loyal would be fired.

There were two more.

Capable but not loyal, and loyal but not capable.

Many managers would choose the capable employee to train if they had to choose between the two.

That was because they believed loyalty did not matter as long as they could do the job well.

Wang Wen was the opposite.

He liked the latter.

In other words, they were loyal but incapable.

In comparison to ability, he valued loyalty more.

After all, the loyal and capable group had already accomplished a lot.

Why would he pick the ungrateful ones who remained by his side

What was the point of his abilities if he was not loyal

The best example was 60% of the resource teams.

Wang Wen said to the 30 people who had signed up, “From today onward, the six of you wont have to participate in the weekly item-searching mission.

Youll take turns once a month.

The rest will be free to do whatever you want when youre not on duty.

Youll be paid as usual while on paid leave.”

When they heard that…

The smart man laughed again.

He had discovered a major issue with a simple calculation.

Six teams that rotated every month

In other words, only one team is allowed to enter the tower each month The other five teams were given nothing to do.

That meant they would only be able to split the profits once every six months!

No, if Wang Wen were included, the number of people would be even higher!

Did they even need to fight

The smart man shook his head.

He was glad he did not sign up for that stupid physical work.

No matter how many people there were, they would have to wait until the following year to be able to do anything.

What a joke!

The rest laughed speechlessly and looked at Song Pingan and the others who had left with Wang Wen.

Their eyes were full of ridicule.

Paid leave

What was the point of that little salary

Someone looked at the back of Song Pingan, who was obviously relaxed and excited, and laughed mockingly, “Hes really a fool!”

Wang Wen led the 30 people to register and then let them go back to rest.

He had already entered the tower that week, and he had 999 billion on hand.

He wanted to try again next week to see how high he could go.

Therefore, the matter of physical work had to be put on hold for the time being.

At least, they had to sort out the number of people for rotation first.

After all, even if they entered the tower, they could only bring part of the team in.

They had to split up and regroup.

Chen Hansheng was left to handle those chores.

Little Teacher Wang had to act like a teacher.

Hence, he returned to the academy and went to the canteen that Li He had rebuilt to eat the free meal exclusively for teachers.

At the Boai Groups building…

Chen Hansheng went all out to kill.

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