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Chapter 278: Smart And Stupid

Wang Wen did not even need to do anything to the bespectacled girl.

With a single word, he could make her vanish, and he would even make a vow.

She should stay away if she knew what was good for her.

If she still dared to get close to Cheng Qiaoyi, Wang Wen did not mind letting that woman have a taste of his method.

In the afternoon…

Wang Wen, who finally had the energy to deal with his own affairs, took less than 40 bottles of Elixir of Life from Mi Lailai.

The demand for consumables grew as the climbers reached higher levels.

Many climbers suffer more injuries.

There were side effects to Ren Ruoruos Light of Life, and the cooldown time for Battle Angel was too long.

Furthermore, she could only find a drone to repair it with world energy during the brief safe period.

She had to rely on relics to survive the rest of the time.

As a result, the number of resources steadily decreased.

Even allowing Zhu Xingguo to duplicate it four times after entering the tower would be insufficient.

It was not that the resource team had stolen them.

They were all hand-picked by Chen Hansheng, so they would not be so bold.

However, some were cunning and opportunistic.

Every time they entered the tower, they focused on simple missions like finding the Quick-acting Antidote and ignored the other assignments.

Their strength increased significantly after Wang Wens personal training.

It would not be difficult for them to reach the 200th floor if they did not encounter any special obstacles.

Every week, they would climb 200 floors and memorize the environment before leaving the tower.

They did not even bother to look for the Elixir of Life.

The price for the Quick-acting Antidote was quite high in the market, so they sold a dozen to obtain millions of points.

The remaining time was spent at leisure.

There was no better and more comfortable job in the world.

Most importantly, they could not find any fault with it.

All of them had followed Wang Wens instructions, and no one knew how much effort they had put in.

They would complete the mission if they were lucky enough to find the Elixir of Life.

If they could not find one, they would blame it on their luck.

That was also something that Wang Wen had allowed.

As for whether or not they had put in the effort to find it…

Or perhaps they would spend their time elsewhere.

Wang Wen could not control it.

After all, luck is not something that could be predicted.

There were also people who did the quests for a week and returned empty-handed.

Some people could find the Elixir of Life after three or four days in the tower and happily leave for the rest of the week.

Neither was wrong.

Only those who thought they were clever but did not put in the effort could tell who was looking for it and who was doing it half-heartedly based on the description of the environment.

Wang Wen, who had climbed the lower levels thousands of times in his previous life, could analyze their statements even though they were reasonable and without flaws.

It was like what he had said.

There was no need to pick specifically.

Smart people would shine eventually.

In response to that question…

Chen Hansheng, who was dealing with the Tiansheng Group and the fourth consortium, made a suggestion.

Only 40 percent of those people remained.

The remaining 60 percent were expelled, whether they were cheating or simply unlucky.

All their Quick-acting Antidotes and income from selling the antidotes were confiscated if they did not meet the tasks passing rate.

Furthermore, the groups confidentiality regulations stated that if anyone disclosed or used the groups information without authorization after being fired, the group had the right to pursue the proceeds and even carry out certain punishment measures.

That included chopping off hands, feet, tongues, and eyes, among other things.

It needed to be said.

His suggestion was consistent with a large corporations management policy.

They only considered the outcomes, not the process.

Whether sincere or not, one would lose if one did not complete the task.

How did others find the Elixir of Life, yet some could not find any

Bad luck

Why did they not find a solution to counter that

They could always spend money on a lucky person to buy extra potions for the quest!

If the leader of the First Consortium did that, why would the others not follow suit

Furthermore, their luck could not possibly worsen in the future.

Other unlucky people might buy extra potions from them to finish the mission.

Was that not balanced

It was obvious they did not think things through.

Chen Hanshengs approach was the simplest, most worry-free, and most suitable way of handling things, especially from a managers perspective.

Wang Wen had no reason to disagree.

However, he gave a portion of the 60 percent another chance.

It was just as Chen Hansheng had said.

The resource team could be divided into two categories.

The first 40 percent were conscientious and did nothing stupid.

They took whatever they could get, but their main goal remained to complete the mission and obtain the Elixir of Life.

The mission completion rate was above the passing line.

The other 60 percent were more complicated.

They were all unqualified.

However, each of them had their own circumstances.

Most of them had nefarious plans to exploit loopholes in the quest rules to line their own pockets.

After a few times, not only did they not repent, but they also thought that they were smart.

The remaining few were in a worse state.

They had no distracting thoughts.

They were just unlucky.

The tower had been unstable, so a small group of people did not even see an inkling of an Elixir of Life for four weeks.

Their completion rate was zero.

Naturally, they were included in the 60 percent of failures.

Some might think they were not to blame.

They were also a little pitiful.

However, according to Chen Hanshengs explanation, stupidity was a sin.

If they had bad luck, why could they not use their brains to think of other ways

For example, they could buy extra potions from other lucky players to complete the quest.

In reality…

There were a lot of unfortunate, stupid, and poor idiots.

Song Pingan, a resource team member, was one such person.

He and his team did not see any Elixir of Life.

Even more perplexing, their team would always leave the tower at the very last second before the reset.

His face was haggard, and his body was smelly.

After working hard for an entire week, he did not get anything in the end and even had to put a humiliating zero on the mission card.

One of the smart ones, who made a fortune from antidotes, was laughing at him.

The smart man advised him, “Even if you cant find the potions, you can always find the antidotes.

You could have sold them for your own pocket.”

Song Pingan replied, “Little Teacher Wang asked me to find the Elixir of Life.

He did not ask me to find an antidote.

I just want to find the Elixir of Life.”

The smart man was exasperated.

“Are you stupid Why would you waste millions of antidotes a week on the Elixir of Life”

Song Pingan said in a muffled voice, “I have a salary for this job, and its enough for me.

Besides, Little Teacher Wang also trained me to go up to the 200th floor.

The points I earned from climbing the tower have also greatly improved my familys conditions.

All I want to do is finish the tasks they assigned me and not let them down.

The earlier I go to the 200th floor, the more time I have to find potions.

I dont have time to find antidotes.”


The smart man gave up trying to persuade him.

He was really a fool!

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