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Chapter 275: Wang Wens All-Out Attack

The meeting rooms door was broken.

A group of armed men with guns and shields kept retreating.

Wang Wen led the way and strode in.

When he found Chen Hansheng and Li He, he immediately pulled them up and left.

“What kind of meeting are you two having Its a waste of time.

There are so many things waiting for you to do, but you came here!” he said.

“We still have to go through the process,” Chen Hansheng explained helplessly.

“Lets go.” As Wang Wen spoke, he had already pulled his people to the conference room door.

The people inside finally reacted.

The leaders whispered to each other to find out who had the guts to break into the conference room.

However, the heads of the major consortiums were well-informed and immediately recognized the man who had recently become famous.

“Wang Wen!” someone shouted.

“This is a meeting; dont be too arrogant!”

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks.

He turned around.

Faced with the various representatives of the various major corporations, he nodded and said, “Alright, Ill go through the process.

The Tiansheng Group is mine.

Who disagrees”

Did that mean he would slap all the consortiums in the face

The district leaders thought their relationship with Wang Wen was quite close, so they tried to persuade him.

“Wang Wen, you are young, promising, and extraordinary to be able to defeat Qin Dongbei.

Your future is limitless, but were talking about the top ten consortiums today.

Combined, they are ten times more powerful than Qin Dongbei.

You should exercise restraint, or it will be difficult to move forward.”

Wang Wen nodded and thanked him.

After that…

He said, “Okay, Ill be polite.

So, may I ask, who doesnt agree with me saying that the Tiansheng Group is mine”

The district leaders were stunned.

“Thats considered polite

The fourth consortiums big fat man threw down his teacup and roared, “What an arrogant dog! The top ten consortiums are all here today.

We can all kill you if we wish.

Who disagrees with you Me! I disagree! What do you think about that”


The fat mans head broke.

His fat body sat on the chair, and his center of gravity was as steady as a mountain.

He did not flip over, but the blood on his neck, which was missing a head, was pumping up and down like a fountain.

Wang Wen held the scepter in his hand and said indifferently, “Alright, now the fourth consortium is also mine; who else disagrees”

The entire room was in a frenzy.

All the heads of the consortiums had shrunk into their seats.

Only the fourth consortiums top team rushed toward Wang Wen with indignation.

Wang Wen waved his scepter to control them and asked, “The group may belong to the boss, but your life is your own.

Think carefully whether you want to fight me or not.”

The captain shouted, “I would not be where I am today without my boss.

Im going to f*cking kill you!”


His head also broke.

Wang Wen did not conserve his energy and crushed the body into dust.

The fourth consortiums captain died without even having a chance to make a move.

Wang Wens strength cooled everyones feverish minds.

That included the four remaining members of the fourth consortiums elite team.

Everyones eyes turned to Zhou Dafu.

They focused on Lu Ci, who was standing in front of Zhou Dafu.

Lu Ci turned and looked at Zhou Dafu.

After receiving an affirmative look…

He instructed his team members to protect the boss and walked to Wang Wen.

“Its been a while, Wang Wen.

Youre no longer the young man who needs our protection.”

‘Actually, I did not need your protection back then, Wang Wen thought.

But he still replied politely, “Thank you for your help, Captain Lu.

I wont forget our friendship.

Ill treat you to a meal at another time and place.”

“Youre too kind,” Lu Ci said, nodding.

“Since youre grateful for our past relationship and we dont have deep grudges, lets use one move today to see whos stronger.

Theres no need to fight to the death.

How about it”

“Just what I wanted.” Wang Wen gathered all the energy in his body and prepared for battle.

In front of him was a god from the 600th floor.

It was utterly different from Qin Dongbeis spontaneous investment.

That man had been on the 600th floor for a long time; he would have a rich foundation.

There were countless supreme treasures on the 600th floor.

Those strange items might have some strange effects.

“Are we going to fight here” he asked, staring at Lu Ci.


Lu CI smiled and nodded.

“If I cant control your power and the meeting room is damaged, I lose.”


Everyone in the meeting room could not help but clap.

Lu Cis strong confidence was awe-inspiring.

Even Wang Wen was in awe of him.

His original intention of holding back a small portion of the energy had also quietly faded.

He would go all out to show respect for his opponent!

Especially that kind of opponent who deserved to be respected!

Everyone else retreated.

They did not want to disturb that epic battle.

Lu Ci nodded at Wang Wen and threw out a piece of paper.

Wang Wens body was surging with energy.

The scepter in his hand seemed to have never felt such rich power before.

It shook excitedly.

Before he could think of the contents of his oath…

The surrounding world suddenly changed color.

It became a vast expanse of white.

“A domain” Wang Wen could not help but exclaim when he saw something that should not have appeared then.

That was the reward for the 800th floor!

Lu CI had already reached the 800th floor

There was no sound around him.

There was only the air that was rapidly sucked dry and the temperature that had significantly dropped.

Wang Wen was aghast.

He gripped the Oath Scepter tightly with both hands, no longer minding the words.

He used all his energy to say, “Break all of Lu Cis attacks.

Defeat him, but dont kill him.”

The only additional condition was not to kill.

It was not to keep their agreement.

Instead, he could not afford the price of killing the other party.

For the first time, the Oath Scepter emitted visible light.

The thick white fog around them dissipated instantly.

The sucked-dry air and temperature had also returned to normal.

Wang Wens body sent an extremely dense wave of energy into the scepter, spreading out in all directions.

The space within a few meters was distorted and blurred.

At the same time, all non-living things, including the ground, were annihilated.

They merged into a single energy body before spreading out in an even more intense and massive chain of annihilation.

In less than half a second…

Except for Chen Hansheng and the others, who were isolated because Wang Wen had used a transparent barrier to protect them…

All non-living things in the outside world disappeared.

That included the tables, chairs, cups, and pens in the meeting room.

That included the reinforced concrete floor and walls.

That included the computers in front of everyone, the watches on their wrists, the mobile phones in their pockets, and the clothes they wore.

Even the World Tower drone was unable to flee in time!

It was a full ten meters wide.

Everything had disappeared.

The ground itself caved in a thick layer, exposing the mud beneath.

The people in the meeting room, completely exposed in broad daylight, fell into the deep pit.

They looked at the scene, which looked like it had been hit by a meteorite, with blood flowing from their heads.

After Mi Lailai, who was beside Chen Hansheng, made sure that her clothes were intact, she covered her mouth and looked at the large group of naked people in front of her.

She was comparing who had a better figure, but she said to Wang Wen, “In the future, Ill have to stay away when you use that move.

If you want to fight, then fight.

You dont have to strip people of their clothes.

Its so embarrassing.”

Lu Ci, who was in front of the mud wall of the pit, retreated to Zhou Dafus side with a pale face.

He said helplessly, “Its too terrifying.

Im no match for him at all.

That is not a human-capable ability.”

“Didnt you say that the power of your supreme treasure and transcendent skill combined far exceeds the 600th level” Zhou Dafu hurriedly put on the clothes that his subordinate had conjured.

“You spent so much money on it, and that was the result”

Lu Ci nodded and allowed his team members to help him dress.

“Im far beyond the 600th level, but that person over there is probably beyond the 700th level,” he said bitterly.

“Someone had already broken through the 660th floors void” Zhou Dafu trembled and looked at the opposite side in disbelief.

“Weve fallen behind”

Lu Ci, finally dressed, shouted at Wang Wen, “Didnt we say that we wouldnt fight to the death Do you have to be so ruthless”

At that moment, his face was a little hot.

He was so confident before the fight started that he even boasted that he would lose if the conference room were damaged.

In the end, the meeting room was damaged.

He wanted to beat up everyone!

It was simply a slap in the face!

Wang Wen returned to his senses and looked at the scepter in his hand with a strange look.

He also asked Lu Ci loudly, “Captain Lu, have you reached the 800th floor”

Lu Ci was stunned.

“You think you could still bully me if that were true You didnt even leave me a pair of underpants”

The two of them got closer.

Wang Wens eyes flickered as he asked softly, “Then what was that move you just used Isnt it a domain”

Lu Ci shook his head.

“Its just the combination of a supreme treasure and a transcendent skill from the 600th floor.

I was planning to use it to pass the 660th floor, but you easily broke it.

What is a domain Was that something new from the 700th floor and above”

Wang Wen did not reply.

He looked at the scepter in his hand and said, “F*ck! Ive been tricked! You burned half of my power!”

Lu Ci quickly grasped the significance of his words.

“You still havent used your full strength” he asked, opening his mouth and pointing to the deep pit as if he were insane.

Wang Wen was trying to see the scepters real image.

He nodded perfunctorily and replied, “I went all out.”

He thought about it.

He smiled at Lu Ci and said, “Captain Lu, what kind of supreme treasure can be used with a transcendent skill Can you lend it to me for research Ill treat you to a meal!”

Lu Cis face turned cold.

He said, “Its a supreme treasure from the 600th floor!”

He raised his hands and spread his palms, showing ten fingers to Wang Wen.

He snorted coldly and said, “At least ten meals; otherwise, forget it!”

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