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Chapter 274: Defend The World He Has Conquered

Skinny Boy and Cheng Qiaoyi were guarding the dormitory door, looking at Wang Wen, who was quietly lying on the bed.

He had mixed feelings in his heart.

More friends were there to see Wang Wen as the days went by.

However, out of all the people present, only the two could be considered to have personally witnessed how Wang Wen had reached his current position.

Half a year ago, he was still a 19-year-old first-year student.

As they recalled the past…

A kind reminder was misunderstood.

A confession that turned into a humiliation.

A siege on the academy by knife-wielding gangsters.

The Tiansheng Group pressured the guard department into detaining the innocents.

A win-win cooperation that was rejected due to the lack of strength.

The Tiansheng Group targeted those who sold information.

Shen Rushuang led the Mirror to kill the students from the academy.

Finally, Wang Wen had no choice but to enter the tower and fight for his life.

He challenged the Tiansheng Group alone.

During that period, he was hunted down and attacked several times.

He was even bombarded by missiles from the First Consortium, who were blinded by greed.

How could a 19-year-old academy student be so calm and collected, unafraid of the hardships, as he faced all those challenges

In their memories…

Wang Wen always seemed to have that calm expression.

No matter how difficult the situation was, he never complained.

People who were used to running away would never understand his courage.

Only those who had experienced enough ups and downs could understand his silent charm.

“He must be so tired.” Skinny Boy sounded a little choked.

“He fell asleep without even brushing his teeth.”

Cheng Qiaoyi glanced at the boy, then turned back to look at Wang Wen.

“But hes so admirable, isnt he”

“Yes, he did everything he said he would.” Behind the two of them, Li He pursed his lips and spoke solemnly.

“Senior, youre also injured.

Arent you going to rest” The boy turned around.

“I have to go to the Boai Group to discuss business later,” Li He said.

The man suddenly laughed.

“He risked his life to fight for this world.

I have to guard it well.”

In a spacious, square-shaped meeting room.

The heads of the top ten consortiums and the rulers of the six districts were there.

All the top teams were there.

It was as if that was not a meeting but a competition among the tower climbers.

Li He, representing the academy, sat next to Chen Hansheng.

The two of them leaned in and muttered something to each other.

Behind them, Mi Lailai was playing with her fingernails in boredom.

The leaders of the six districts looked at each other, and one of them spoke, “Everyone here today can express their opinions on the problems regarding the Tiansheng Group.”

The voice faded.

Everyone was whispering, but no one took the initiative to speak.

The man seemed a little embarrassed as he looked at the First Consortium on the right side.

“Director Zhou The First Consortiums thoughts”

Zhou Dafu rested his elbows on the table and stared at his fingertips.

He shook his head silently and did not say a word.

The district leader became even more embarrassed.

He looked around the conference table and asked carefully, “If no one has any objections, then the Tiansheng Group will be taken over by the Boai Group from now on”

Then, someone said, “On what basis”

The leader was happy when someone finally spoke.

“Oh, the fourth consortium had a different opinion.

Please tell us your ideas.”

“Im not against it.” The person in charge of the fourth consortium was a big, fat man.

“Im just thinking that if killing the person in charge of the group allows the other group to take over, wouldnt the world be in chaos” he asked, smiling as he noticed the people around him staring at him.

“What will happen to the order we have painstakingly maintained over the years”

That was what all the participants were most concerned about.

It was also one of the main reasons for that meeting.

Almost everyone was nodding.

The regional leader quickly asked, “That makes sense.

What do you suggest”

“Its very simple,” the fat man said in a strange tone.

“The Tiansheng Group will handle its own affairs.

No one else should interfere.”

Chen Hansheng smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Youre right.

The Tiansheng Group is now Wang Wens company.

He can handle it himself.

The other consortiums like us should not interfere.”

“How did the Tiansheng Group become Wang Wens” The fat man knocked on the table unhappily.

“Are we not punishing the murderer yet letting him take over the group How will that look Will the murderer benefit from the victims death”

“You guys might not know about the grudge between the Tiansheng Group and Wang Wen,” Chen Hansheng said.

“I know a little more, so I can share it with you.”

He looked around and continued with a smile.

“The Tiansheng Groups young master, Zheng Xiaodong, persecuted Wang Wen and sent people to kill the academys students.

The man in green saw how unfair that was and helped to kill Zheng Xiaodong.

After investigating for half a month, Qin Dongbei believed that Wang Wen was the culprit, so he gathered all the groups resources to hunt Wang Wen down.

As everyone knows, Qin Dongbei was killed by Wang Wen this morning.

According to the story, I think the victim should be redefined.

I dont see a problem for Wang Wen to take revenge on the man.

I vote in favor of him.”

“Of course, you dont have any objections! You are close to Wang Wen!” The fat man was a little agitated.

Chen Hansheng glanced at him and smiled.

“I cant help it.

Birds of a feather do flock together.

Other people can f*ck right off!”

“Chen Hansheng, do you think youre number one without the Tiansheng Group” The fat man cursed.

“We still have Director Zhou!”

Zhou Dafu could not continue to play dead.

He said, “Pay attention to your manners.

Were all big bosses with trillions of dollars in assets.

Dont let others treat you as a joke.”

Li He was sitting next to Chen Hansheng, representing the academy.

He turned his head to look at the man.

He thought it was very novel.

It seemed like those legendary consortium leaders would curse and fight like a hooligan when they were angry.

Who would have thought of that

He was simply a country bumpkin!

Wang Wen was woken up by people arguing outside the bedroom door.

When he opened his eyes, it was already mid-afternoon.

He felt much more energized after sleeping for eight or nine hours.

He ignored the argument at the door, where they attempted to muffle their voices but could not do so.

He went to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth before changing into a fresh set of clothes.

He felt as if his body had come back to life.

He opened the door.

Skinny Boy, who was trying his best to stop them outside the door, almost fell.

Wang Wen patted his shoulder and looked at the people outside.

The old monster and the head secretary spoke first.


Wang, weve counted all the participants.

Do we need to arrest them”

“What” Wang Wen was confused.

“That seems to have nothing to do with everyones gains.

Its purely about Boai Groups losses, right”

“Thats right.

You two, stand behind me.” Tong Xiaolei and Luo Shan forced their way over and said, “The Tiansheng Groups framework is huge.

The academy cant take on all of them with our current workforce.

Should we get a discount from Director Chen”

Wang Wen was even more puzzled.

“Why dont you just let Li He make the decision Why are you asking me Im not in charge of the management.”

He turned his head and looked around.

He was speechless.

“No, dont tell me youre all here to ask me about those trivial things.

Old Chen can make the decisions for those small problems.

If it doesnt work out, Senior Li can simply decide.

Just tell me the conclusion.

I wont mind if you dont.

Why do you have to do this”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

“Both of them are at a meeting to decide on Tiansheng Groups fate,” the head secretary said helplessly.”They havent come out of the meeting room for a whole day.”

As soon as he said that…

“I was the victor.” Wang Wen laughed.

“Why should others get to decide”

He patted his clothes and walked out.

“Wheres the meeting room”

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