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Chapter 271: Lost A Poker Game

Wang Wen could recover ten percent of his energy per hour of rest.

He could also recover some if he did not rest.

The intensity of the activity affected the speed of recovery, about one percent per hour on average.

The Ultimate Magnificent Divine Stone could increase the upper limit of ones energy, but it would not recover the current amount.

Therefore, the best choice for him at the moment was to find a quiet and safe place to have a good sleep.

Then he held the Divine Stone and meditated until he entered the tower again.

It was a shame that so many things were waiting for him in the outside world.

One of their partners was about to sink to deal with Qin Dongbei, so they had to hurry to save him.

In the western continent…

In a building that looked like a church…

A group of people were discussing with their heads lowered.

One of them was holding an old, cured piece of meat that appeared to have been dried for decades.

“It appears that the largest chess piece we placed in the east has been lost,” someone commented.

The surrounding people passed on the cured meat and took turns checking.

He could not help but exclaim, “Theres a world wall ten thousand kilometers away, and it can affect a real body here Did anyone see how that body disappeared”

Everyone shook their heads.

Someone said, “The guards on night duty did not find anything unusual.” The last patrol before dawn was still fine.

We can see that it happened almost instantly if we trace it.”

The group looked at each other.

“It seems like the people in the eastern continent had also produced an extraordinary figure like the high priest.”

The moment he said that…

Someone immediately scolded angrily, “The high priests wisdom is unparalleled in the world.

Why are we comparing those barbarians in the east with him They are not even worthy of licking the mud off the high priests boots!”

That sentence was like the truth, and everyone agreed with it.

Even the previous speaker appeared to recognize that he had said something incorrectly, and his expression was one of genuine regret.

“Theres no time to waste.

Well report that to the high priest immediately and let him make the decision,” another person said.

Only that persons aura was the strongest in the room at the time, and no one would object to such a pertinent proposal.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The eastern continent was divided into six districts based on the number of teleportation portals in the World Tower.

Some had very few teleportation portals, and the most remote area was District 6.

That was where the majority of the poor lived.

The slum in the areas center served as a symbolic landmark.

The other five districts were much better than the dirty and messy District 6.

At the very least, they had the Regional Security Department.

And then they had District 4.

The situation in that area was unusual.

There were all kinds of people there, and many people of various social statuses liked to hang out there.

That was because one could purchase unique items that were not widely available in the market, as well as confidential information.

The assumption was that one should be familiar with the area and be aware of the various unspoken rules.

That was the legendary black market.

The most mature residential area, one level above District 4, was where Wang Wen had purchased his new home.

District 3 had easy access to transportation, well-equipped facilities, and a bright sky.

The bustling Four Seasons Square was the iconic landmark.

On the plaza, which covered an area of nearly 100,000 square kilometers, there were more than ten teleportation gates.

There was also a complete and mature business circle with reasonable prices.

There were numerous shops, including the famous Shaxian Restaurant.

That was the busiest area, and it was also where most people gathered to relax and have fun.

As for District 2, it had another name.

The wealthy district…

As its name suggested, it was a gathering place for the rich, with high-end restaurants and shopping malls.

The Season Hotel, which the First Consortium had bombed, was there.

It was almost fully repaired.

One had to admit that robots were really good.

As long as there was energy, they could work day and night.

They were highly efficient and made very few mistakes.

In addition, it was also the place where the famous tower climbers relic trading market was located.

The relic market was like a spider web derived from many different commercial and office streets, thus forming a complete ecosystem.

If someone could afford to buy a house in District 2, they would no longer need to go to District 3 to experience the crowded feeling.

One could enjoy a peaceful and exquisite life.

Even if one was shopping with ones best friend, one could look elegant and put together.

It looked like…

It seemed like District 2 was already at the peak of human life.

It was a pity that there was another area that even more people were proud of.

In fact, the number of teleportation gates in that area was not much more than in District 2.

Still, it served as the residence of all the qualified consortiums headquarters and other leaders.

The higher the ranking, the better the position.

The First Consortium and the Tiansheng Group could even have a teleportation gate of their own.

The so-called possession did not mean that outsiders were forbidden from passing through.

It meant they occupied it.

The group would include the teleportation gate in the headquarters area and have armed protection patrolling it.

Other than the groups members, outsiders would be subjected to strict checks when entering and leaving.

The utterly different treatment gave the group members a strong sense of belonging.

The groups employees were unimpeded.

Other people had to fill out forms, scan and check their belongings, and engage in other complicated processes.

There were even professional staff members who would ask a series of questions, such as why they were there and when they would leave.

If the answer were not to their satisfaction, they would politely ask the person to return to the portal.

They would also recommend those people enter another area through another entrance.

The consortiums had occupied all the good locations, so the other entrances were often more remote.

It would take a lot of time and money to get to the places one wanted to go through those entrances.

Just that point…

Most top employees would be proud and honored to work for the company for the rest of their lives.

Just for an identity that allowed them to freely enter and exit an area.

Therefore, through the hard work of those proud people…

The leaders of the First Consortium and the Tiansheng Group each had their own homes in the same area—the Zhou familys mountaintop villa and the Qin familys natural lake manor.

At that very moment…

Zhou Dafu and Chen Hansheng were sitting in the Zhou familys hilltop villa, discussing the sale price for Boai Groups headquarters.

Zhou Dafu was probably the only one in the world who could afford the Boai Groups headquarters.

It was not that Chen Hansheng had to sell it as a whole instead of splitting it up to sell to multiple companies.

It was because the building was not valuable.

What was priceless was the location.

Even though the location was not as good as the First Consortium, it was close to a relatively prosperous portal.

The Regional Security Department headquarters and the residences of District 2 and 3 rulers were located within a 100-kilometer radius of the zone.

It was very convenient to get around the area.


Just as Zhou Dafu, who was pouring tea unhurriedly, said, “I dont need it, so why should I buy it And its for two trillion”

Chen Hansheng looked at the time and pleaded with him.

“Im sure you know what happened last night.

I dont regret my decision, but I must consider the innocent lives.

If it were not for urgent use, I would not sell the headquarters, even if it was for ten trillion dollars, let alone two trillion.”

He paused, his face a little sad.

“If you agree, the third-largest consortium, the Boai Group, will be officially removed.

You can send someone to take over that place at any time.

The location is perfect, and many people like it.

You can recruit and expand the First Consortium without any scruples, and it will add at least 50 percent to your total income!”

“Dont.” Zhou Dafu shook his head and laughed.

“Two trillion to buy your place Where would I find the money to hire more people This pie is too big for me to swallow.

You should ask someone else.

Have you asked the fourth and fifth consortiums Theyre not tempted”

Chen Hansheng was silent.

It was apparent that the others had not reached an agreement.

Zhou Dafu picked up his teacup and sipped his tea.

When he saw Chen Hanshengs dejected look, he sighed and said, “Youre the Boai Groups big boss.

How did you end up like this Hmm Is it worth it Where did your shrewdness go Why would you want to fight the Tiansheng Group for a random kid”

Upon hearing that..

Chen Hansheng smiled.

He shook his head.

“Life is like a game.

Every decision is a bet.

I just lost to the Tiansheng Group in a game of poker.”

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