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Chapter 23: The Capitals Power

Wang Wen remained at the Regional Security Department the following week.

The Regional Security Departments chief announced that he was borrowing the capitals power to assist the guards.

In reality, he was simply detaining the capitals power.

He would not let them go if he did not see the Earth-shaking Talismans.

As for the Tiansheng Group, they lost interest after learning that Wang Wen used the Earth-shaking Talisman left by his parents to kill 15 people.

Even though the Earth-shaking Talisman was good, it was not a big deal.

The Tiansheng Groups treasury did not lack such small area-of-effect items that could only be used on the first two to three hundred floors.

A tower climber would consider that item, which could be used in the World Tower, a standard thing.

The difference between them and an elite team was whether they were frugal and would use it sparingly or recklessly.

The Tiansheng Group was a prominent capitalist who could let their elite team freely use items like the Earth-shaking Talismans.


However, Wang Wens performance was puzzling.

He was not in a hurry to leave the Regional Security Department.

The lead guard guarded the World Tower daily, waiting for his friend to leave the tower.

He did not have the time to care about Wang Wen.

As a result, Wang Wen was like a fish in water in the Regional Security Department; he grew stronger daily.

After two takeout hotpot meals worth more than 700 points, he was released from the detention room and could walk around the public area of the Regional Security Department as he pleased.

The deputy chief was interested in him and frequently invited him to his office for tea and conversation.

Their conversation was pretty ordinary.

It was nothing more than a display of all sorts of boasting.

“All of my soldiers are elites! They can get through the first 200 floors with their eyes closed!”

“Yes, we have to close our eyes when were on the 69th floor, or else we wont die a decent death.”

“Hey, we cant say that! Its not like well run into a gas chamber every time!”

“The probability isnt low either.”

“Hmm… My men will have no problem passing that too! They only need to hold their breath for eight minutes! A few good guys can do it!”

“Why did your voice become so much softer”

Every time they talked about that, Wang Wen would be kicked out of the office.

He would have teacups, folders, pen holders, and other items with him.

The Regional Security Department had fewer climbers because of deaths and injuries.

No matter how good the guards were, they could not withstand the struggles.

Five people died in the line of duty in a short period.

The team leader was criticized, and more than ten regional chiefs were called to the headquarters for questioning.

They had no money to buy information, so they could not prevent those deaths.

As a result, the Regional Security Departments limit at the World Tower had been hovering around 300 floors.

Those who could ascend to the 300th floor were mostly elite instructors from the headquarters.

Only Deputy Chief Jiang had gone to the headquarters to receive some training.

However, he could barely get through the first 250 floors when he returned.

That was already the Regional Security Departments strongest suit.

Dinner was hotpot again.

Wang Wen used the deputy chiefs phone to order takeout with 700 points from his own account.

A few minutes later, the takeout robot rolled into the Regional Security Department, blinking its eyes.

Once Wang Wen passed the verification, it dug something from its stomach.

There were six hotpots.

Four were for guards in the hall.

One was for the deputy chiefs office.

Wang Wen, Deputy Chief Jiang, and his four subordinates enjoyed the meal together.

The last one was sent to the chiefs office.

The ingredients were extremely flavorful—pork belly, chicken slices, dried vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and the main attraction was a plate of tender fish meat.

All the ingredients were ordered in six portions.

Each portion cost 100 points, and with the soup for all six hotpots, it cost 750 points.

All hotpots were distributed evenly.

Four portions were given to the guards in the hall.

One portion was for a couple of people, and another portion was given to the chief to enjoy alone.

The chief allowed Wang Wen to wander around the Regional Security Department precisely because of that daily meal.

As long as he did not leave, he turned a blind eye to it.

A meal that cost 750 points.

The money in Wang Wens account was enough to feed that group of poor people every day for two months.

It was called a hotpot, but it was actually a stew.

Everyone ate it with rice and vegetables.

However, that meal was still better than most peoples dinner.

As a result, the guards attendance had been pretty full.

Most day shift staff would only go home after dinner, while the night shift staff would rush to work before dinner.

They did not underestimate the power of food.

Even their chief was reluctant to give up the meals, especially in a time of scarce resources.

That was also why the Tiansheng Group had arbitrarily assigned tens of thousands of points to improve the Regional Security Departments meals, allowing their chief to cooperate with them.

Aside from the Tiansheng Groups own status, that batch of funds had a variety of practical applications.

It not only provided extra food for the Regional Security Department, but it could also make up for the long-overdue bonus.

Wang Wen also recognized that and fed the Regional Security Department members for a week in a row.

The two male and female guards who apprehended him smiled when they saw him, even though they could not follow him everywhere he went.

All of their previous fierce expressions had vanished.

When they realized he needed to stay in the detention room temporarily, they cleaned the entire room and covered the floor where he slept with a thick mat so soft it was more comfortable than most beds.

Wang Wen no longer held grudges after seeing how good everyone else was with him.

He could have a few pleasant conversations with everyone and learn about their personalities and climbing experiences.

On the weekend, the lead guard returned.

He could tell something was wrong as soon as he stepped through the Regional Security Departments door.

Something had changed!

Almost all the guards were looking at him strangely.

Those who were on good terms with him pretended not to see him.

They lowered their heads and busied themselves with their work.

Half of them walked back and forth, and they did not even bother to greet him.

A week of treating them to a meal would not change the guards minds, but Wang Wens relationship with Deputy Chief Jiang grew by the day.

Everyone understood that, especially after the chief politely invited Wang Wen into his office for a meal one day.

Therefore, it was a natural choice to wait and see.

Unfortunately, those obvious flaws were overlooked.

The lead guard returned bearing a murderous aura.

He rushed up when he saw Wang Wen chatting in the hall.

He grabbed Wang Wens collar and shouted, “You gave me false information and almost made me fall out with my friend.

Ill f*cking kill you!”

Wang Wen did not resist and let him grab his collar.

His eyes had an indescribable look in them.

There was no reason for him to struggle.

The guards had already swarmed forward.

On the surface, they were attempting to persuade the lead guard, but in reality, they were pulling him away while also protecting Wang Wen.

When they heard the commotion, the chief and deputy chief appeared in the hall.

“Stop!” both shouted at the same time.

The two looked at each other, and deputy chief Jiang lowered his head.

The chief said, “If you have something to say, lets talk about it.

Why are you fighting”

“Sir!” The lead guard, who his colleagues had persuaded until his clothes were disheveled, said, “That information was fake!”

The Regional Security Department had internal documents stating what the lead guard would do on that mission.

That was a huge fortune.

If he could bring those relics back successfully, the guards might even get a bonus.

They were shocked to hear that sentence come out of nowhere.

Everyones expressions were very complicated.

“What do you mean” the chief asked in front of everyone in the hall.

The lead guard stared at Wang Wen and roared, “My friend risked his life to go up to the 200th floor and walked through the entire floor according to his information.

There was no Earth-shaking Talisman!”


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