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Three middle-aged men emerged from the shadows and into the light.

They were the three Tiansheng Group old monsters who had reached the 600th floor.

They ignored the crowd and went straight for Wang Wen as soon as they appeared.

Zhou Shengsheng said unhappily, “What do you three mean I heard that the Tiansheng Group was going to destroy the First Consortium.

One of the old monsters turned to look at him and said with a gloomy smile, “Young Master, what happened today had nothing to do with you.

This is a personal grudge between the Tiansheng Group and Wang Wen.”

“What do you mean by a personal grudge” Zhou Shengsheng did not back down.

He puffed out his chest as he blocked the three old monsters, saying, “Im having dinner with Captain Wang today.

Are the three of you planning to cause trouble”

“Cause trouble” The three old monsters looked at each other and could not help but laugh.

One of them said to Zhou Shengsheng coldly, “Wang Wens friend, the man in green, killed our young master, Zheng Xiaodong.

He even injured Director Qin and almost killed him.

Dont you think thats a personal grudge”

One of the men reached out and made a gesture of attack.

“Were not here to cause trouble but to kill.

Well kill whoever gets in our way.

Has the First Consortium decided to start a war with the Tiansheng Group”

Upon hearing that…

The expression on Zhou Shengshengs face was unsure.

He gritted his teeth and widened his eyes in anger.

He remained silent.

The old monster casually pushed him to the side, giving him a way out.

Behind him…

Wang Wen, Mi Lailai, Chen Hansheng, and the others stood behind him.

The three monsters looked at Chen Hansheng with a smile.

“Whats wrong Do you want to try us”

Chen Hanshengs expression was solemn as he turned to look at Mi Lailai.

Mi Lailai received the bosss questioning gaze.

She ran her fingers through her hair and made a call.

“Gather at the academys food street in District 5.

Were fighting the Tiansheng Groups three old geezers.”

Chen Hansheng threw his bag to the ground and shouted, “Fuck! Why should we be afraid of you” He also took out his phone and made a call.

“Surround the Tiansheng Groups headquarters and Dongbei Qin! Tonight, either he dies, or I die!”

The call ended.

The people around him looked at him dumbfounded.

Even Mi Lailai asked in surprise.

“Boss, what are you doing The top teams will decide whos better in a fight, but youre starting a fight Are you trying to die”

Chen Hanshengs entire body seemed to be burning with raging flames.

He glared at the Tiansheng Groups three old monsters and said, “Why should I stop if this is a life-or-death situation Im going to have a great fight today!”

As his voice faded…

Xiao Liu, who was in the back, felt his legs go soft.

He shrank into the corners shadow and did not dare to make a sound.

The five people from the Regional Security Department looked at each other.

Jiang Dali and the other three glanced at each other and shook their heads.

Deputy Chief Jiang looked at the calm Wang Wen beside him and shouted, “You tower climbers have to settle your grudges and fight elsewhere.

Dont affect the areas security and the rest of the residents! ”

Jiang Dali and the other three were scared out of their wits, and they immediately covered Deputy Chief Jiangs mouth and dragged him back.

Fortunately, the three old monsters in front of him did not care about them at all.

They smiled and nodded.

After giving Chen Hansheng a thumbs-up, he made his move.

He reached out to grab Wang Wen.


A transparent barrier was breached.

The old monster who had broken the barrier rubbed his fingers and said, “Today, Ill have a good taste of a master with three Broken Might levels.”

Since the other party started fighting without saying a word…

Wang Wens group dispersed.

Mi Lailai protected Chen Hansheng.

Mo Ran protected Zhou Shengsheng.

Cheng Qiaoyi protected Wang Wen.

Wang Wen was speechless.

He reached out to grab Cheng Qiaoyi, who was in front of him, and scolded, “What are you doing Is this something you can get involved in Hurry up and go home!”

Cheng Qiaoyi twisted her arms and refused to go.

She threw out a round-shaped mechanism.

The round ball expanded in the air and transformed into a long metal belt, shooting dense, thin needles at the three old monsters.

The young woman was more active than anyone else.

The three monsters casually waved away the thin needles and prepared to attack Wang Wen.


The continuous explosions surrounded them.

Those seemingly insignificant thin needles were, in fact, powerful trigger-type explosives!

Even Mi Lai Lai looked over in surprise, her eyes sizing up Cheng Qiaoyi.

After realizing he could not persuade her, Wang Wen injected his spiritual power into the Spirit Shield.

Those three old monsters had stayed on the 600th floor for a very long time—their bodies were definitely far stronger than ordinary peoples.

Cheng Qiaoyi could not bring them down with a few small explosives.

As expected…

A laser beam shot out of the smoke, striking Cheng Qiaoyis body.

Wang Wen, fortunately, had prepared a shield to protect Cheng Qiaoyi.

Three figures walked out of the smoke.

Besides their slightly blackened sleeves and messy hair, there was no other damage to their bodies.

However, the three of them were furious.

It was as if being toyed with by a young woman was shameful.

One of them took out a long scepter and gently held it up to the sky.

A fireball appeared in the night sky and fell precisely toward Cheng Qiaoyis head.

Wang Wen was oblivious to everything else and rushed to raise his hand and point to the sky.

A water ball appeared in the path of the fireball.

The fireballs collided with the water ball and disintegrated into a cloud of smoke that was blown away by the wind.

When the old monster saw that, he smiled strangely and waved his scepter toward the sky.

Hundreds of fireballs erupted in the air.

At the same time, the other two old monsters charged toward Wang Wen from opposite directions.

One held a gun, while the other held nothing.

Mi Lailai walked away from Chen Hansheng and used her mental strength to control the empty-handed old monster on the right.

On the other hand, Mo Ran put on his black boxing gloves and punched the old monster on the left with a gun.

The empty-handed old man waved his hand, and Mi Lailais control was interrupted.

She swayed and almost fell.

The old monster fired a shot at Mo Ran.

A bright red laser beam hit Mo Rans body as soon as it left the muzzle.

Mo Ran did not have time to dodge at all.

At the critical moment, Mo Ran only had time to block it with his hand.

His black boxing gloves flashed with electric sparks and barely stopped the laser beam, but they did not make any sound.

With one move, the two old monsters pushed the people blocking their way.

“A rookie from the 400th to 500th floor dares to stop us” They laughed.

“If thats not enough, will someone from the 600th floor be enough” A voice suddenly came from the side of the crowd.

He looked at the three old monsters.

“I did not go to the Tiansheng Group.

Instead, youve been coming to the academy to cause trouble.

You think were easy to bully” As he said that, he flew up and threw Shen Rushuang out.

Shen Rushuangs headless puppet seemed to have been tamed by Li He.

It opened its arms and hugged the old monster with the gun.

Its body began to heat up rapidly.

The old monster howled and broke free from the puppets restraints.

But it was too late to aim.

He swung his fist and exchanged a blow with Li He.

The ground beneath their feet cracked.

He took three steps backward.

The old man took a half step back and said in surprise, “World energy points Youre so young, yet youve already reached the 600th floor”

He snorted.

Then, he sneered and continued to rush forward without saying a word.

The other two old monsters were also attracted by the abnormality.

At that moment, Mi Lailais teammates finally arrived.

The fireballs in the sky also fell, one after another, engulfing everyone.

Things had developed too quickly.

No one had expected that the scene would become unmanageable in the blink of an eye.

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