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Upon hearing that…

Deputy Chief Jiang was taken aback and did not know what to say.

“This is not Captain Lu,” Wang Wen explained.

“This is my good friend, Deputy Chief Jiang, from the Regional Security Department in District 5.”

“The Regional Security Department” Zhu Xingguo nodded and retreated.

He returned to Ren Ruoruos side and asked softly, in a voice heard by all, “The guards dare to address Master as Xiao Wang”

Ren Ruoruo shook her head.

“Its hard to say.

Maybe the guards reputation had risen recently.

They have at least 500 to 600 people.

We cant underestimate them.”

“Thats true, thats true, we cant underestimate heroes,” Zhu Xingguo said.

Deputy Chief Jiang felt like he was being mocked.

He looked at Wang Wen in confusion.

“Is that your new disciple Is he alright ”

“Hes fine!” Wang Wen laughed and patted Deputy Chief Jiangs back as he walked forward.

“He calls me Master, and you call me Xiao Wang.

Its a separate conversation.

Lets go to the usual place and have some hot pot.

Im starving!”

On the other hand, Xiao Liu was extremely sensitive to the two people behind him.

He took a few steps behind Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo and softly asked Zhu Xingguo, “Im sorry to interrupt, but Wang Wen is your master What floor is he on now”

Zhu Xingguo looked at Wang Wen.

Then he looked at Ren Ruoruo, who was beside him.

“Less than 700!” he said softly to Xiao Liu.

Xiao Liu was stunned.

He carefully savored that sentence.

He felt like he was being ridiculed.


Of course, it was less than 700 floors!

Which floor was the worlds number one on anyway”

As expected, the disciple would speak well of his master.

Those two were the same.

An irrepressible anger welled in his heart.

Even the unhappiness caused by Wang Wen⁠—he blamed Wang Wens disciple for that.

He did not want to bother with those lower-class people anymore.

Xiao Liu moved a few more steps to the side as if trying to draw a clear line between them.

He walked with his head lowered.

He was thinking about how to speak to Wang Wen without disturbing Cheng Qiaoyi.

Unfortunately, that day was not a good day to think.

Wang Wen seemed to have more friends than before.

Before he could take a few steps out of the portal…

Someone caught up from behind.

Everyone turned to look.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were confused.

Deputy Chief Jiang was fine.

Xiao Liu was confused.

Of course, as Director Chengs right-hand man, he knew the senior executives of major corporations.

It was midnight.

What was the Boai Groups Director Chen doing there

Under Xiao Lius confused gaze…

Chen Hansheng could not care less about the people around him.

He jogged to Wang Wens side and said, “Mr.

Wang, about the resource team, do you have time for a chat”

Wang Wen was amused.

“Why are you all waiting for me to come out of the tower” Thats good.

Lets have dinner and talk then.”

Chen Hansheng nodded and followed him silently.

He looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo with a slightly embarrassed expression.

No one knew why, but Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo did.

Zhu Xingguo recognized Chen Hansheng with the help of the street lamp.

He smiled and greeted him, saying, “Youre the one who was scared out of the tower by the cement sculpture, right That feels like such a long time ago, Old Chen!”

The event that Chen Hansheng was most apprehensive about had occurred.

He awkwardly touched his nose and handed his business card to Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

“Im flattered.

If theres an opportunity to cooperate next month, please take me under your wing.”

Xiao Liu stiffened when he saw that.

There was a big question mark on his face.

Ren Ruoruo took the business card and snorted.

She said, “As expected of a big boss⁠—using a prop to carve a name card.

How heroic!”

Chen Hansheng waved his hand.

He went to Zhu Xingguo and asked, “Youve just left the tower How many floors did you climb after that”

Zhu Xingguo habitually wanted to sell his business card for Fair Exchange, but he found that he could not use it outside the tower.

He had to spend money to deposit it by drone.

When he heard the question…

He looked at Wang Wen, who was chatting with the five people from the Regional Security Department.

He quietly said to Chen Hansheng, “More than 300!”

After Chen Hansheng confirmed that there was nothing wrong with his ears, he looked at Zhu Xingguo strangely.

He said, “Only more than 300 floors Not even 400”

Zhu Xingguo glared at Chen Hansheng.

“Of course not! Master did not have to worry if we could reach more floors.”

His voice seemed to be a little loud.

Wang Wens ears twitched.

He turned to Zhu Xingguo and said, “You have the nerve to say that Why cant you go up to the last level with Ren Ruoruo Getting to that point was difficult, but you left the tower.

What a good disciple you are!”

Zhu Xingguo shrank his neck.

He chuckled but did not dare make a sound.

Chen Hansheng sighed and patted Zhu Xingguos arm, comforting him, “Its fine.

Youll work harder next time.

No matter what, youre better than me.”

As the few of them spoke…

A figure with a fragrant scent quickly passed by the crowd.

She appeared next to Wang Wen.

She ignored the woman who was grabbing onto the corner of his shirt.

She reached out and held Wang Wens hand, smiling like a flower.

“Little Brother, you are finally out of the tower; what a long journey! You must be exhausted!”

Wang Wen smoothly pulled his hand away.

He remained expressionless.

“We should keep an appropriate distance,” he said calmly.

“I dont want to be misunderstood by your admirers.”

“What” Mi Lailai hugged her chest.

Then, she nodded as if nothing had happened and said, “I think I smell something sour.

Is it vinegar Someones jealous”

Wang Wen turned to Deputy Chief Jiang and said, “The academy will have its own core competition in the future, you guys⁠—”

“No manners,” Mi Lailai said, pouting.

Even though she said that, she had no intention of leaving.

No one knew what she was up to.

Cheng Qiaoyi, who had been clenching her fists since Mi Lailai appeared, saw Wang Wens impolite expression.

She felt touched.

She could pull on the corner of his clothes, but the other party could not even touch it.

That was the difference!

Cheng Qiaoyi felt surrounded by a thick sense of happiness, and her gaze at Wang Wen was so soft that it appeared to be about to drip out.

Outside the group…

Xiao Liu was watching that scene quietly.

There was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Besides Chen Hansheng, he was no stranger to the Boai Groups trump card, Mi Lailai.

They were the groups top climbers.

They were a group of people that the management of major companies had to keep a close eye on.

That was because the movements of those people often represented changes in the world.

For example, if Mi Lailais team made it to the 600th floor, it would be hard to say whether the first two consortiums could stay in second place.

To secure their positions, the two groups must spend a large sum of money to acquire the legendary world energy.

At the time, a small business like the Cheng family could take advantage of the situation.

If they took advantage of the opportunity, they would undoubtedly profit!

She was such a significant figure.

Why would she follow Wang Wen around like a shadow

For the first time, Xiao Lius heart wavered.

Did Wang Wen have an incredible identity

The group walked to the hotpot restaurant on the food street outside the academy.

Xiao Liu was shocked.

The First Consortiums Young Master, Zhou Shengsheng, and the former team leader of the intelligence department, Mo Ran, were waiting outside the shop!

The moment he saw Wang Wen…

Mo Ran took the lead in welcoming them.

He pointed at Wang Wen and said to Zhou Shengsheng, “You see, its definitely here! Do you think I dont know him well”

“Shut up!”

He turned around and glared at Wang Wen.

“You did not pay for the food you ate in Shaxian Restaurant last time, so they blamed me!

Wang Wen glared back at him expressionlessly.

“Last time, you broke something at Shaxian Restaurant and did not pay.

They also blamed me.

Zhou Shengsheng smiled and opened his arms to hug Wang Wen, saying, “Captain Wang, youre finally out of the tower.

Ive been waiting so long! Ill treat everyone today, and were not leaving until were drunk!”

Chen Hansheng also said, “Hey! Are you underestimating us Whos the Young Master to treat us like this”

Zhou Shengsheng was stunned.

“Uncle Chen, youre here too I thought you rushed out of the tower because you were seriously injured and went to the hospital!”

He did not know what had happened between the two of them.

The moment they met, there was a smell of gunpowder.

Wang Wens smile disappeared.

He looked at the two and said, “You two consortiums are always scheming against each other, so you can go somewhere else then.”

It was only one sentence.

Chen Hansheng and Zhou Shengsheng retracted their auras.

He obediently shut his mouth.

They kept quiet.

That scene shocked Xiao Liu and the five people from the Regional Security Department so much that their mouths were wide open, and their little tongues were sticking out.

The conclusion…

It seemed like that was not enough.

A voice came from the side.

“The little mouse is so mighty! Youre a Broken Might master, indeed.

Youve silenced the First Consortiums Young Master and the Boai Groups Director with just one sentence.

Those two groups have been at peace for too long and have lost their drive.

Its time for the Tiansheng Group to speak up!”

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