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The Tiansheng Groups Qin Dongbei sold his manor for a low price and gave the group a significant bonus.

He then announced that the deputy chief would be in charge of the groups affairs for the time being.

He focused on Zheng Fuhongs funeral.

Qin Wuzheng noticed that his father would rather trust the deputy chief than let him manage the company.

He was disheartened.

He left home with his mother, Wu Keru.

Qin Dongbei turned a blind eye.

His heart was filled with the pain of losing his son and wife.

His phone rang.

He picked up the phone.

“Boss, Wang Wen is out of the tower!”

“Have you done your research” asked Qin Dongbei.

“Yes, according to people around Cheng Qiaoyi, Wang Wen did reach the Broken Might level in poison-making, spiritual power, and mechanism skill.

Cheng Qiaoyi helped him with the last one when he was only on the 300th floor.

He blocked the First Consortiums missiles, but his physical strength was quite weak.

The witnesses in the restaurant saw him passing out after blocking the missile.

This time, well arrange for a more concealed sniper.

We can take him down easily.”

“Go,” Qin Dongbei said indifferently.

“If you can get any information on the man in green, then ask.

If you cant, then kill him.

I dont want to waste any more time on that person.”

“Yes, sir.”

He hung up the phone.

He looked at the photos of Zheng Fuhong and Zheng Xiaodong quietly, his eyes full of hatred.

In his opinion, none of that would have happened if it were not for the man in green.

The man in green had killed Zheng Xiaodong, causing Zheng Fuhong to commit suicide due to grief.

It was equivalent to destroying Dongbei Qins happy family.

If he did not take revenge, he would not die in peace.

At the First Consortium headquarters…

The lights in the directors office were still on even though it was late at night.

“Wang Wen had left the tower,” someone said.

In the office, Zhou Shengsheng immediately turned to look at Zhou Dafu and said, “Dad”

“Is he really as powerful as you say” Zhou Dafu frowned.

“Yes!” Zhou Shengsheng noticed that Zhou Dafu was hesitant and suspicious, so he asked anxiously, “Youve seen my reward.

They reached the 400th floor in only half the time.

If they leave the tower now, they must not have only stopped on the 500th floor.

We must be friendly with such people, not hostile!”

“Hmm, its only the 500th floor.

Im almost on the 600th floor.” Zhou Dafu snorted unhappily.

“At most, the mans a capable talent.

Its a pity that the group used a missile to beat him.

Its impossible to ease the relationship between us.”

“Even if it cant be alleviated, we cant let it worsen!” Zhou Shengsheng got up from his seat and went out.

“Ill go and welcome him back!”

Zhou Dafu quietly watched his son leave.

He did not obstruct him.

He thought it was just a small matter.

His top team had been preparing for the past few days, and they would probably inform him to enter the tower before dawn.

Entering the tower with the top team to break through the 600th floor was the most important thing for Zhou Dafu at the moment!

The world had changed.

The number of advanced tower climbers under his command was no longer the most important.

His top priority was to raise his strength as quickly as possible.

As long as he could reach the 600th floor, the First Consortium would still be number one.

At Cheng Qiaoyis house…

The clerk, Xiao Liu, was talking to Director Cheng about something.

He said, “By the way, my subordinates said that Wang Wen had left the tower.”

Cheng Qiaoyis father nodded and smiled.

“Xiao Yi went there a long time ago.

She must be there by now.”

Xiao Liu asked hesitantly, “Director Cheng, did Xiao Yi take a fancy to that homeless, poor, and powerless boy”

“Who knows” Cheng Qiaoyis father rubbed his temples helplessly.

“She calls me so affectionately, and her eyes turn red when she talks about the main point.

I really cant do anything about that daughter of mine.

Xiao Yi had grown up.

If she really likes him, then let her be.”

Xiao Liu said, “Should I go and give that kid a little reminder Letting the other party take the initiative to stay away from her should be the best way to deal with that, right”

Director Cheng was stunned.

He thought for a while.

“Thats not good; itll make my family look like we favor the rich and despise the poor,” he said hesitantly.

“This has nothing to do with disliking the poor and loving the rich,” Xiao Liu said.

“But Wang Wen doesnt look like hell have some peace.

He provoked the Tiansheng Group some time ago and had some disputes with the First Consortium last week.

Zhou Dafu even personally brought people to the school.

That kid will have a hard time when he leaves the tower!”

“Is it that serious He provoked two giants at the same time” Director Cheng was stunned.

Xiao Liu said, “The word provoke might be too kind.

I guess he did something that the two consortiums did not like.”

Cheng Qiaoyis father shook his head.

“Zhou Dafus visit was not a simple matter of teaching him a lesson.

That boy doesnt seem to know his place.

Ill have to trouble you to make the trip.

Remember to be tactful; dont let Xiao Yi be too sad.”

“Dont worry.

Ill handle it.” Xiao Liu was full of confidence and left to carry out the order.

At the Boai Groups headquarters…

Chen Hansheng frowned as he looked at the supplies the resource team had collected that week.

There was a burst of anger in his heart.

“This is outrageous!” He snarled to Mi Lailai, who was touching up her makeup in a small mirror.

“Look at this! There is only half this week.

Wang Wen doesnt even need to investigate to find out who they are!”

“What can we do” Mi Lailai said, “And you personally selected them.

Its all because of wealth.

The information he gave was so valuable that everyone wanted to profit from it.

I went to the market and saw that the Quick-acting Antidote sold for 110000 points each.

Many people were jealous.”

Chen Hancheng heaved a long sigh.

He rubbed his fingers together before standing up and said, “Ill personally apologize to him.

Its my fault for not choosing people properly.”

Mi Lailai put away her makeup box and slung her bag over her shoulder.

She smiled beautifully and said, “Just in time, Ill go too.”

“What are you going to do”

“Why do you care”

At District 5…

At the Regional Security Department near the academy…

Deputy Chief Jiang and his four team members set off on time.

It was very close to the portal.

It did not even take long to walk.

The five of them each checked the items in their hands, afraid they would accidentally lose them.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that they were all medicines and snacks.

Jiang Dali asked curiously, “Captain, were not entering the tower this week.

Why are we carrying so many things in the middle of the night You even paid for food yourself.

Whats wrong”

“A month ago, when Wang Wen came to the Regional Security Department to register, do you know which floor he was on” Deputy Chief Jiang asked.

“I know,” Jiang Dali answered.

“It was the 300th floor.

I thought it was unbelievable that someone as amazing as Mr.

Wang could only reach the 300th floor.”

“You might not know this, but he was only on the 100th floor before that week.

Im the only one in the department who knows about that.

I did not tell anyone,” Deputy Chief Jiang said mysteriously.

Jiang Dali and the other three team members were shocked.

“He went from the 100th level to the 300th level in a week Thats impossible!” they retorted in unison.

Deputy Chief Jiang smiled.

“I also think its impossible.

Unfortunately, the truth is right in front of us.

The drone doesnt lie.

The registration cant be wrong.”

Jiang Dali still found it hard to accept.

“So were going to welcome him back Even if Little Teacher Wang is talented and has a speed far exceeding that of ordinary people, hes not that kind of person, right Were still guards⁠—”

“What do you know” Deputy Chief Jiangs smile disappeared, and he said coldly, “Ive been thinking a lot recently.

I dont see any hope in the guard division anymore.

When Wang Wen comes out of the tower, I will follow him if he manages to break through the400th floor.

I am bringing all of you with me.”

The four team members stopped in their tracks.

They looked at each other, puzzled.

They had thought that it was just a routine trip that night.

They did not expect to face such a major life decision.

“Leave” Jiang Dali said, “You mean youre leaving the guard department and not working as a guard anymore Isnt that a little too rash”

The other three also agreed.

“We should discuss such a big matter.”

“Yeah, I havent told my family yet.

I cant explain it to them so suddenly.”

“The 500th floor might not be worth giving up our job as a guard, let alone the 400th floor!”

When Deputy Chief Jiang realized his men were about to refuse him, his face paled, and he yelled angrily, “All of you shut up! You must follow me! Obey my orders!”

The four of them reflexively stopped talking and continued to walk forward.

However, their eyes were filled with resistance and rejection.

It was a sudden turn of events.

Why did they have to give up their secure jobs and become tower climbers with no guarantees in their lives

That was nonsense!

The four of them pouted.

They felt that the captain was too rash in his decisions.

No matter how high Wang Wens level was, they would have to persuade the captain not to be impulsive.

They should not be rash in making a decision!

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