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He suddenly missed Ren Ruoruo at that moment.

If she were there, she could scare the old man.

Wang Wen could not help but feel dazed when he considered the effects of those transcendent abilities.

“If thats the case, little friend, please think of another way to prove it.” The old man waved the alchemy student away, poured more tea into the teapot, and continued to drink alone.

In the face of such a difficult situation…

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

He decided to use his trump card.

He retrieved a bead from the drone and introduced it to Taishang Laojun.

“This is the Body Immobilizing Bead, a supreme treasure.

Anyone immobilized by it cant escape.

Do you want to try”

The old man put down his teacup and stared at the bead in Wang Wens hand.

After a long while, he nodded and said, “Come on, let me experience my little friends divine power.”

“Its not my power.” Wang Wen held the bead and showed it to Taishang Laojun, saying, “Its the towers power.

The effects of those relics are all self-contained.

They have nothing to do with me.”

His voice fell.

The Body Immobilizing Bead shot out a ray of light that wrapped around the old mans body.

Taishang Laojun only had time to raise his eyebrows before his whole body froze.

The next second…

A strong wind blew in the alchemy room.

The bottles and jars were utterly blown away.

The flame beneath the central pill furnace erupted as if a barrel of gasoline had been poured on it.

The explosion almost burned Wang Wens pants.

Then the roof, ground, and walls began to tremble.

It was as if there had been a strong earthquake underground.

Various shouts could be heard outside the door, and many people were carefully peering in.

There were even more people coming over on clouds in the distance as if the entire heavenly court was concerned.

Wang Wen was worried that if the commotion were too big, it would not end well for him.

Just as he was about to put away the Body Immobilizing Bead and end the test…

He suddenly realized something.

The Body Immobilizing Bead in his hand had cracked!

His expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly stored it in the drone.

The cracks were much faster than his actions.

The entire bead had shattered into sand-like powder in his hand before the light from the Body Immobilizing Bead could be retracted.

“Great!” Wang Wen exclaimed as he looked at Taishang Laojun, who was stretching his back and laughing heartily.

“Someone had forced me to use my full power for the first time in hundreds of millions of years.

Do you have any stronger spells Cast them right away!”

Wang Wen did not say anything.

“And there you are, you coward!” A roar erupted from the door.

Juling Shen charged in with a burst of anger.

He waved his huge palm and was about to grab Wang Wen.

The old mans eyebrows twitched, and he shouted, “Get lost!”

Juling Shens huge body instantly flew backward, knocking over several onlookers who were watching the show, and then rushed straight into the sky and disappeared without a trace.

The Monkey King bade farewell to the crowd and followed Taibai Jinxing into the sky.

He went to meet the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor was pleased to see the Monkey King again.

He kindly told him that he would be the real Great Sage, and that he should be satisfied with that position.

The Monkey King cupped his hands and paid his respects to the Jade Emperor.

He was also delighted to express his satisfaction.

Just as everyone was preparing to leave and return to their respective homes…

The Queen Mother of the West suddenly approached the Jade Emperor and said, “This stubborn monkey has not been polite since he was a child.

Its hard to change his temper.

If he loiters around all day, Im afraid he will bring trouble.

Its better to let him watch over my peach garden.

Its quiet there, and its easier to control his temper.”

The Jade Emperor nodded.

He told the Monkey King that he had arranged an easy and important position for him.

The Monkey King hurriedly agreed upon hearing that.

The peach garden appointment was coming to an end.

Taishang Laojun suddenly rushed in from outside the hall and said politely, “I lack a conversation partner.

Can you arrange for the Great Sage to come to my place”

It had been ten thousand years since the old man had asked for someone.

The Jade Emperor could not refuse his request.

However, the Monkey King was not happy.

He thought it would be more fun to go to the peach garden.

The old mans palace was too dull for him.

Taishang Laojun coaxed the Monkey King as if he were coaxing a child, saying that a man named Wang Wen had left some trinkets in the palace and that it would be very interesting to play with them together.

The Monkey King heard that and thought,Isnt Wang Wen Brothe Zhus master

So he was doing so well in the sky

Even Taishang Laojun praised him


As expected of an extraordinary persons master…

With an extraordinary disciple, there would only be a remarkable master.

Just like that…

The Taishang Laojun coaxed and brought the Great Sage home.

When they left the Jade Emperors palace…

The Queen Mother of the West narrowed her eyes and looked at their retreating backs in deep thought.

After Taishang Laojun left the hall, he looked toward the Southern Heavenly Gate and thought,Ive done what I said, and I hope you can do the same.

Without the Great Sage…

Zhu Xingguo became less happy.

Ren Ruoruos daily transformation also slowed the progress of the game.

One day, they were still debating when their captain would return.

The drones speed suddenly increased from 85 to more than 101.

A teleportation gate appeared beside Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

It was obviously Wang Wen, who had cleared the level.

The two of them walked into the portal.

White light wrapped around their bodies.

[Achieved 102 percent progress, 610th-floor cleared.]

They stood on the 611th floor.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo curiously asked Wang Wen, who walked out of the portal, “Master (Captain), what happened”

Wang Wen smiled mysteriously.

“Its a long story.

I exchanged blows with Taishang Laojun.

He had a good impression of me, so I agreed to visit him next time.”

Zhu Xingguo continued to ask, “Then how did the progress suddenly become full”

“Oh, youre talking about that.

I killed all the monsters under the Queen Mother of the Wests command,” Wang Wen said.

Ren Ruoruos jaw dropped.

Zhu Xingguo gave him a thumbs up to show that he was indeed his master.

The 611st-floor was a Survival in the Wild level.

They did not stay long due to time constraints.

They raced to the exit to finish the level.

They continued to climb the tower.

Both parties shared the time difference on the 610th floor.

Wang Wen nodded in satisfaction after learning that the experiment was successful.

He could make good use of that.

Next time, he would pull someone to make up the number and throw them into the sky to fix the time.

Then he and the others could spend more time on the ground.

“Master, youve offended the Queen Mother of the West so deeply.

Wont she destroy us next time” Zhu Xingguo asked worriedly.

“Dont be concerned.

Just keep steady,” Wang Wen said, smiling.

Time passed by.

The three of them spent an entire day on the 610th floor.

They cleared the level at around 4 a.m.

on Sunday.

After that, they spent another three hours clearing the 620th floor.

Since time was running out, Wang Wen stopped looking for opportunities.

From time to time, he would take out a gourd and pour a cup for them, then take a big gulp from it.

It was Sunday evening.

They had cleared the 659th floor.

They arrived on the 660th floor—surpassing the worlds record.

They stood in the safe zone.

Ren Ruoruo felt her feet go weak and her back turn cold.

For a moment, she found it hard to accept that she was standing at the top of the world.

She kept looking at Wang Wen, asking for confirmation.

“Captain, were in the first place”

Wang Wen looked around as if he wanted to see something in the fog.

“I guess youre tied for first place with a few other people”

Ren Ruoruo looked around like Wang Wen, but she was surprised that she could not see anything.

She asked, “Whats the secret on this floor How did it stop so many elites”

“Because theres no progress at all on this level,” Wang Wen said as he stared at the fog.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo exchanged glances.

They did not quite understand what he meant.

Wang Wens words were often profound.

That sentence definitely had a hidden meaning.

In short, it could not be on the surface!

It was not just bluffing!

The drone flew back and forth, asking if they wanted to open the checkpoint, wait for reinforcements, or get out of the tower.

“Get ready,” Wang Wen said to Ren Ruoruo.

“Skip this level when I tell you to.”

Ren Ruoruo was confused.

She was not sure what he was thinking.

That was because they had always preserved the special privileges.

She thought the captain wanted to keep it until the 999th floor.

Therefore, she thought he meant something else when he mentioned skipping the level.

In the end, Wang Wen said, “Thats right, Im preparing to skip this level.”

Then, he announced to the drone to activate the checkpoint.

The fog dispersed.

The three of them felt their legs go soft.

Their bodies felt as light as a feather.

It was a small space capsule.

It was floating quietly in space.

There was no light, no sound, and no oxygen.

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