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Wang Wen paused for a moment, then said flatly, “Those are pills refined by Taishang Laojun; of course, they are beautiful.”

The old man laughed.

“Then do you know their effects” he asked.

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows.

He shook his head.

Taishang Laojun stroked his beard and smiled as he picked up a Nine Revolutions Great Recovery Pill.

“This is the Nine Revolutions Creation Pill.

It can cleanse the marrow, remold the bones, strengthen the body, and forge an indestructible body.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

He read the information on the Nine Revolutions Great Recovery Pill.

He confirmed that he was not mistaken.

It was for increasing ones cultivation.

Was the old man mistaken Wang Wen was suspicious about that.

Before he could think more about it…

Taishang Laojun picked up the Nine Revolutions Revival Pill and said, “Thats the Nine Revolutions Virtue Pill.

You can obtain hundreds of sixty-year cycles of attainment without any cultivation.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

He was sure.

That old man was bluffing.

As expected, the old man picked up the raw Nine Transformations Golden Pill and said, “This pill is the most amazing.

Its called the Nine Reincarnation Pill! It can allow the dead not to enter the cycle of reincarnation.

No matter how long they have been dead, they can be resurrected and returned to the world.”

“Theyre all so powerful!” Wang Wen clapped and curiously pointed at the last pot of readied Nine Transformations Golden Pill.

“What about those”

Taishang Laojun squinted his eyes and looked at him, sighing, “Those are unsuccessful pills, so lets not talk about them.”

Wang Wen said, “Your ruined pills must also be very good.

May I have them Is that okay”

It seemed like no one had ever flattered him so blatantly.

The old man was so happy that he laughed out loud.

After a while…

He stopped laughing and looked at Wang Wen with narrowed eyes.

“You clearly know the effects of those pills!”

His voice fell.

The scene was extremely quiet.

Wang Wen had already seen through the other partys bluff.

If the old man wanted to make a move on him, he would have done so long ago.

There was no need for him to go through so much trouble.

Since he had put in so much effort, he must have had other motives.

The demon who had climbed the tower for two lives loved that kind of thing.

He was not afraid of his opponents strength; he only feared the other party was not ambitious.

As long as they had other motives, everything could be discussed.


Since the other party had laid his cards on the table…

Wang Wen was no longer afraid.

He looked at the old man calmly and said, “You can see the drone beside me.”

His voice fell.

The scene was like death.

Even the air seemed to have frozen.

The constantly licking flame under the furnace seemed to have been restrained, no longer so enchanting and wriggling.

The old mans smile was gone.

He calmly met Wang Wens gaze.

At that moment, the two were clear about each others cultivation.

The contest had officially begun.

As the saying went—a day in heaven is a year on earth.

Ren Ruoruo did not know how long her captain had been in the sky, but she knew she was running out of sanitary pads.

It had been a few months.

The date displayed on the drone outside the tower was still Saturday.

That proved that Wang Wens experiment was a great success!

In that stage…

As long as someone was in the sky…

The time would be based on that person.

Those who remained on the ground could enjoy the time difference.

Aside from the speed of aging, their time in the tower was 365 times longer than that of ordinary climbers!

That was a shocking result.

It looked like a loophole.

She did not know what the others would do.

However, there were definitely many things that their team could do.

For example, Zhu Xingguo…

That guy had almost emptied all the big and small demon cave abodes except the caves on Mount Huaguo!

Zhu Xingguo collected countless mosquitoes in a few months.

One would become four in Fair Exchange.

The World Tower lowered the prices of items out of habit.

As a result, the mosquitoes were very cheap.

It would take hundreds and thousands of them to get one point.

In the end, Zhu Xingguo was the one who benefited.

He did not need to make a fortune by selling mosquito remains.

All he needed was the Fair Exchange.

The less valuable the mosquito corpses were, the better!

One should think about it.

Where could one buy hundreds of grams of HNIW for just one point

No one could get that anywhere!

Except for Zhu Xingguos self-conceited Fair Exchange…

That situation made Ren Ruoruo so envious that she could not stop her eyes from sparkling.

Zhu Xingguo laughed so much that his eyes could not see.

He dragged Monkey King around the world, using a large pile of mosquito corpses as cannonballs.

He only targeted those monsters unwilling to submit to Mount Huaguo.

If there was a future incident involving taking the sutra…

The master and his disciples would realize that the journey was quiet…

All the demons seemed to have been wiped out five hundred years ago.

They might think that something was wrong.

It was not just the pot.

Zhu Xingguo even tore down the stove and sold it for money.

There were people who would pluck the feathers from a passing goose.

Some would take its skin.

However, some would eat the goose and take ones house and stove.

Sometimes, they would take more.

It was a scene…

That was too crazy to look at.

The victims mind was severely damaged, and the pain he felt was indescribable.

Even the fearless Monkey King felt a little uncomfortable when he saw what they had done for the past few months.

It was as if the other party was more like a monster than he was.

Most of the time, if it were not for him trying his best to stop or even pull him away…

That person was unwilling to let go of the grass on the land.

He did not know what kind of bag he had.

It was still not full after filling it with half of the coast!

In comparison…

It seemed like his previous efforts were like a childs mischief.

Especially when he saw how Zhu Xingguo helped him fight for territory, he would use his power to blow everything up if the situation got tough.

It scared the monsters so much that they knelt and begged for mercy.

In a short period, their reputation had spread far and wide.

Everyone knew about them.

Monkey King was embarrassed.

It was something he had not been able to accomplish in 300 years.

However, the outsiders had done it.

And they asked nothing in return.

Other than moving stones, pulling grass, and licking the ground, he wanted nothing else.

It was a great fortune to have such a gentleman.

The Bull Demon King and his brothers came to congratulate him.

Monkey King intended to pull Zhu Xingguo into their brotherhood.

Zhu Xingguo would not agree, no matter what.

When the monkey was not paying attention, he ran out to dig the ground again.

The Monkey Kings heart ached.

He had no choice but to call the cloud to carry that strange person, who had a special attachment to the land.

They went to destroy other demons.

A year had passed.

Even if the World Tower was suppressing it with all its might…

Zhu Xingguo had no 24-hour cooldown with Monkey Kings help.

Even if each was only 0.001 points, he still managed to get 70 to 80 points of progress.

It was not hard to imagine how many ungrateful demons who did not surrender in time died.

Spider demon and white bone demon

A scorpion demon

Rat demon and python demon

He had killed them all.

Ren Ruoruo, who was watching the progress increase, would occasionally worry.

If those demons were dealt with in advance…

What if the monk in the future did not find it challenging to obtain the sutra

If they did not have enough, then they had to make up for it.

That would truly be difficult for the other deities.

A year went by.

An old man descended upon Mount Huaguo.

With the Jade Emperors decree, Monkey King was officially recognized as the Great Sage.

He had the same earnings as the other gods.

Two immortal officials were sent to serve him.

Monkey King was overjoyed.

Ren Ruoruo was worried.

The One-horned Demon King was killed by their captain a year ago, and the person behind it had yet to make any moves.

Even if a year passed on earth and a day passed in the sky, his reaction speed was too slow.

What if the other party only made a move after they had left

What if the stupid and cute Monkey King could not handle it

Would he still be forced to fall out with the Jade Emperor and then be suppressed for the next 500 years

She looked at the Great Sage, who was bidding farewell to the crowd and flying up to the sky.

Ren Ruoruo thought,Captain, Monkey King has ascended to the heavens.

We can only rely on you now.

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