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Chapter 22: The Rare Items On The 200th Floor

After some time, the lead guard eagerly brought over a piece of paper and a pen.

He stood to the side, his eyes rolling as he watched Wang Wen meticulously write down the information.

After the information was written down, he took the paper and read it several times.

His eyes sparkled with greed.

A rare item on the 200th floor of the World Tower! Whether he used or sold it, it was a fortune that could not be underestimated.

Furthermore, there were 50 Earth-shaking Talismans in that information!


However, logic told him that the matter could not be concealed.

If he were greedy, getting fired would be the best-case scenario.

The tower climbers had bullied the Regional Security Department for too long.

They needed the World Towers items.

It was not to start a war.

It was to have more confidence.

Just like some weapons, they might not be able to use them, but it would be good to have them.

“I have given you the information,” Wang Wen reminded the lead guard, patting the iron bars.

“Even if youre not letting me go, you should treat me to a meal, right”

The lead guard kept the paper and looked at Wang Wen.

“A meal Did you kill that person”

Wang Wens expression changed when he heard that sentence again.

He took two steps back from the iron gate and looked quietly at the lead guard.

“You still wont tell me”

The lead guard laughed.

“Then Ill wait for you to think it through.”

He deliberately patted the paper and left with a smile.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes and looked at the man calmly until his figure disappeared.

His eyes gradually turned cold.

He smiled and went to the corner to rest.

‘He doesnt even cherish his last chance.

He deserves to die.

In the chiefs office.

“Sir, that is the information the suspect handed over.”

The lead guard put the paper on the table.

He said, “The Earth-shaking talisman on the 200th floor is a defensive item left to him by his parents.

Its also the reason he could take on 15 hooligans.”

The chief flipped through the paper, his eyes shining brightly.

“Fifty Earth Shaking Talismans Why would he be willing to hand over such valuable information”

“I think he was too hungry.”

The lead guard smiled and said, “Since yesterday, he only drank a few mouthfuls of water.

He even asked me to give him food.”

“Be careful.”

The chief pointed at him.

“After all, he is a student at the academy.

Its not good to cause too much trouble.

We are just doing our job.

Were not doing anything shady.”


The lead guard hesitated for a moment.

He looked at the piece of paper and asked tentatively, “Sir, who should we send to get that”

He clearly remembered Wang Wen mentioned there were 50 of those rare items.

There must be around that amount.

Even if there was only one rare item, they could sell it at an extremely high price on the market.

At least 100 hotpot meals would not be a problem.

The chief looked at him.

He said, “Actually, that is also what Im worried about.

Only a few people in the department can go up to the 200th floor, most of whom are under Deputy Chief Jiang.

Id have to borrow them from him for any mission.

Its not something I like saying out loud.”

The lead guard stood at attention and saluted him.

“I am willing to help you.”

The chief looked at him suspiciously.

“Captain Chen, have you gone up to the 200th floor”

The lead guard smiled apologetically and said, “I dont have that ability.

But I know a friend who can do that.”

“Someone from the outside”

The chief hesitated.

“Are they reliable”

“Absolutely!” The lead guard patted his chest and said, “I would trust him with my life!”


The chief raised his eyebrows.

He knew what the man wanted.

The number mentioned on the paper was vague.

There was a leeway with what they could do with that information.

He also knew that nothing would ever come for free.

No one would help anything without benefits.

After thinking for a while, the chief nodded and said, “Since you are confident about this, Ill leave it with you.

There is no specific mention of how many Earth-shaking Talismans on the paper, so if you can get 45 or 46 back to the office, then youll have done us a great deed! Ill mention this in your report.”

The lead guard was overjoyed.

He quickly agreed.

He took out his phone to record the details of the information before running out of the Regional Security Department to look for his friend.

He never thought that things would develop so smoothly!

The chief had seen through his thoughts, but he did not blame him.

He even agreed to let him take some of the relics.

That was a windfall!

He could get the credits as long as he brought back 46 pieces.

That meant he could probably get three or four pieces of Earth-shaking Talisman worth tens of thousands of points from the center!

As long as he brought back 46 pieces, he would be able to remember the credits.

That meant he could get three or four pieces of Earth-shaking Talismans worth tens of thousands of points!

There was no need to worry about selling the World Tower items.

He could exchange them for more than 100,000 points at the main square or the black market.

He could get more than 100,000 points!

His wife kept reminding him that he had been a team leader for so many years and could only afford to buy a small house with that meager monthly salary.


He was no longer worried!

He would go house hunting as soon as he got his points!

A down payment of more than 100,000 points was sufficient to purchase a good house near public transportation!

Finally, he could stand tall and be a man!

The lead guard happily contacted his friend, who was drunk in a bar.

When they met, his friend was drunk and talking incoherently in the middle of the day.

The lead guard frowned and asked him why he was so drunk.

His friend took a bottle of wine and drank it.

With a bitter smile, he said, “Ive entered the tower three weeks in a row and climbed to the 189the floor.

Ive only earned 20,000 points.

I dont want to climb it anymore.

Isnt drinking better than climbing the tower Good, you came at the right time.

Lets drink! My treat!”

The lead guard assumed he would not be returning to the Regional Security Department that day, so he sat down and drank a bottle of beer with him.

“You cant get to the 200th floor I was the one who set up your registration.

Why are you only on the 189th floor”

“What do you know” his friend scolded him drunkenly.

When he noticed the lead guards expression, he laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

He said, “Are you kidding I mean, you high-level elites dont climb towers for a living.

You wouldnt understand that the pinnacle and perpetual floors are two different concepts.”

He picked up the bottle and pointed to the people in the bar as he said, “Look at those guys.

They have the strength to go to the 200th floor, but they wouldnt do that.

Why It is exhausting work for no reward!”

He pointed at himself and said, “For example, I can go up to the 200th floor, right But Im risking my life! Every week Its just to earn a living!”

As he spoke, he gulped a mouthful of alcohol.

Thick booze poured from the corner of his mouth.

His collar, which had been soaked for quite some time, was wet, making him appear even drunker.

The lead guard frowned and tried to ignore the smell of alcohol as he approached his friend.

He said softly, “I have a job for you.

I need you to go to the 200th floor to get some things.

The specific steps are all in here.

Are you in”


His friend cursed drunkenly.

“Didnt you hear what I just said Im not going up the tower this week.

Im not going, no matter what.

Are you deaf”

The lead guard said coldly, “The Earth-shaking Talisman is worth 30,000 points.

If you can get them, I will give you one.

Will you do it”

His friends eyes instantly brightened.

He put down the bottle and straightened his collar.

He pulled the lead guard to a corner where there was no one.

“Youre too good to me! You even remember me when theres a good source of income.

Tell me about the steps.”


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