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“Hes the military advisor!” the Monkey King said in a daze.

Ren Ruoruo stood up, relieved that the captain had made a move.

She gathered the necessary information and informed the Monkey King.

“It is all a lie.

The plan was to trick you into heaven and then wait for an opportunity to arrange for you to cause trouble and force you to fall out with the Jade Emperor.”

“Whos so sinister” The Monkey King was stunned and then angrily bared its teeth.

“Well…” Ren Ruoruo glanced at Wang Wen and cowered weakly.

“Its difficult to say.

Anyway, Im not trying to harm you.

Dont be fooled.

Even if you want to go to heaven, dont take on any real job.

Its super cool to get a salary with an empty title and no work at all!”

A hunchbacked old monkey arranged for a group of young monkeys to clean up the side of the main seat.

“My King, can those outsiders be trusted” he asked in a low voice.

“In any case, they didnt hurt me,” the Monkey King said, scratching its neck.

“Who cares.”

The old monkey nodded and retreated with a bow.

The Monkey King looked at Wang Wen and grinned.

“I see that youre quite capable.

Lets go out and practice.

Lets spar!”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“You still have a lot of people to fight.

Save some energy for them.

If you want to practice after theyve left, then go ahead.”

Before he finished his words…

Outside the cave, a voice shouted, “Stupid monkey! I am Nezha, and I am here to capture you under the command of the Jade Emperor.


The Monkey King realized that Wang Wen was right.

He was surprised, and his eyes were wide open to express his curiosity.

The Monkey King took the cloak and carefully put it on.

He rushed out of the cave, wearing a phoenix-winged purple-gold crown, golden chain armor, and cloud-walking shoes with lotus silk threads.

Ren Ruoruos eyes almost lit up when she saw the Monkey Kings costume.

Her Great Sage only had a short hour, and nothing she did was satisfying.

How could there be such excitement and exhilaration at seeing the real thing

Wang Wen noticed that she was eager to watch the battle.

He did not stop them and led them out of the cave.

The battle in the sky was already getting heated.

He remembered correctly, as expected.

Monkey King fought with a majestic air, with his standards and style in that battle.

Even Nezha was no match for him.

He was hit by the stick and escaped into the sky.

If nothing unexpected happened…

A year later, Taibai Jinxing would reach there and tell the Monkey King the Jade Emperors latest decree.

He would be appointed as the Great Sage, without a real position.

Wang Wen and the other two could not wait that long.

Wang Wen also wanted to test an idea.

He wanted to know about the time difference between one day in heaven and one year on earth.

If one of the tower climbers was in heaven and the other was on earth, how would time work for them

Wang Wen discussed that matter with Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

They were both intrigued and agreed to carry out the experiment.

The result of the discussion

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo could protect themselves, so they stayed on the ground to find an opportunity to make up for the progress.

Wang Wen would leap into the sky to see the effects of different time flows.

That was more sci-fi than any other sci-fi story.

If other science fiction stories wanted to affect the flow of time, they would have to have at least a few dimensions.

That was an obvious enough difference.

It was really awesome!

Wang Wen bade farewell to the Monkey King, who was eager to spar with him.

He lied and said he would go to heaven to check out the situation, so that he could inform him in time if something was wrong.

The Monkey King believed him and reminded Wang Wen to pay attention to his safety.

If he could not handle it, he should return to them.

The Monkey Kings words made the fangirl Ren Ruoruos eyes sparkle.

She did not even care about her team leader and only stared at the Monkey King.

Wang Wen shook his head in amusement.

He rose into the air.

He quietly followed the retreating celestial soldiers and generals back to the sky.

They passed the vermillion Southern Heavenly Gate.

He had only taken a few more steps.

He was caught red-handed by Juling Shen, who had appeared out of nowhere.

Juling Shen looked at the familiar face in front of him and shouted angrily, “So its you, you coward!”

“Your accent is quite modern, right” A drop of sweat rolled down Wang Wens forehead.

“Cut the crap! Come with me to see the Jade Emperor! You must be punished for your cowardice before the battle!” Juling Shen grabbed Wang Wen.

Wang Wen, who had been through hundreds of battles, was even more slippery than the Great Sage.

At a random angle, he disappeared into the clouds.

Juling Shen kicked the clouds everywhere but could not find his target.

He almost picked up an ax to cut himself.

The Monkey key defeated him the moment he appeared.

He was almost killed by Li Tianwang when he returned.

He could not find a monkey to vent his anger on, so he could only push it all onto Wang Wen and the other two, who did not move at all when the fight started.

He thought that they were just ordinary people with a bit of magic.

They were just there to make up the numbers, and they were shocked by the battle.

He was the all-powerful Juling Shen.

If he could not beat the monkey, he could always bully those little people.

However, that little person was slippery; he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Juling Shen was so angry that he howled.

He slammed his head against the Southern Heavenly Gates pillar.

The sound of the collision rang out.

Wang Wen had slipped away so easily.

He wanted to laugh.

He wondered how the brains of those great wise men worked.

He did not walk casually.

Instead, he created a large cloud of fog that was an eyesore.

He could hide anywhere with such a thick cloud of mist.

As long as he did not take the initiative to show himself…

Even if those immortals wanted to kill him, they would not be able to find him.

Wang Wen hid in the clouds and observed for a while.

Following a few random men, he found Taishang Laojuns alchemy room.

According to the legend…

Monkey King had yet to visit the alchemy room.

Those precious medicinal pills should still be there.

Instead of being ruined by someone in the future….

It was better to help poor people like him who had great needs.

Those were precious treasures.

He should not waste it!

Wang Wen wrapped himself in a cloud of mist and sneaked into the room.

The moment he entered…

He heard a voice say, “Which little friend had accidentally barged into this room Leave quickly!”

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks.

He was wrapped in clouds and mist and was motionless.

Since the other party wanted to scare him, he would respond by staying still.

The result…

The voice sounded as though it did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“A cloud in the room What are you hiding from”

Wang Wen gathered his spiritual power and opened a small gap to look around.

Then, he shrugged indifferently and removed the clouds and mist.

He took the time to look around.

A large cauldron shone brightly in the center of the room.

The bottom flames swayed gently, like a breeze blowing over a willow branch.

There were rows of shelves with various types of bottles and jars on them.

His field of vision shifted forward.

An elderly man with white hair and a beard but a ruddy face sat upright on a horizontal chair, smiling at Wang Wen.

Wang Wen walked forward, cupped his hands at the old man, and smiled.

He realized he could not hide any longer.

“Greetings, Celestial Lord.

I heard there is a Nine Transformations Golden Pill here, so I came to see if its any different from mine.”

Taishang Laojun initially wondered about the child who addressed him as such.

His expression changed when he heard the last part.

He immediately got up from the chair, frowning as he stared at Wang Wen and asked, “How do you know there is a Nine Transformations Golden Pill here Ive never mentioned it to anyone, so how did you know about that”

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