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The man in the black vest was stunned, but not because Zhu Xingguo was hurting him.

It was the exact opposite.

In his eyes, that slap was simply like scratching an itch.

It had no killing power.

The man in the black vest thought,Is this man insulting me

And so he was furious.

He raised his fist and punched Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo realized that the other party was serious.

His expression also turned solemn.

He leaned back slightly and kicked the mans stomach.

Just that one kick…

The man vomited and fell backward, rolling a few meters away.

Zhu Xingguo looked at his own leg in shock and turned his head to Wang Wen, “Master, is level four physique this insane”

Wang Wen glanced at the man in the black vest, who had been kicked away, and shrugged noncommittally.

“That was only 32-fold.

The higher the level, the more overpowered you will be.”

He answered his disciples question.

In his heart, he was smiling bitterly.

Even after strengthening his body to level four, that 32-fold increase could not even help him reach the Broken Might level.

How bad was his foundation

He was a combat master, but even that 32-fold increase could not help him with his breakthrough.

Was he a piece of sh*t

Or could he not break the combat masters confusion just by stacking his Constitution

After all, in his previous life, he had already reached level nine in body enhancement, but he still had yet to see any signs of breaking through to the Broken Might level.

At that time, he had focused all his energy on transcendent skills and had no interest in studying basic skills, so he had not taken that situation seriously.

When he thought about it, he regretted his decision.

Tower ascent…

He was an opportunist who seized every opportunity to become stronger.

Success could not be achieved by gritting ones teeth and persevering without thinking.

The difference was like a baby climbing the stairs.

He would be dead after two floors.

A healthy adult with all four limbs could easily climb two floors.

The age at which one could climb the stairs was determined by ones ability to grasp the opportunity to grow up.

Not too little, nor too much.

Only when opportunity and perseverance complemented each other could one be considered complete and healthy.

He had missed it in his past life.

He could not miss it again in his new life.

Wang Wen pursed his lips and looked around.

After seeing Zhu Xingguos strength and the tragic state of the man in the black vest, those beggars who were still eager to fight immediately put away their thoughts and concentrated on fighting their own group.

No one dared to approach the three of them again.

It was not worth it.

The food reward was based on the number of people left standing.

The three of them were not easy to bully, so why would they make things harder for themselves

It was not like they would get an extra portion of food.

The beggars minds were as clear as a mirror, and they focused on selecting the weak they could defeat.

The scene was in full swing.

Unfortunately, even so, the people outside the glass ring at the top still seemed unhappy.

Many people pointed at the three small groups watching the fight from the sidelines.

“Last three minutes!” The loudspeaker sounded in time.

“Not only will you not have food, but you will also be confined.”


Even the three small groups could not help but slowly approach the others.

Along the way, they picked up all the beggars clothes that were blocking their path.

They cooperated well with each other and ensured that everyone in the group could knock down at least one beggar.

As a large number of beggars fell to the ground…

The three small groups had yet to meet.

One group saw Wang Wen and the other two groups.

They had no choice.

They were lying all over the ground.

Wang Wen stood up straight like a crane in a flock of chickens.

It was hard not to notice him.

In fact, Wang Wen had considered whether he should pretend to be knocked down and lie on the ground.

Anyway, he had just eaten his fill, so it did not matter if he had food.

However, the progress was only 0.5, which meant that the other progress points had been covered.

The World Tower did not want to push progress.

Then he might as well do it himself.

‘Lets see how much trouble we can attract by being high-profile.

It would be best if he could stand and make full progress.

It would save him time and energy from running around.

The three small groups saw how those few people looked so arrogant.

They were not happy.

Those new people did not pay their respects to them.

Was it because they could fight

‘Then lets see how good you are at fighting!

The small groups no longer approached each other, and with great tacit understanding, they turned around and moved toward Wang Wens group.

Their intention was obvious.

Wang Wen looked at the number of people still standing around him.

He calculated the time.

He pressed his palm down lightly.

All the people standing in the hall fell to the ground.

They were rendered unconscious.

Only the person with a 0.5 progress above his head came to a halt and looked around, trembling.

Wang Wen waved at the man.

That person was clearly unwilling, but he approached them quickly.

His legs immediately went soft.

He bowed and shouted, “Please spare me! My master sent me to stir conflict among the people!”

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

“What do you mean” he asked without changing his expression.

He loved that kind of ambiguous question.

The other party would spill everything out.

He would get to know the situation.

As expected, the man began to tell them everything he knew.

“Did you just wake up They must have made a mistake in the test, mistaking the good for the bad! They were the ones who should be thrown in here! Anyway, since youve awakened, you can go out and enjoy glory, splendor, and wealth.

Im just a small figure, so dont bother me! Dont trouble yourselves!”

Wang Wen found his words interesting.

It took a great deal of willpower to resist the urge to crush his head to make progress.

He smiled at the man and said, “Whats your name Lets go out together.”

The man was shocked.

Then, he seemed to have heard something great.

Tears and snot instantly spurted out.

He was crying and laughing as he wiped his face and said incoherently, “Master, are you going to take me in as your follower I dont have a name, so you can call me whatever you want.

The master who sent me here only gave me some extra food to have more fun, but he had no intention of taking me in as a follower! If you want to bring me out, Ill do whatever you want me to do!”

As he spoke…

He quickly got down on his stomach and carefully held Wang Wens feet to lick the dirt off his shoes.

After he was done, he used his clothes to wipe them clean.

Wang Wen retracted his foot in disgust.

That person was insatiable and wanted to go for the other one.

Zhu Xingguo sent him flying with a kick.

Zhu Xingguo was not as skilled as Wang Wen, even after strengthening his physique.

He could not control his strength.

That kick almost made that person faint.

He realized that he had gone a little too far.

Zhu Xingguo, who only wanted to stop the other party from harassing his master, was a little scared.

He quickly apologized to Wang Wen, “Im sorry, Master, I hit him too hard.

Did I mess up your plan”

Wang Wen looked at him.

He was a little touched.

In his previous life, he had team members too.

It was still the same.

In front of the 1,000-floor World Tower, the tower climbers were like babies who were not even one month old.

They grew up gradually and became stronger as time passed.

They only hoped that one day all the conditions would be right, and they could go to the top floor.

So much so that, during the growth process, when ones own level was insufficient to get through the floor alone, the tower climber needed the strength of a team to pass it.

Five people.

It was the maximum number of people allowed to enter the World Tower in a team.

If a team member died or left the tower…

If that happened before the 300th floor, they would have to wait for a random person on every extreme level.

If that happened after the 300th floor, one could choose to wait or instantly begin the level.

That was an intriguing dividing line.

While waiting on any floor below the 300th floor, the drone would anxiously urge them for fear that too much rest would affect their climbing.

As for any floor above the 300th floor, the drone would not be in a hurry.

It would hope that they would die there and never find anyone.

And the private investors would never be able to replace the team members.

However, there was another layer of relationship that the team members could not replace.

That was true love and friends.

No husband or wife could reach that level unless they were immediate family.

A master and a disciple could have that relationship.

So, Zhu Xingguo was his so-called true love and friend!

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