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“Law—” The old man stuttered.

He opened his mouth but could not make a sound.

In the end, he turned around and instructed Jue Mingzi, “You tell them.”

Looking at Wang Wens hopeful eyes, Jue Mingzi said in a daze, “The spells are all the same.

Its about closing your eyes to meditate, adjusting your breathing, keeping your mind clear of distracting thoughts, sensing the world, and so on.”

“Do you have more specific details” Wang Wen pondered the so-called magic art and felt he had seen it somewhere.

“More” Jue Mingzi stammered.

“More specific details You might have to ask our ancestors.”

“Where are your ancestors” Wang Wens eyes lit up.

Jue Mingzi looked at him strangely and answered carefully, “Here… in the sky”

Wang Wen was speechless.

“Master.” Zhu Xingguo leaned over and whispered mysteriously, “Look at them; its as if they were forced to memorize the incantations.

They know how to memorize it, but when we asked them how they got it, they were dumbfounded.

Its so embarrassing!”

Wang Wen was speechless.

Zhu Xingguo said, “Master, why arent you saying anything Master, are you not happy”

Ren Ruoruo used all her strength to pull Zhu Xingguo away.

Wang Wen asked Jue Mingzi and his master, “Can you show me how to cultivate through spells”

Jue Mingzi turned to look at his master.

The old man nodded indifferently.

Jue Mingzi looked at the State Preceptor, walked a little further away, sat on the ground, and began cultivating.

Wang Wen observed him carefully.

He was slightly stunned after he heard the beginning.

After Jue Mingzi finished his demonstration, he opened his eyes and looked at Wang Wen in confusion.

He patted his forehead, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Was that not the meditation the Mage Association had taught him when he climbed the 200th floor

Wang Wen immediately got into a stance and began meditating according to the method taught by the association.

The crowd was curious.

Jue Mingzi and his master whispered to each other, “Even though everyone knows the cultivation technique, its obvious that he doesnt know it.

However, he heard it once, and then he managed to learn it.

Hes so good.

No wonder hes a god.”

Wang Wen was the only one who knew.

It was a magical feeling.

Meditating with the Mage Association would increase ones magic power.

However, meditation at that stage had actually become a different feeling.

Another mysterious substance was created.

He attempted to use his hands to transfer that new material into the spiritual energy of the Immortal Stone, just as he had done with magic power.

He had successfully entered!

Wang Wen could not wait to ask Zhu Xingguo how much the Immortal Stone cost.

The most recent price increase was more than ten points!

Zhu Xingguo was very excited.

He believed he knew the key to his fortune.

Wang Wen frowned in dissatisfaction.

If that was all there was to it, it would be insufficient.

Even though it could prevent the consumption of spiritual energy, that method was still very good.

But it was a complete waste of time!

Meditation would take at least a few seconds for him to cultivate magical power, but it would only be worth a dozen points.

At the same time, he could sell gold coins made with his spiritual power for more than 5000 points.

He was so conflicted.

He could exchange time for money.

Or he could use his spiritual power to exchange for money.

No matter which one it was, Wang Wen was not very satisfied.

He pondered for a while.

On a whim, he transferred his magic power to the Immortal Stones similarly.


The Immortal Stones spiritual power was abnormal!

A vortex-like airflow appeared out of thin air.

All the air in the environment rushed toward the Immortal Stone!

The wisp of demonic power that Wang Wen had injected into the Immortal Stones seemed to have triggered some mechanism in them, making those fake copies activate the functions of self-absorption, transformation, and refinement!

Everyone was trying their best to resist the violent air current.

The State Preceptor could not open her eyes due to the wind, but she was still trying hard to cover her forehead and look at the strange scene.

Jue Mingzi and his master were extremely shocked.

As expected of an immortal! Creating an immortal stone would cause such a huge commotion!

The State Preceptor and the consort had different thoughts.

The two were also very shocked.

“Is he going to burn all bridges Is he planning to kill us after finding the way to obtain the Immortal Stones”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo thought differently.

“Master, did you make a mistake Will there be an explosion” Zhu Xingguo shouted.

Ren Ruoruo blocked the wind; she was anxious.

“Captain, let me know if you need me to skip the level!” she said.

After a long while…

The wind gradually stopped.

The fake Immortal Stones glowed and flickered as if beating rhythmically like a heart.

The State Preceptors eyes lit up immediately.

She took a few steps forward in disbelief, almost sticking to Wang Wens arm as she stared at the Immortal Stones spiritual energy.

She said, “Youve succeeded! Such pure and concentrated magic power! These really are Immortal Stones!”

Wang Wen raised his hand and seemed to hit something soft, but he did not have time to think about it in that situation.

He handed the fake Immortal Stones to Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo swallowed his saliva and took them.

He went to the World Tower to ask for a price.

The expression on his face changed from being cautious to being ecstatic.

He clenched his fists in excitement and howled, “Master! A million points! Its a success!”


Ren Ruoruo cheered and jumped.

Jue Mingzi and his master hugged each other, their minds filled with shock.

It was as they expected of an immortal!

The consort sat down on the stone bench, dumbfounded.

She was there to watch a good show.

However, it seemed like she was defeated.

Her mouth unconsciously opened like a stranded fish.

“How is that possible The Immortal Stones are extraordinary things.

How can ordinary people make them”

Zhu Xingguo slapped his arm excitedly.

“Who told you that my master is ordinary”

Jue Mingzi let go of his master and copied Zhu Xingguos action of patting his arm.

“Thats right, who said Grandmaster is a mortal He is an immortal being! True immortal!”

“Immortal” The consort did not believe it.

She raised her head in confusion and repeated, “True immortal”

On the other hand, everyones gaze was fixed on the center.

Wang Wen finally let out a long sigh.

He was relaxed as he held the stones that Zhu Xingguo had sold and, subsequently, turned into real Immortal Stones.

He gently stroked the small stones and sighed softly.

“Little guy, Ive found you.”

Wang Wens gaze moved slowly.

The gloom that had been in his heart for a long time was completely swept away by the cheering crowd.

No matter what…

The first step of the plan had been completed successfully.

Wang Wen was more optimistic about the journey ahead of him.

One Immortal Stone could fetch a million points.

It would only take about a half-minute of spiritual energy to create that Immortal Stone.

The total time was less than five minutes, including the time it took to transfer magical power into the trigger mechanism to transform it smoothly.

That was a very cost-effective deal, whether in terms of time or spiritual power.

What he needed to do then was figure out how to boost his magical power.

It would be ideal if he could face some challenges in a magical setting.

It allowed the matter created by meditation to be transformed into magical power.

After all, he did not have much magical power, to begin with.

He could only make ten more magical powers from those he had just used.

The quantity was still a little insufficient.

Wang Wen touched the Immortal Stones.

If his heart stopped in that life and he was forced to return to the tower, the few ups and downs in the middle only added to the pressure he had felt.

But by that point, he had seen true hope for the future.

Wang Wen, who had always been silent and never told anyone, saw hope for the first time.

His feelings were indescribably complicated.

He could only breathe lightly and gently stroke the Immortal Stones.

At that moment!

The State Preceptor who was closest to Wang Wen moved!

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