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Wang Wen smiled as soon as he saw the State Preceptor.

The State Preceptor was quite the character; she acted as if nothing had happened before that.

“Master, if theres anything I can do for the Immortal Stone, please let me know!” She cupped her hands toward Wang Wen.

However, Zhu Xingguo asked, “Master, what were you laughing at”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Look, the elder sister calls me master, and the younger sister calls me a demonic priest.

Dont you think those two are funny”

The consort was so angry that her face reddened, and she called out to the State Preceptor, “Elder Sister, why did you fall for that demonic priests trick”

“Dont be rude!” The State Preceptor stopped her.

“That Immortal Stone is very beneficial to cultivation.

Even if its a one in ten thousand chance, I must try it.”

Her words made the consort indignant, but she could only obediently shut her mouth.

The white-robed State Preceptor lowered her head slightly to Wang Wen apologetically and raised her eyebrows, ” I hope you can forgive me for my previous offense.

Ive personally experienced your ability, and I believe that the matter of creating the Immortal Stone was not a lie.

Furthermore, you seem close to success.”

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

“You said youll take me to see treasures; are we still going to see them”

“Of course!” The State Preceptor was overjoyed and quickly stretched out her hand, saying, “Grandmaster, please follow me.”

The onlookers knew the State Preceptor as someone who was cold and unsmiling.

They had never seen her like that.

One or two of them were so shocked that their nostrils expanded.

One of the people who seemed to not be on good terms with the State Preceptor suddenly said, “Please wait a moment.

We were just discussing who the monster was.

If you call that person a master, does that mean the monster he mentioned was real”

The State Preceptor narrowed her eyes toward the man.

She noticed that the Emperor was also looking at her.

She rolled her eyes.

She casually waved her hand and said, “There are no demons in this world.

We were just having a discussion.

If there are demons in the world, what kind of demon are you”

The voice fell.

Everyones eyes were on that person.

In the blink of an eye, that person had turned into a pig-headed monster.

With a boom, a large circle of space was emptied around her, and he was the only one who remained in his original spot, not knowing what was going on.

She had easily solved the problem with a small trick.

The white-robed Imperial advisor waved her hand and restored him to his original state.

She led Wang Yun and the others away.

The Emperor watched as his beloved consort was also taken away.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak.

Suddenly, he frowned and stopped.

He was a little worried about what had happened that day.

So what if he was the Emperor

Compared to those experts who came and went, he was helpless.

Wang Wen followed the white-robed State Preceptor to an unremarkable mansion north of the city.

After landing in the back garden from the sky, the State Preceptor opened the door of a study and invited everyone in.

A large group of people was forced into the study.

She waved her hand again to move the table, chair, and bookshelf away, then reached out and pressed on the ground in the corner.

The ground in the corner melted like water.

It revealed a slanted staircase that led underground.

She turned around and nodded at Wang Wen, then took the lead to go down the inclined stairs.

They walked down the almost straight staircase for a long time.

The field of view became wider.

It was like a natural underground cave, but it had been made to look neat.

The air inside was fresh and not stuffy, and a few wall lamps illuminated the environment.

The State Preceptor walked to a row of wooden cabinets against the wall and opened the tightly shut doors.

There were all kinds of utensils inside.

Wang Wen walked closer.

He listened to the other partys introduction.

“Bear gall, deer antler, snow toad, and bee serum.

There are countless treasures in the deep mountains, but top-tier delicacies are only one in ten thousand.

I also have ginseng, snow lotus, and fleece-flower root.

They are all older than me.”

Wang Wen heard that.

“Then how old are you” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

The State Preceptor was slightly stunned.

“How old do you think I am” She pursed her lips and smiled.

Wang Wen sized her up and shook his head.

“I dont think youre old.”

“Then its not that old.” The State Preceptor smiled.

Her solemn appearance in the white robe suddenly became mischievous.

When the consort, who stood at the side, saw her sisters state, she could not help but frown and glare at Wang Wen.

Wang Wen ignored her.

He looked at the State Preceptors face and licked his lips.

Seeing that, the State Preceptor laughed even more happily, “Master, when are we creating the Immortal Stones”

“Now.” Wang Wen hooked his finger, and the stones automatically assembled into tables and chairs.

In the eyes of others, that move was even more difficult than flying.

The consort was so shocked that she was speechless; the way she looked at Wang Wen became a little reserved.

Jue Mingzi and his master disdained sitting with the monsters.

They pretended to observe the surrounding environment and walked around.

Wang Wen did not argue with them.

He sat at the stone table and took out two Immortal Stones.

He held the real Immortal Stone in his hand and handed the two made of mental energy to the State Preceptor.

“Do you have a way to make that stone look like an Immortal Stone”

The State Preceptors eyes flickered as she looked at the stone, which looked exactly the same.

“I cultivate with the help of the Immortal Stone every day, so I know it like the back of my hand.

Its a rare material that can automatically absorb the power of the outside world for my own use and transform it into an extremely pure and solid magic power.

I cant make it that pure and solid, but I can try to pass on a little bit of it.” She held the fake Immortal Stones with both hands as she spoke and fell into a daze for a while.

After a while…

She returned the slightly warm Immortal Stones to Wang Wen.

Wang Wen could not tell the difference.

He passed it to Zhu Xingguo.

With his skill, Zhu Xingguo asked for the price.

With a strange look, he handed the Immortal Stones to Wang Wen and said softly, “Its now a few dozen more points!”

Wang Wen took the fake Immortal Stones with bright eyes.

The State Preceptor looked at the stones and shook her head, saying, “The difference is too great.”

“How did you spread the news” Wang Wen raised his head and asked.

“Just, just like that.” The State Preceptor was stunned.

Jue Mingzi and his master could not stand it anymore.

They walked forward and said, “Master, anyone can impart their strength to you, but the most important thing about the Immortal Stone is not to store magical power but to absorb and transform it on its own.

Thats why the Immortal Stone is so precious.”

Wang Wen did not react.

“Why do you know so much about the Immortal Stones” the State Preceptor asked, her eyes narrowed.

“Youve clearly been spying on us for a long time!” the concubine shouted.

Wang Wen frowned in displeasure.

Zhu Xingguo slammed his fist on the table and shouted, “Why are you quarreling My master is thinking! Any more nonsense, and Ill kill you all!”

Everyone kept quiet in the face of Zhu Xingguos rebuke.

Even the consort pursed her lips and stopped talking.

“Absorbing and refining on its own How do you absorb the magical power from the Immortal Stone when you cultivate” Wang Wen asked the State Preceptor with a frown.

“Just, just like that.” The State Preceptor was stunned.

“F*ck!” Zhu Xingguo slapped his forehead and complained to Ren Ruoruo, “You dont know anything Whats the use of that thing”

Regarding that question…

Jue Mingzi and his disciple did not have much to say.

After all, they did not rely on the Immortal Stone to cultivate.

Cultivation spells were also the foundation of the major sects.

Everyones cultivation was almost the same.

The difference in speed was nothing more than a difference in talent, and the old man tried to raise the topic.

“You said you used a spell when you cultivate What kind of spell” Wang Wen turned to look at the old man.

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