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Chapter 2: Braggart

The World Tower was 1,000 stories high and reset once a week.

Within the time limit, all tower climbers could announce that they were done with their climb.

Once the timer reset, they would start again on the first floor.


If one wanted to climb to the 1000th level, one had to complete it within a week.

That meant they had to finish at least one level in 10 minutes.

Otherwise, even if they had enough strength, they would not have enough time.


Time was perhaps the most difficult challenge for the tower climbers.

If not, they could climb to the first level and take a few years off.

Of course, the 1000th level was still too far away.

There are a few public records.

The highest level that anyone had reached was the 700th level.

Many thought that the person who achieved that result was not a human.

Tiansheng Groups star climber, who they had spent countless resources nurturing, had killed Tiansheng Groups boss in front of at least 30 people.

However, he was fearless and stayed there, waiting for the guards to arrive.

Everyone could see that the apparent vengeance for their father was merely an excuse for the tower climber not to make enemies with the guards.

He had returned from the 700th floor and wanted to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous world, not the flames of war.

However, he was not worried that the weapons available to humankind could cause him any fatal damage.

Furthermore, it was almost common knowledge that Tiansheng Groups boss enjoyed eating fish and murdering chefs.


Making such an excuse could also provide a sympathetic backdrop for those who did not know the truth, allowing him to take control of the Tiansheng Group quickly.


Then, he would pick up his parents and enjoy his life.

After all, an excuse was just an excuse.

He needed it, and so did the outside world.

How could he explain himself if he could not beat them There had to be a way to take that into consideration.

As for the legendary issue of his murdered father coming back from the dead…

Who would care about that

There was no point in dwelling on a case that had already been decided.

Who knew if he had many fathers

Who said that a person could only have one father


The man who had returned from the 700th floor could understand that.

For example, at that moment, he was standing in Tiansheng Groups boss office on the highest floor in their building.

He was frantically smearing something on his body, and he wanted to drink something.

“What is going on” His face was ferocious, and his expression was crazed.

“My strength is declining! How is that possible”


He pulled out a small bottle that glowed with golden light.

He paused for a moment, but his concern for his body overcame his hesitation.

He gulped down the bright golden liquid in the small bottle, gritting his teeth.

His body then began to glow with golden light.

He was still concerned despite the magical scene.

Instead, a look of despair appeared on his face.

“Even the invincible potion I found on the 700th floor is useless.” He looked at the small bottle in his hand hesitantly.

“The priority of low-level items cant be higher than that of upper-level items.

Someone used a tool higher than those I found on the 700th floor.

“Did someone get on a higher floor”

“Impossible! Wang Wen is only at the 699th level! And I have reached the 700th level!

“I am number one in the world!



Wang Wen opened his eyes at 7:10 a.m.

and carefully examined his body.

He was on his bed.

He hesitantly let go of his tightly furrowed brows.

The fatal injuries on his body had disappeared.

The purgatory-like environment around him had also disappeared.

The last scene in his memory was when his teammates risked their lives to place the most precious treasure of the team—Reincarnation—on his body.

‘Did we pass the 929th floor

Wang Wen raised his hand to look at his tender skin.

He felt bitter—it was his younger self.

It seemed like everything was over.

The World Towers unique treasure, Reincarnation, had taken effect.

Time had turned around.

There were no 929 floors.

There was no world number one.


He must not let anyone know that he had returned from the 900th floor.


He would be called a braggart.


He sat up from the bed and carefully looked at the familiar room.

If he remembered correctly, that was his room during his four years at the academy.

He had returned to almost 20 years ago.

As he rubbed the blanket beside him, Wang Wens eyes dimmed.

He had returned to the past

So many scenes were still vivid in his mind.

His teammates had died in front of him.

Would he forget them

He habitually searched for the wine bottles.

Then, he remembered that he had not begun to drink wine yet.

He laughed self-deprecatingly and slapped himself hard.

He lowered his head and slowly exhaled.

“If I enter the World Tower again, let life curse me into a dog.”

Beep, beep, beep.

A small electronic watch next to the pillow rang.

At the same time, there was a loud noise from a radio outside the room.

Obviously, someone had woken up earlier than him, or rather, he belonged to the group of people who woke up late.

He picked up the electronic watch, turned off the alarm, and reset the time, bringing it forward by 45 minutes.

He got up and walked to the mirror on the sink.

He nodded at the slightly red and swollen fingerprint on his face.

‘My body is weak during this period.

Half of my teeth should have been knocked out.

He looked at the number on the water meter, washed his face with a weak stream of water, and put on his clothes before leaving.

He opened the door and saw a skinny little boy standing outside.

He looked like he was about to knock on the door when he realized that the door had opened.

He was a little surprised.

Then he saw Wang Wen walk out of the door.

The redness and swelling on his face had not subsided, so the boy was stunned.

Wang Wen stared at the boy in front of him, who appeared to be a little dazed, with mixed feelings in his heart.

That silly boy was the one who had placed the one and only supreme treasure, Reincarnation, on his body.

“What happened to your face—”

The boy could not finish his sentence.

Wang Wen hugged the boy and patted his back.

“What are you doing”

The boy looked at the students passing by, and he struggled to get out of Wang Wens embrace in embarrassment.


Wang Wen did not mind.

He pursed his lips and exhaled through his nose.

He patted the boys arm and smiled.

“Lets go and eat.”


The boy followed Wang Wen to the cafeteria, confused.

The half-hour period from 7:15 a.m.

to 7:45 a.m.

was breakfast time.

The classes would start at 8 a.m.


The two of them arrived at the cafeteria.

There was a lot of breakfast food.

There were vegetables, eggs, buns, and even a few fish dishes!

As long as there was money, there was no lack of food.

Wang Wen took his student card and swiped it with the machine.

When he saw the 500 points displayed on the screen, he was slightly absent-minded.

He could not remember how long it had been since he had seen his points at less than six digits.

At that moment, at first glance, those 500 points felt cute.

“What do you want to eat”

The worker at the window and the boy who stretched his neck to look at the dishes beside him asked simultaneously.

Wang Wen ordered vegetables and porridge.

After taking a steamed bun, he picked up a fish dish under the workers surprised gaze!

He swiped his card to settle the bill, spending 76 points.

It was three points for vegetables, two points for porridge, one point for a steamed bun, and 70 points for a small fish dish.


The thin little boy who had witnessed all of that was so shocked that he almost smacked his face against the wall.

He chased after Wang Wen and asked, “Whats wrong with you Fish Its only the beginning of the month.”

Wang Wen did not answer him.

He held the tray and looked around.

He asked the staff at the window, “Do you have wine”


The staffs body trembled.

He glared at him as if he was an idiot.

The large spoon in his hand knocked on the steel table a few times, making a loud noise.

At the same time, he shouted impatiently, “Next.”

Wang Wen smiled and walked away with the tray.


He found an empty table and sat down.

He chewed on a steamed bun and ate the porridge while looking at the cafeteria.

The boy hurriedly brought his food to the table and sat down.

He raised his head and looked at Wang Wen a few times.

In the end, he mustered up his courage and said, “I know the dean has a bottle of wine.

Ill steal it if you want to drink it.”


Wang Wen shook his head and broke the small fish.

He picked up half of the fishtail and placed it on the boys plate.

“I dont like fish! “The boy curled his lips in disgust.

Then he finished the fish in a few mouthfuls.

He chewed on the bones and kept muttering.

At the same time, he said, “I think its not wrong to eat better in the morning, but that fish dish is too extravagant.

Perhaps you can have some eggs Or milk Those options are cheaper than fish.”


The boy was still nagging.

Wang Wens attention was attracted by the conversation of the people at the table next to him.

It was a young man and a young woman.

They seemed to be classmates.

The two of them sat opposite each other, chatting while eating.

The girl said to the boy, “Hubby, have you heard That third-grade senior, Li, passed the 100th floor last week! ”

“The 100th floor”

The boy was dumbfounded.

“Then he must be number one in that grade!”

The girl acted like she admired the senior in her store.

“Thats right! That is what a tower climber should be! Im really envious!”

The boy was a little jealous.

“Why should you be envious I will climb to the 100th floor when I reach third grade!”


The girl emerged from her fantasy world and turned to face him.

She looked at him for a while.

She picked up half an egg from her plate and gave it to him.

She smiled and said, “Yes, I believe in you.

Do your best!”

The boy smirked and swallowed the egg whole.

Wang Wen retracted his gaze and lowered his head to eat the porridge.

He was overcome with emotion.

‘Its good to be young! One can brag about anything.



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