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“Move!” Wang Wen kicked the coachman in annoyance.

The coachman appeared to be used to being kicked.

He was not angry; he just drooled over the new carriage.

Zhu Xingguo grabbed the new carriage and tried hard to lift it to sell it.

At the same time, Wang Wens nose started bleeding.

His body swayed slightly, and he almost fell backward.

Ren Ruoruo quickly supported him.

Fortunately, the 300th floor had strengthened their physiques, so they did not fall to the ground.

Zhu Xingguo brought the new carriage back to the surface.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He walked to Wang Wens side to help him up and asked worriedly, “Master, can you still hold on If you cant, lets just skip this level.

Its too tiring for you.”

Wang Wen pinched the bridge of his nose, closed his eyes, and panted, “I can skip this time, but what about next time We cant quit.”

He opened his eyes and weakly pointed at the old carriage scattered all over the ground.

He instructed Zhu Xingguo, “Collect all the parts; dont leave a single one behind.

Ill get some interest back.”

“Oh, oh.” Zhu Xingguo obediently picked up the parts and sold them to the World Tower.

He turned his head and saw the coachman, who was still staring at the new carriage in a daze.

He shouted at him angrily, “Why are you still standing there Hurry up!”

The coachman came back to his senses and saw his car parts disappearing one by one.

He said anxiously, “My car! What are you doing “I can still use it!”

“That new one is for you,” Wang Wen said to the coachman.

“We can pay for the ride.”

“Thats good!” The coachman immediately forgot about his old carriage and happily tied the rope to the new one, shouting proudly, “Lets go!”

They set off again.

He did not know if it was because he had spent money on the road or because he had a new carriage.

The second half of the journey was very smooth.

The group managed to reach the Immortal Slaying Platform by the time the sky almost brightened.

They bade farewell to the overjoyed coachman.

The three of them walked up the stone steps.

Soon, he saw an open platform paved with very flat stones.

The platform looked very pompous.

There was a horn hanging outside the cliff.

There was a bottomless abyss below.

There were only a few logs and stones to support it.

Wang Wen did not know how those things were lifted with their current level of technology.

In that corner…

There was a tall carriage.

With shelter, there was no need to worry about the wind and rain.

One man was sitting inside, facing the morning sun.

Wang Wen and the other two walked a few steps closer.

Suddenly, a few young girls appeared out of nowhere and blocked them.

“No one is allowed to approach this important place,” one of them shouted.

“Leave now, or youll be killed.”

Wang Wen tested the range of his mental power.

He nodded.

He led the other two away.

At the same time, he beckoned with his finger.

A shimmering stone rose before him and quickly flew toward Wang Wen.

“Youre too bold!” The person sitting in the carriage shouted angrily.

He twisted his body and flew upward, pouncing toward Wang Wen like an eagle.

He did look like an eagle.

He crashed into the transparent barrier.

That transparent barrier could block a missile, let alone a single person.

However, Wang Wens face paled.

He grabbed the Immortal Stone and pulled Zhu Xingguo and Ruoruo down the cliff.

Halfway through, he condensed his spiritual power and slowly descended with the other two.

An angry roar came from the sky.

The eagle-like man had turned into a human cannonball, crashing down without a care.

Wang Wen had no choice but to use his mental power to pin the person against the cliff wall.

The man raised his brows and slapped the back of the cliff hard.

A large section of the cliff wall behind him broke away.

He released a mighty force.

His entire body slithered out like a loach, and he pursued Wang Wen with great perseverance.

That was the first time someone had managed to break through Wang Wens spiritual power restraint since he became a Broken Might master.

When that happened…

Wang Wen frowned.

He had less than 10 percent of his spiritual power left.

With the other partys mad stance, it was really hard to say who would win if they were to fight head-on.

He thought for a moment.

He condensed the last 5 percent of his spiritual power into a small stone and threw it at the man.


Half the cliff collapsed.

Dust and broken rocks filled the sky.

Using the force of the explosion, Wang Wen and the other two descended quickly and vanished into the forest below.

Amid the explosion…

It was as if the sun was gradually blooming.

The intense heat engulfed everything in its path.

It put various objects ignition points to the test.

The ones that resisted the heat were melted into crystals with a messy color.

Those that could not withstand the heat were charred black.

Things like tree branches and leaves did not even have the time to evaporate.

The eyes of the young girls, who had blocked the road on the cliff, almost popped out of their sockets.

They could not withstand the explosions aftermath and were sent flying one after another, their clothes torn to pieces by the gravel.

Most of them fainted immediately after landing on the ground.

The only woman who was still conscious struggled to the edge of the cliff, looking for a figure amid the chaos.

In the forest.

Fallen leaves covered the soft ground.

Wang Wen closed his eyes and did not dare to move.

With his mental energy nearly depleted, an enemy could knock him down easily.

That was a very different sensation than when the shock-absorbing Magnificent Divine Stone drained his spiritual energy.

One was passively absorbed from the outside.

The other two did not seem affected.

That was something he had done on his own accord.

It was a massive energy consumption, and it was extremely tiring.

His entire body was in a state of soreness, swelling, and numbness.

His consciousness was volatile.

It was as if he would fall unconscious in the next second.

Wang Wen was worried.

Fainting in the World Tower was not a good sign.

If they could not leave the tower and encountered danger, it would be equivalent to death.

Unless they were protected and moved.

At that moment.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo stood guard at the side.

Ren Ruoruo even held on to the drone tightly to ensure that she could use her special privilege to leave at any time.

Zhu Xingguo looked worriedly at Wang Wen, who had his eyes closed.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

At that moment…

A strange sound came from the sky not far away.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo looked through the tree trunk.

The fallen leaves and dirt flew in all directions.

Rows of trees were uprooted and fell to the ground.

The birds and beasts all fled in fear.

Some unlucky people ran over to Wang Wens side.

However, Zhu Xingguo chased them away.

Ren Ruoruo gave him a look.

They gently helped Wang Wen up and moved in a different direction.

As it turned out, they had managed to outrun their opponent.

The other party should not be able to track them.

The other two supported Wang Wen.

His footsteps were light.

However, his pacing was swift.

It was as if he were jogging on tiptoes.

The leaves in the forest were dense.

The sound of him stepping on the ground did not travel far.

They walked for more than ten minutes.

Then, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo put Wang Wen down.

Ren Ruoruo wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked back with lingering fear.

She said to Zhu Xingguo softly, “They should not be able to catch up to us.”

Zhu Xingguo nodded silently.

He was still looking at Wang Wen with a worried expression.

He did not expect to hear a voice from above.

“Ive had a hard time chasing after you guys!”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruos expressions changed drastically.

They did not have time to move.

Fingers grabbed their heads.

A cold voice said, “Give me back my Immortal Stone!”

As he felt the pressure in the cranial cavity, Zhu Xingguo broke out in a cold sweat and said, “I know where the Immortal Stone is.

Dont get so excited.

Lets talk things out.”

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