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“But are our guesses correct” Ren Ruoruo was still a little hesitant.

She looked at the carriage gradually coming into view and said to Wang Wen, “Are we overthinking this Maybe the tower didnt target us”

“Of course, it wont deliberately target us,” Wang Wen said lightly.

“Its like it has that much free time.

There are so many tower climbers; why would it target us specifically”

“Ah” Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo looked at each other and asked curiously, “Then what have you been thinking about all this time”

Wang Wen looked at the carriage and laughed.

“I wish I was targeted.

That way, Id have something to brag about.

Unfortunately, I was not targeted at all.”

He pointed to the carriage not far away and said, “Thats the open obstacle for all tower climbers speeding through the levels.

After all, with our speed, its likely that we are threatening the 1000th floor.”

Before he finished his words…

The wheels of the carriage in front suddenly burst into flames that quickly climbed to the cover of the carport.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were dumbfounded and stood rooted to the ground.

Some things simply could not be explained.

Many things that initially appeared coincidental would appear abrupt, awkward, and strange once explained.

A flustered and irritated individual jumped out from beneath the wheel.

They rushed into the car shed.

Wang Wen immediately unleashed golden rain to assist in putting out the fire.

Unfortunately, the fire was too fierce.

Even though the fire was quickly extinguished, the horses rope was burned, and the terrified horse had long since vanished.

Only one person remained beside the dismantled pitch-black carriage.

He was sobbing so hard that he could not even breathe.

Zhu Xingguo approached Wang Wen and exclaimed, “That was far too dramatic.

Master, did that happen to stop us”

“No,” he said.

Wang Wen shook his head, a faint smile on his face.

“I believe thats a coincidence.”

He walked forward and consoled the wailing man.

“Dont cry.

Its time to get a new one, anyway.

Dont you feel better when you think about spending a lot of money to buy a new carriage”

That person had been crying his heart out.

However, when he heard Wang Wens words…

He almost died on the spot.

He turned around and stared at Wang Wen with wide-open eyes, unable to form a complete sentence for a long time.

Wang Wen held up a gold nugget and gestured to him.

“Look, gold! Oh, right! You would not dare use it even if you took it.”

He took a handful of copper coins and handed them to the man.

“You can use these copper coins, right”

The man was about to say something.

Wang Wen put away the copper coins.

“No, even if I give you money, you wont buy a new carriage and horse.

Its a waste of time.

Forget it.”

The mans expression was unsightly as he stared at Wang Wen and asked, “What do you want Are you here to make fun of me”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Dont get me wrong.

I just want to ask you why your carriage caught on fire.”

The mans eyes dimmed.

His voice was low and vexed.

“The wind was too strong, so I thought of using the carriage to block the wind while I hid inside to roast some crickets to satisfy my hunger.

Who knew that the fire would hit the roof What a disaster!”

Wang Wen knew that it was a coincidence.

He did not continue with the conversation.

“Were going to the Immortal Slaying Platform.

Do you have any other way to get us to our destination before dawn You can have this gold nugget or exchange it for some copper coins.”

That persons eyes suddenly lit up.

He rolled his eyes.

He slapped his forehead and said, “Wait a moment; Ill go and borrow a mule! Its not any slower than a horse!”

Wang Wen did not care what method he used as long as he could get them there.

He watched as the man ran to the largest stone house in the center of the village, knocked on the door, and entered.

After a while, he led a creature that looked like a cross between a donkey and a horse from the back of the house.

Ren Ruoruo could not help but mock, “That village head takes on all kinds of business”

The man led the mule to the front of the carriage.

He deftly untied the burnt rope, tied it again, and then skillfully tied it around the horse.

Wang Wen looked at the carriage and asked, “Can we still use that carriage”

“Why now” The coachman patted the cart and said, “The frame is still good.

But theres no cover.

Dont mind that if youre in a hurry.”

The three of them looked at each other.

They got into the carriage silently.

The coachman half-heartedly helped the three of them into the carriage and sat down.

He forced himself onto the front seat, pulled the rope with both hands, and proudly shouted, “Lets go!” The mule slowly drew the carriage and began to move.

After running for a while..

In the carriage, Zhu Xingguo looked at the roof that was leaking air everywhere and asked Wang Wen, “Master, now that our progress is not consistent, do you think our journey will be difficult This carriage wont fall apart halfway, right”

Before he finished his words…

The entire vehicle creaked and whistled in unison.

Not long after that, the carriage rolled.

Wang Wen was speechless.

Zhu Xingguo was speechless.

Ren Ruoruo was speechless.

The coachman quickly pulled the mule to a stop and turned around to save the three distinguished guests, but he saw them hovering in the air.

His eyes widened in shock.

Wang Wen said expressionlessly, “Dont look so shocked.

Were from the martial arts community.

How can we not fly Look at the carriage.”

“Oh, oh!” The coachman felt those words were reasonable, so he quickly agreed and jumped off the carriage to chase after the wheel.

He finally caught up with the wheel and looked at the three, who were not moving.

He softly asked, “Can you get off the carriage and help me carry it”

Looking at the wheel and the seemingly omnipotent rope in the hands of the coachman, Ren Ruoruo said with uncertainty, “Youre going to repair it here Can you even do that”

“Yes, I can.” The coachman nodded his head repeatedly, looking very confident.

Then, Wang Wen spread his palm outward and raised it.

The carriage was lifted into the air by a pair of invisible hands.

The coachman had no time to be shocked.

He waved his hands and commanded, “Lower, lower.”

About ten minutes later.

The carriage was back on the road.

The bored Ren Ruoruo fed the mule some biscuits and apples.

The mule was delighted.

It walked as if it was flying.

It did not take long for the entire carriage to fall apart again.

Wang Wen was speechless.

Ren Ruoruo was speechless.

Zhu Xingguo was speechless.

The coachman was speechless.

“Thats weird, thats weird, its usually fine!” The coachman stood up, patted the dust off his trousers, and carefully studied the frame to see if there was any possibility of putting it back together.

Wang Wen stopped the coachman.

“Thats enough.

Dont waste your time.

Its just spiritual power.”

He put his hands together and pushed forward as he released some energy.

A completely new carriage appeared on the ground.

Apart from the bearings and other parts that had to be moved, everything else was integrated into that new carriage.

Some parts were fixed with iron plates and nails.

It was a carriage made by a Broken Might mechanism master.

It was more flexible, stronger, and lighter than the coachmans original carriage.

The coachman drooled as he stroked the frame with an intoxicated and envious expression.

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