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On the buildings second floor.

Jue Mingzi was anxiously pacing back and forth in a room filled with the aroma of tea.

“Master, this is not good, right” he would ask the old man who was quietly drinking tea at the table from time to time.

The old man held the teacup and said, “What kind of master is he if he cant even withstand this little bit of time”

“But theyre my guests, after all.

Isnt this a little rude” Jue Mingzis face was filled with embarrassment.

The old man chuckled.

“Only those who are respected are guests.

Those who are not respected are evil.

“If they are not guests, how can you be rude”

Jue Mingzi looked at the old man speechlessly.

He felt very helpless about his masters strange character.

Outside the small building.

Wang Wens ears twitched.

He retracted his attention and smiled at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, saying, “Looks like were not welcome here.

Lets go with the plan, then.

Lets move.”

“Is this the place” Ren Ruoruo looked around in surprise.

On the way here, they had already discussed a rough plan.

Wang Wens initial thought was that since the Fair Exchange was based on the amount of spiritual power consumed by the creation and not the value of the item itself, the spiritual power would be deducted.

Then he would use his mind to create the most expensive item and destroy the World Tower.

Later, he discovered that the Fair Exchange was used to control the price of items.

For example, diamonds could not be sold for a high price.

If he only relied on diamonds to exchange for points in the Fair Exchange, Wang Wen would only be able to exchange 100 million points if he did not eat or drink for 24 hours a day.

The word collapse was not even worth mentioning, let alone the astronomical number required to exchange for power.

Items made of mental power were fake unless made real through the Fair Exchange, and the items made through the Fair Exchange could not be taken out of the tower.

Therefore, he could only keep his eyes on the levels in the tower.

Valuable items were valuable.

If those items could not be sold in the World Tower, they could sell it elsewhere.

He wanted to find some valuable items at the checkpoints and use the most primitive method of bartering to exchange for items of equal but not equal value.

After that…

He wanted to destroy the World Tower!

In short, it was just one word.


However, they could not find anything valuable after entering that checkpoint.

That was a little awkward.

Furthermore, the progress on the 500th floor was so slow that it was obvious the tower was trying to dissuade them.

Wang Wen had kept Ren Ruoruos chance to skip level unused.

In addition to being worried that there would be a checkpoint that he really needed to skip in the future, he was also worried because he wanted to compete with the World Tower.

The more it persuaded them to retreat, the more they would not do that.

As long as it did not completely stop them.

He had to give it a try.

Thus, after a discussion, they decided to use gold to pave the way.

They would ask about valuable items and the possible progress of the checkpoint.

Wang Wen waved his hand, and a halo spread out from where the three were standing.

It quickly swept across the open, flat ground, covering the ground with a layer of gold bricks.

He said to Ren Ruoruo, “Look at how good the environment is.

Its spacious and grand.

It must be very presentable.

This is it.”

Zhu Xingguo rubbed his wrists and shook his arms.

He sat on the ground and spread his hands, saying, “Come on, Master, Im ready!”

Ren Ruoruo realized that the two were ready.

Shaking her head helplessly, she took out the Great Sage and transformed.

She somersaulted and flew into the distance.

Within an hour.

Wang Wen and Zhu Xingguo had made more than a thousand gold plates of similar size, each weighing more than ten grams.

They could make real gold in about three seconds if the two worked together.

According to the World Towers purchase price, the cost of gold was slightly higher than that of diamonds.

A diamond could only be sold for 6.4 million points.

Making gold nonstop could sell for nearly 6.5 million points.

Other than feeling dizzy and listless, having backaches, and consuming a lot of mental energy, gold was worth much more than diamonds!

The pale-faced Wang Wen was lying on the ground with the help of Zhu Xingguo.

He closed his eyes to rest.

He only felt nauseated; his head was spinning, and he had a splitting headache.

He had less than 30 percent of his combat power left.

Ren Ruoruo, on the other hand, was rolling back and forth.

She kept bringing people back.

There were farmers and merchants among those people.

There were luxuriously dressed officials and martial artists in tight-fitting clothes.

Everyones legs went soft for a moment when they landed.

Then they were blinded by the golden light.

Everyones first question was, “I can get gold just by answering your question”

They got an affirmative answer.

Some people stated that they could ask whatever questions they wanted.

Some people claimed to be all-knowing scholars, and exchanging information for gold could bankrupt them!

In the end, they were stumped by the first question.

What was more valuable than gold

The people looked around at the buildings around them and thought,Did they f*cking bring us to the top of the mountain to discuss Daoism

Were those sects so good at playing

If they had known earlier, they could have exchanged a few more years of studying for some gold and made a fortune.

Some were very sad.

Their faces were full of worry as they thought hard about that question.

On the other hand, one man dressed like a scholar was very proud.

He held his head high and puffed out his chest as he asked for a bag.

What was more valuable than gold Integrity, loyalty, filial piety, courtesy, honor, and shame.

Ren Ruoruo dragged him out before he could finish speaking.

Then, they knew that the answer to that question was a physical object.

The people immediately became more enthusiastic.

They fought to answer the question with answers like pearls, corals, agate, salt, jade seals, and so on.

The more Wang Wen listened, the more erratic he became.

He opened his eyes and pulled the one who shouted salt.

He waved his hand and condensed a small piece of salt in his left palm.

He then held a gold nugget of similar size in his right hand and asked the person, “Which one do you want”

The man stared at the salt with wide eyes.

He said, “Salt.”

However, he hesitated when he looked at the small piece of salt.

No matter how expensive, salt could never be more expensive than gold.

The density of gold was almost ten times that of salt.

Gold was referred to by its weight, not volume.

Wang Wen threw the man who drooled as he tried to grab the gold.

Wang Wen solemnly explained to everyone.

“More valuable than gold is not just a concept.”

It was of high value.

Seeing that everyone was still confused and did not understand what was happening…

Wang Wen helplessly grabbed the gold nugget and gestured to everyone.

He compared the sizes.

That was the last and crudest method.

If a gold nugget could not be exchanged for an item of the same size, then the item was more expensive than gold.

Everyone came to a sudden realization.

But what followed was a long silence.

Ren Ruoruos Great Sage cooldown period was about to begin.

He planned to have her send them back.

Suddenly, a man dressed as an official said, “I have a piece of information that might not be accurate.

The State Preceptor has an Immortal Stone used for cultivation.

Its the size of a thumb and is said to be worth more than a thousand gold coins!”

“An Immortal stone” Wang Wens eyes lit up.

The official looked around and said, “Its not a big secret.

Many high-ranking officials and nobles know that the State Preceptor practices on the Immortal Slaying Platform every morning.

He always has the Immortal Stone in his hand.

Rumor has it that to get the Immortal Stone, he spent a lot of manpower and resources digging it out from deep inside the mountain.

So far, no one else has seen it.”

Wang Wen and the other two looked at each other.

He smiled.

Ren Ruoruo somersaulted and sent the man off.

The official who received a gold plate laughed so hard that his eyes could not even close.

The rest of the crowd was also symbolically given one as a token of appreciation.

Everyone was happy.

When she returned, she said to Wang Wen, “Ive found out the location of the Immortal Slaying Platform.

Its not far from here.

Theres a carriage at the foot of the mountain.

If we set off now, well be able to reach it before dawn.”

Wang Wen rose to his feet and dusted the soil from his body.

His mood had improved.

Zhu Xingguo kept all the remaining golden nuggets for the Fair Exchange.

Just as they were about to set off.

The door of the small building behind him opened.

Jue Mingzi supported an old man as they walked out.

When the old man saw the gold nuggets on the ground, he pretended to be enraged and said, “You are guests, but you are treating this like your family home and causing a ruckus.

You are so rude!”

Wang Wen smiled.

He waved his hand and scattered the gold nuggets on the ground.

He led Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo out the door without saying anything.

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