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Chapter 19: The Pitiful Security Department

“Im suspected of murder” Wang Wen showed a frightened expression.

“Who did I kill”

“The leader of that group of people is dead.

According to the testimony of the witnesses at the scene, you were the one who killed him!” The female guard looked impatient.


Wang Wen turned to look at the dean in confusion.

“Sir, I dont understand.

The gangsters attacked me with a knife.

The guards didnt arrest them but instead came to arrest me, the victim.

Even if one of the gangsters died, he deserved it.

Do I have to die to prove my innocence”

“Youre twisting the facts!” the female guard shouted angrily.

When the dean heard Wang Wens question, he stood up and said coldly, “I have been the dean for 17 years.

I dont think Im bad at teaching.

However, today, I feel ashamed because I cant answer my students question.

So, I want to ask the Regional Security Department if he is a good citizen or a criminal Did he uphold justice or defend evil”

The female guard was stunned.

“Dean, dont misunderstand us.

We are just doing our jobs.”

“Dont say anything else.”

The other guard straightened his hat and said, “Bring him back to the headquarters.

They must cooperate with the investigation whether they are the victim or the suspect.”

The dean still wanted to say something.

The guard saluted him and said goodbye, “Sorry for disturbing you.” You dont have to send me off.

Wang Wen cooperated and followed the guards.

When they reached the door, he turned around and said to the dean, “Thank you, Sir.”

It proved that the academy was still a place that was fair and willing to help the students.

However, one still had to be strong enough to reason with someone else.

He followed the guards out of the academy.

Many students were watching.

Some of them were familiar faces.

Yu Zhis expression was complicated, and the skinny boy seemed worried.

Cheng Qiaoyi, who had been comforting him, gave Wang Wen an OK sign that no one understood.

Wang Wen did not think much about it and calmly followed the guards into the car and left.

He already had a plan to get away, so he was not worried that he would be bothered by such a small matter.

He would just have to go with the flow.

He had been above the law in his previous life as a world-class tower climber, so he had never looked at those guards.

However, he had returned to the past alone; he was not strong, nor did he have his team with him.

The old man told him that the First Consortium would not cooperate with him.

His ideal and familiar path had been severed.

He had to find another way.

He had no one else in the world.

He might as well go to the Regional Security Department to see if there was a suitable candidate.

The Regional Security Department had a natural advantage over the World Tower.

Their personnel were well-trained, physically strong, and had strong personalities.

They would be excellent climbers.

Unfortunately, the Regional Security Department also had a natural disadvantage—poverty.

The Regional Security Departments financial resources were insufficient compared to the various large groups.

As a result, they were limited in their ability to enter the tower and sacrifice themselves.

The term elite was mainly used to describe someone who could sweep through the floors.

Even if they had the basic skills, they might not be able to surpass the elite teams that those climbers trained with all their might.

The reason was simple.

The elite teams to survive and stand out from the countless lives they had fought to enter the tower.

Of the 100 million tower climbers, some could break through the 200th floor.

Then, out of those, only some could break through the 300th floor.

Then, only some could break through the 400th floor.

Then, even fewer could break through the 500th floor.

Finally, they would gather those who could reach more than the 500th floor and put them into a team to challenge those at a higher level than them.

That kind of training model was invincible.

The Regional Security Department did not have that many people to send to the tower.

Therefore, since ancient times, the Regional Security Department had struggled to survive through the cracks.

Any large group could order them around.

When they encountered tower climbers, they would most likely offend them.

It was fine if those climbers did not pass the 300th floor as weapons could still play a role.

If they had gone above the 300th floor, it would be difficult to subdue them unless the guards had heavy weapons.

As for the tower climbers above the 300th floor…

They were either larger organizations treasured climbers or human-shaped tanks with unusual strength.

The Regional Security Department was powerless to do anything to them.

The World Security Headquarters had also made up their minds to form a high-level or super-high-level tower climber force.

Unfortunately, the price of a dead guard was too high.

The security headquarters did not dare to enter the tower and risk their lives recklessly.

At most, they could only advance slowly and steadily.

They did not have the money to buy intelligence, but they did not dare to charge.

That caused the tower climbers in the security department to be stuck on two to three hundred floors.

They would retreat at the slightest danger and could not break through the higher floors.

The source of the problem was simple to identify.

However, there was no way to solve it.

Wang Wen had arrived.

He detected a scent as soon as he entered the Regional Security Departments gate.

A scent.

The aroma of spicy hot pot.

Members of the Regional Security Department were sharing a meal.

He could see meat next to plates of vegetables.

One or two plates of good fish meat could even be seen in a hidden corner!

“What are you up to” When the lead guard who led Wang Wen into the building noticed that, he asked, “Why are we having a hotpot today Did our superiors buy this”

“Its not the higher-ups.”

“Its Tiansheng Group,” said a guard with a forced pout, his mouth stuffed with tofu, radishes, cabbage, and meat.


The lead guard was taken aback.

Then he nodded and led Wang Wen to the interrogation room.

A few people entered the room at that point.

One of them was dressed in the uniform of the departments deputy chief.

As he smelled the food, he smiled happily.

“I havent been here in a few days, but the food here is getting better and better.

Youre even eating hotpot now!”

All the guards who had their heads buried in their food put down their bowls and chopsticks and saluted the person who had just arrived.

The deputy chief did not waste his breath and waved for everyone to continue eating.

When he saw the lead guard leading an unfamiliar face into the interrogation room, he walked forward and asked, “Did you just catch him What did he do ”

The lead guard rolled his eyes and replied, “A local gangster died four days ago.

He was the one who made the witness statement.

We brought him back for questioning.”

The deputy chief looked at Wang Wen in surprise.

“A tower climber”

The lead guard did not make a sound.

Wang Wen said, “Im just a student at the academy.”

The deputy chief frowned.

“Why did you kill him”

“I didnt even know he was dead.”

Wang Wen looked at the lead guard beside him and said, “At that time, more than a dozen people surrounded me and attacked me with knives.

I defeated myself and escaped back to the academy.

My injuries were too severe, and I lost consciousness when I returned to the infirmary.

I had been lying in the hospital for three days when I woke up.

The moment I returned to the academy, these guards brought me here.”


When the lead guard noticed the deputy chiefs frown deepening, he said, “Deputy Chief Jiang, that is just his one-sided statement.

The exact details are still awaiting interrogation.”

“Ive told you the truth.

Countless witnesses could help me testify.

The teachers, students, department heads, and the dean can do that too because the incident happened at the entrance of our academy.” Wang Wen did not mention the First Consortiums intelligence department because he did not want to receive too many favors at that stage.

It would be even more difficult for her to act in the future if he received too many favors.

Those were minor issues to the First Consortium, so they might not even need to act.

They only needed to open their mouths and requested the guards to let him go.

Furthermore, that was just a small matter.


The deputy chief finally could not listen anymore.

He slammed the door frame and scolded the lead guard.

“How can you handle a case like this” How would that make us look Let him go! You can go catch those gangsters and ask them instead!”

“Deputy Chief Jiang.”

The lead guard realized that the situation was not going well.

He moved closer to the deputy chief and said softly, “This is a direct order from the Chief.

Tiansheng Group even invited us to eat hotpot.”

As he spoke, his finger pointed at the tables that the other guards surrounded.

Steam rose from the tables and wound like a carefree snotty-nose child in the air.


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