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Level progress reached 136.99 percent.

Level 360 cleared.

Once the progress was complete, there were only five minutes left.

Wang Wen and the others discussed for a while and decided to return to the cabin to eat, drink, and eat.

He did not know when he would next encounter so much luxurious food.

It was not a good idea to always eat dry food and instant noodles.

The group turned around and walked toward the dining hall.

The Captain pulled the first mate aside and led a group of underlings to follow Wang Wen like a shadow.

The first mate looked like he was constipated.

He went up to Wang Wen and said, “Omnipotent God, please forgive my ignorance.”

There were only slightly more than four minutes left before the teleportation.

Wang Wen was in a hurry.

He quickened his pace and walked around the man.

He completely ignored what the other party was saying.

The first mates face reddened.

He turned around and jogged in front of Wang Wen.

He gritted his teeth and knelt.

“Omnipotent God…”

Wang Wen snapped his fingers, and the first mates body froze, unable to move in a kneeling position.

Even his voice was stuck in his throat.

The group went around him and entered the dining hall.

The dining hall was a mess, with overturned tables, chairs, and tables scattered everywhere.

All kinds of food scraps, drinks, and sauces were scattered on the floor and then stepped on by countless shoes into the shape of oil paintings.

No one cared.

When they saw Wang Wen, they raised the lobster in their hands and shouted.

Wang Wen did not want to waste his limited time with that group of people, so he waved his hand and created a pile of gold.

The pure gold color dazzled peoples eyes.

“Take it,” he said to the stunned crowd.

“Take as much as you can.”

The crowd pounced on the golden mountain.

Some smart people used tablecloths to wrap the gold in it and carried it on their shoulders.

The Captain looked at the first mate, frozen on the deck, and shook his head helplessly.

He hurried to Wang Wens side.

They seemed to be looking for something to eat, so he said, “We have a chef who can roast beef very well.

Do you want to try it”

“Forget it; I dont have the time.” Wang Wen shook his head.

The Captain looked at them hurriedly stuffing food into their bags or mouths and was a little puzzled.

“Why are you so anxious Weve cleared the iceberg, so you can enjoy these delicious foods for the rest of the journey! Theyre all free for you.

We wont let anyone insult you again.”

Wang Wen did not have time to pay attention to him.

Zhou Shengsheng stuffed a big piece of beef into his mouth and said, “We have completed our mission to save you and will be leaving soon.

As I said before, clearing the iceberg will consume too much energy.

Please forgive us for eating some of your food as a last resort.”

“Of course, of course.

Please feel free to do as you please.” The Captain looked at them, then turned to look at the huge golden mountain not far away.

His eyes were full of surprise.

‘So there are gods in the world, and they will return to heaven

A figure rushed into the dining hall.

It was the do-not-disturb-me guy.

He came to Wang Wen and the others, bent his knees, put his hands together, and begged.

“Big Brother, please bring me along!”

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled.

“Didnt you say that youve had enough of this level Why didnt you leave after we cleared the level”

The man grinned.

“The more people, the merrier.

I also want to improve myself.”

“Its time.” Wang Wen called for the drone and announced they would go to the next floor.

The drone lowered its scanning beam and formed a portal in the air.

Everyone walked in.

Zhou Shengsheng waved at the Captain and said, “Hey! Do-not-disturb-me!”

The man was shocked and rushed into the portal, shouting, “Hey, hey, hey, Im not in the group yet! Big—”

The white light rose.

The figures disappeared.

When they reappeared…

The four reached the 361st floor.

It was the long-lost explosive-making checkpoint.

While Zhou Shengsheng was studying the explosives, he said to Wang Wen, “You left so much gold.

I think the price of gold will plummet.”

Wang Wen, who was resting with his eyes closed, decisively dispersed all his mental energy and nodded.

“Its all good now.”

Zhou Shengsheng was stunned.

He reached into his pocket and touched it.

He looked embarrassed.

“So I can control the duration of these things”

Wang Wen closed his eyes to rest.

He did not say anything else.

Even if he did not do anything, Ren Ruoruo could easily handle that.

If it did not work, then he would just let Zhu Xingguo crack it.

He was like a bull anyway.

Everyone was getting stronger, and the process of climbing the tower, which had been difficult for many people, had become easier.

They often rested during the safe period on an extreme-level floor.

Other than that, they would charge through the levels at full speed.

The 370th floor was cleared without any hindrances.

The additional personnel seemed to be a leading member of a large consortium.

They were not weak and had a good attitude.

He clenched his palm when he saw Wang Wens progress.

He was so frightened that he fainted.

Wang Wen and the others, who had planned to form a team to climb the tower together, gave up on him.

The 380th floor…

As Wang Wen and the others were charging at the tower too quickly, no one could keep up with the teams progress.

WanG Wen slept during the safe period and did not get to see any new members.

The drone flew around anxiously.

It thought it had given that group of people too much time to rest.

However, it was helpless.

It was also fuming with anger.

In the end, it was still Wang Wen who pitied the drone.

At the same time, it did not want to wait any longer, so it announced that it would activate the checkpoint without waiting for anyone.

After a good nights sleep, Wang Wen cleared the stage even faster.

It was early in the morning on Thursday.

The party had already reached the 400th floor.

All tower climbers who arrive on the 400th floor for the first time could choose one of the five basic skills to master.

If they were already a master, their skills would be strengthened.

Ren Ruoruo was on the verge of a breakdown.

She did not know there was such a segment.

She crouched on the ground and cried sadly.

Wang Wen consoled her.

“Dont be disappointed.

That reward was only an enhancement.

It doesnt help you to get to the Broken Might level.

Many people might not even reach that even if they become masters.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Mo Ran.”

Ren Ruoruo raised her head and looked at Wang Wen with teary eyes.

“What about you, Captain Have you done it”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Ive just chosen combat physical fitness.

But I dont feel like I can reach that level yet.

I think Im still far from achieving that.

The reward for the 400th floor seems more suitable for someone to master their skills.”

Perhaps his journey had been too smooth.

As a result, his expectations of the 400th floor were too high.

He thought that that trip would complete the magnificent feat of breaking through the five skills.

Unfortunately, the 400th floor was only that.

People gave him the title of half-step earth immortal.

He was only a half-step from being immortal on earth.

One could not turn into a true immortal instantly.

When Zhou Shengsheng noticed they had finished their conversation, he gently pulled on Wang Wens sleeve and smiled apologetically.

“Captain, can I follow you for a few more floors”

“No,” Wang Wen said, looking at him expressionlessly.

“Dont be like that.” Zhou Shengsheng smiled weakly and said, “It doesnt matter if I join the team, right”

Wang Wen said,”I brought you along because I promised Mo Ran.

Ill have fulfilled my promise once we reach the 400th floor.

Its not in my interest to go any higher with you.”

“What interest” Zhou Shengsheng did not understand.

“Your father had not even apologized for bombing me with a missile,” Wang Wen said honestly.

“Ill definitely settle that score with him.

If I bring you higher than the 400th floor, and you return with your father to deal with me, would I not be shooting myself in the foot”

“This…” Zhou Shengsheng tried his best to think.

“How do you think we should settle that debt I can go and talk to my dad!”

“You cant make the decision.

I want the entire First Consortium.

Can you give me that” Wang Wen shook his head.

Zhou Shengsheng laughed.

“I thought it would be a troublesome request! I was afraid that youd say you want my dads life.

The First Consortium Our family has already ruled that whoever reaches the 600th floor first will be the leader.

If you bring me to the 600th floor, Ill give you the company! Isnt that a good deal”

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