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The lady was stunned.

“Why” she shouted in a high voice.

“Why” Wang Wen gestured to Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo with his chin and asked, “What do you think”

“There are so many people here.

How did you recognize me” The ladys face turned pale.

Zhu Xingguo seized the opportunity and shouted, “You said you thought it was dirty, but you still ate the cake after it fell onto the ground.

Ill remember how shameless you were even if you turned into ashes!

Wang Wen nodded in agreement with his disciples words.

The wealthy lady jumped and shouted in exasperation, “Its just a few pieces of gold! Whats so great about that”

She was done talking.

She rolled her eyes.

Looking at the gold on the ground, she quickly picked up a piece, turned around, and ran.

She had just run two steps.

She was smashed on the head by a shelf of snacks and accessories.

She fell to the ground with a plop.

A tall man whose suit had been torn to pieces quickly walked forward and scolded, “You dare to snatch my gold! Youre looking for death!”

The man picked up the gold from the ground.

Before he turned around, he even kicked the lady.

He kicked her so hard that she curled up into a ball.

Zhou Shengsheng walked back to Wang Wen.

His expression seemed very complicated.

Looking at the fighting scene, he said, “In the end, strength is more effective than means.

Ive tried so hard to talk to them, but in the end, Im not even as good as the coins you casually scattered.

How did all those gold coins become real gold”

Wang Wen looked at him and smiled without saying anything.

Zhou Shengsheng slapped his forehead, knowing that he had asked too much.

He stopped speaking

He looked at the group of demons dancing around the dining table.

The waiter at the counter looked at the crazy crowd, then at Wang Wen, who was like a god who had descended to the mortal world.

Finally, he secretly glanced at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who were beside him.

He swallowed his saliva and quietly turned around to slip away.

Wang Wen glanced at his figure.

He snapped his fingers.

The waiters body suddenly froze, and he could not move.

The man was so frightened that he cried loudly.

He could not turn his head and could only cry for help from the Captain, who was not far away.

The Captain sighed after he regained his senses.

“Youre fired for disrespecting our distinguished guest,” he said coldly to the waiter.

He then went to Wang Wens side and bowed respectfully, saying, “Master, please withdraw your magical power.

The disappearance of the iceberg was undoubtedly your doing.

Were convinced of that!

Wang Wen looked at him strangely and said, “What does it have to do with me whether youre convinced Im just doing my job, paying the bill, eating normally, and throwing a person into the sea normally.”

As he spoke.

He hooked his finger and walked out.

The waiter, who could not move, also floated out the door.

The captain and the others expressions changed.

He quickly chased after him.

Zhu Xingguo excitedly jogged to the deck, waiting for a good show.

Wang Wen hooked the man and walked to the side of the ship.

The waiters body floated over the guardrail above the sea.

He looked at the dark and cold sea under his feet and screamed in pain.

“Master! Even though he was fired for disrespecting our distinguished guests, he is still a man of status—” The Captain tried to stop him.


The waiters shrieks gradually drifted away.

In the end, with a splash, they heard some gurgle from the sea.

The waiter, who had opened his mouth and wanted to throw them into the sea, had been thrown into the sea.

It was a good thing that the rest had asked for benevolence.

Wang Wen turned around and looked at the Captain in confusion.


The Captain was speechless.

The god-like figure used his magical power to throw the person into the sea so easily that even the people close to the waiter did not dare to say anything.

However, the Captain, first mate, and others, who were used to giving orders, found that the other party did not care about their opinions.

They felt a little upset.

That was especially so for the first mate, who was young and had held a high position.

He did not dare make a sound when he saw his former crew member getting killed.

He noticed the strange gazes of his subordinates out of the corner of his eye, and his mind was filled with grievances.

He was about to open his mouth and say something to regain prestige.

A ghostly cry and howl came from the control room.

“Iceberg! Its an iceberg!”

At the same time, the communication device in the first mates hand rang.

“Report! An iceberg has been discovered!”

The first mate noticed the mocking smile on Zhou Shengshengs face.

He felt a little embarrassed by his subordinates panic.

No matter what, navigation should be his profession.

Why did he let outsiders mock him

He picked up the communicator and reprimanded his subordinate.

“If youve discovered one, then so be it.

Why are you panicking”

The bright searchlight on the control floor turned on with a click.

The man replied, “Its huge!”

Upon hearing that, everyone on the deck ran to the bow to look.

There was a huge black shadow in front of them.

The strong searchlights could only barely illuminate a little bit of the ice.

There were mountains on both the left and right sides.

The Captains expression changed drastically, and he shouted in shock, “Impossible! This sea route has been open for more than ten years, and there has never been such a huge iceberg! There shouldnt be many large mountains nearby.”

The first mate shouted, “Turn! Change direction immediately!”

“Right rudder!”

The communicator roared.

“Right rudder full!”

“Slow down!”

The first mate shouted.

The communicator roared, “Engine lowered to the lowest!”

A drop of sweat rolled down the first mates forehead.

He looked at the Captain helplessly and asked, “Should I drop the anchor”

“Its too late,” the Captain shook his head.

As expected of an experienced captain.

It was too late to take any emergency measures.

At their speed, even if the ship were completely horizontal, the huge inertia would cause it to move sideways and hit the iceberg.

A hint of despair rose in the Captains eyes.

He turned to look at the masters, who had been arrogant.

At that time, he could only pin his hopes on those outsiders and hope for a miracle.

On the other side…

Zhou Shengsheng received the data from the drone.

The icebergs progress was ten times higher than the last time!

It was worth 500 points!

Did it mean it was also ten times larger than the previous one

Zhou Shengsheng looked at Wang Wen worriedly and asked, “Its massive this time.

Are you confident”

He thought Wang Wen would pat him on the shoulder and say, “Dont worry.”

However, Wang Wen shook his head and said, “Its too big; I cant get it off.”

Zhou Shengsheng was dumbfounded.

“Master, lets jump off the ship!” Zhu Xingguo shouted.

Ren Ruoruos eyes flickered.

“Theres still 50 percent progress left.

We can try to save these people.

As long as we can save 5000 people, we can clear the level and leave!”

Not far away, the first mate, who had been paying close attention to them, could not understand their conversation.

But there were only a few words that he understood.

It was too big.

They could not get rid of it!

The first mate was both happy and sad.

He was happy that he could finally expose the other partys disguise.

The sad thing was that he felt like he was about to die.

His emotions were complicated, and he could not help but jump out and point at Wang Wen and the others, shouting, “Now that weve found the iceberg, you guys should get rid of it! Dont tell me that you guys were a bunch of complete liars.”

Wang Wens gaze passed through the first mate and looked at the iceberg in the distance.

He ignored the man and said to Zhu Xingguo and the other two, “Theres no hurry.

Itll drain me dry if I remove such a large iceberg, but its not a problem to open a path in front.”

When he was done speaking…

He raised the index finger of his right hand and cut at the iceberg behind the first mate.

A ray of golden light suddenly appeared in the night sky.

It was like a golden blade that connected the sky and the earth, cutting through the clouds and the night and landing on the iceberg.

The boundless behemoth quietly split into two halves from the middle, and the sea surface only rippled a few times before returning to calmness.

The people on the ships bow only saw that their field of vision, which the shadows had blocked, suddenly became wide.

The cruise ship steadily passed through the specially opened sea route.

The two divided icebergs protected the left and right sides, creating a beautiful canyon-like scenery.

Everyone was mesmerized.

They were dazed by the scenery of that ghostly work and by that divine power that could split the heavens and earth.

The first mates eyes followed that line of sight.

After personally witnessing Wang Wens technique, he looked at Wang Wen as if he had seen a ghost.

“That was… You… How did you do it”

At that moment.

At the control room above.

The man scratched his ears and cheeks in the cold wind as he pondered.

The golden saber had awakened the do-not-disturb-me guy, and he was brimming with fanatical excitement.

He leaned on the guardrails and shouted at Wang Wen and the others, “I knew it! You must be immortal! You must have reached at least the 600th floor!”

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