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It was just like what he thought.

Spiritual power was about energy.

Poison control was about control.

The mechanism technique was about an objects structure.

Scientific decipherment was about essence.

Wang Wen could already create things out of thin air with just three Broken Might skills.

What kind of realm would he reach with the addition of scientific decipherment

Even he could not explain the details.

It was the same feeling that Ren Ruoruo had mentioned.

It was profound.

That was an indescribable feeling that only the person involved could experience.

Wang Wen only knew that the objects he had created were invisible.

It was as if 3D modeling had stickers and rendering, and all external materials could be made, thanks to science decipherment.

It was identical to the real thing.

The item he created would not vanish as long as he had enough energy to sustain it.

At the end of the day, the universe is composed of matter.

When he had the scientific discernment to see through the essence of all things, it was as simple as turning over his hand to create all things.

It was simply a matter of how much energy he possessed.

But even so…

Wang Wen could still sense that his mastery of the fourth skill was insufficient.

True creation was just one of the most common abilities derived from the four Broken Might levels.

That included the time when he broke through the nature of the speed mechanism and realized the outcome instantly.

There were still many techniques to be discovered in the vast information space covered by the four Broken Might levels.

It also had the scientific decipherment spell.

The difference between that and Ren Ruoruos single thought was that when she saw the question, she knew the answer right away.

Wang Wen could make the answer come true after seeing the question.

For example, the question that Ren Ruoruo saw was, “How many apples are there on the tree” There were two apples.

So she knew the answer.

She could also tell others that the answer to that question was two apples.

As for Wang Wen.

He could take those two apples out of the question and eat them.

He could even give one to Ren Ruoruo and tell her to eat one with him.

Ren Ruoruo could not figure out how Wang Wen had done it.

It was like comparing different dimensions.

Wang Wen even speculated that the final form of the four Broken Might levels was very likely to be absolute command.

As long as he had enough energy, such as physical strength, mental strength, and combat fitness.

In the restaurant.

He looked at the gold coins on the ground.

Everyone was frozen.

Some in the crowd looked at the gold coins that rolled to their feet, and their throats trembled.

People who could afford tickets for a cruise were mostly wealthy and powerful.

He had an extremely accurate eye for that.

Based on the color and size of the gold coin and even the sound of the impact, he could roughly estimate the value of a gold coin.

If nothing unexpected happened…

That entire place was freaking pure gold!

The people who saw that were going crazy.

The tickets that they had thought were expensive—a dozen gold coins!

And there were so many of them on the ground.

He randomly grabbed a handful.

They not only got their ticket prices back, but they also got more.

Who could resist temptation

A person with tens of millions of points might have purchased a ticket with 100,000 points.

The ground in front of him was covered in gold, and he could easily recover hundreds of thousands with a handful of gold.

Would he not be able to get half of his fortune if he grabbed a few more

Would it not be better to grab a few things there than to struggle for half a lifetime

Simply a few!

The wealthy people cursed in their hearts.

A middle-aged man in a fine suit was among them.

He could not help but bend down to pick up a few gold coins.

Before he could hide the gold coins in his pocket.

His hand was restrained.

The middle-aged man looked up.

It was the God of Coins who had scattered gold coins.

Caught red-handed, he looked embarrassed and tried to explain, “Im in the jewelry business.

These gold pieces look pretty good.

I can help you appraise them for free.”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“You cant take those gold coins.

Theyre for the Captain.”

The middle-aged man was about to deny it.

“If you want it, Ill give it to you,” Wang Wen said.

After he finished speaking…

He casually waved his hand.

A large gold ingot the size of a dogs head fell into the middle-aged mans hand.

The middle-aged mans body swayed, and he almost fell forward.

He staggered a few steps and used all his strength to stabilize his body.

He was dumbfounded as he held the gold ingot, estimated to weigh more than ten kilograms.

He looked at Wang Wen in a daze.

He even forgot to put down the gold and relax.

Wang Wen smiled and said, “That gold is for you.

Dont you want it”

“For free” the middle-aged man asked in a daze.

“Of course not.

I need you to do something for me.” Wang Wen smiled even more happily.

The middle-aged man was disappointed, but he could not help his curiosity and asked, “Do what”

Wang Wen pointed at the dining table.

“I heard someone say they dont dare eat the food weve touched.

Do you dare Go to the counter and eat a piece of cake, and the gold is yours.”

“Are you serious” The middle-aged mans eyes lit up.

He rushed to the dining table, grabbed a piece of cake, and stuffed it into his mouth without any manners or grace.

The hearts of everyone present who saw that scene jumped violently.

As the middle-aged man swallowed, he turned to Wang Wen and said, “Ill keep my word; that gold is mine now!”

“Thats right.

Its yours.” Wang Wen nodded with a smile.

The middle-aged man could not help but howl at the top of his lungs.

His excitement was beyond words.

He was reluctant to put down the gold, so he grabbed another cake and stuffed it into his mouth.

He said, “Buy one, get one free; Ill give you an extra piece!”

Wang Wen waved his hand.

Another gold ingot of similar size appeared on the table in front of the middle-aged man, and the table began to tilt.

He was dumbfounded as he listened to Wang Wen say, “I cant let you suffer a loss.

Youll get a few pieces of gold.”

The middle-aged mans heart trembled.

He looked at the gold in his hand and the gold on the table.

His eyes flashed with madness.

He put down the gold in his hand and turned to pick up the plate full of cake.

A strange color appeared on his face, and his tone seemed to carry a hint of vanity.

He turned around and shouted to Wang Wen, “A piece of cake for a piece of gold! Ill keep my word!

After he received a positive answer.

He hugged the plate and started eating.

One piece after another.

Even if he choked, he would not let go.

Wang Wen rhythmically placed the pure gold pieces the size of a dogs head one after the other, even though the table could easily fall.

He even thoughtfully placed them at his feet.

The entire restaurant was filled with people.

They were all petrified.

The Captain and the first mate did not know what to say.

They looked at the golden light on the ground in a daze.

Finally, a second person in the crowd could not help but walk out and ask Wang Wen, “Im sorry to disturb you, but may I have some”

Wang Wen was amused when he heard that.

“You want gold too Sure, go and eat.”

Afraid of trouble, he simply turned his head and said to everyone, “Weve also touched lobsters.

That lobster counts too.

Half a lobster tail for a big piece of gold.

Anyone interested can go and eat it.”

The voice fell.

The third and fourth people rushed out.

The entire place was boiling.

Everyone rushed to the dining table.

Someone snatched the cake tray from the hands of the middle-aged man, who was still protecting his food.

He could only crouch on the ground and begin guarding the gold.

The people who had managed to snatch the cake shouted at Wang Wen, then shoved it into their mouths.

Wang Wen did not miss a single person.

As long as they ate the cake and lobster, he would reward them with a piece of gold the size of a dogs head.

The gold was obtained by a brawny man who cut the gold piece by piece with a table knife.

He was so excited after seeing the solid color inside that his neck turned red, and he sobbed as he hugged the gold piece.

The next second…

Everyone started to fight for the cake and lobster.

A well-dressed lady was lying on the ground, picking up cake pieces that someone had accidentally dropped, not caring about the dirty footprints and dust.

She stood up with a bunch of them and shouted at Wang Wen, “These broken pieces count, right I dont need one more gold!”

After she finished speaking, she stuffed a large handful of cake mixed with various vegetable leaves, peels, and food residue into her mouth and chewed.

Wang Wen looked at her quietly.

Only when the other party had completely swallowed it did he speak to her indifferently, “I almost forgot.

Everyone can do it, but not you.”

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