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His masters strength was abnormally and ridiculously strong.

Zhu Xingguo had long known that.

So every time he saw his master in action, there would be a group of people making a fuss.

He felt bored about that.

“Its only the 300th or 400th floors; is it really that important”

“My masters level is not even as high as mine back then!”

“So what”

“Are you trying to scare me”

“All of you have too little experience, so youre ignorant!”

“Im just curious.

Ill climb the tower with my master.

Im sure Ill be fine.”

Zhu Xingguo was bored.

He yawned and no longer paid attention to a certain person who was going crazy.

He turned to Ren Ruoruo and said, “Do you want to eat something Ill also get some food for Master.”

“Lets go, lets go.” Ren Ruoruo had been waiting impatiently for a long time, and she immediately agreed to such a good suggestion.

Her state of mind was very subtle.

Subconsciously, the tower had divided the team members into several different levels.

Their captain, Wang Wen, who was on the verge of becoming immortal, was naturally ranked first.

Then, she thought she would rank second.

She did not expect that a simple-minded person would appear in her team.

Like a stupid bull, he did not even spend money to learn mechanism techniques.

In the end, he even found a master.

He also became their invincible team leaders disciple.

So, Ren Ruoruo thought better of Zhu Xingguo.

She had been reduced to a level that was only slightly higher than Chen Hansheng and Zhou Shengsheng.

It was a pity that the good fate they had enjoyed along the way was wasted.

Therefore, when the five of them spread out to do their own thing, she did not take the initiative to express her opinion.

Even if Wang Wen left, there was still Zhu Xingguo on the field.

She subconsciously waited for Zhu Xingguo to determine the direction.

The reason for that phenomenon

In the end…

It was because Wang Wen had become too strong.

Ren Ruoruo was forced to admit defeat and submit to him.

She was as obedient as his disciple, Zhu Xingguo.

The two of them went down the stairs and returned to the cabin.

The do-not-disturb-me guy was left alone on the control deck.

It did not take long for the man to shiver from the cold.

However, he was still scratching his head and pondering.

In the control room.

Zhou Shengsheng pretended to be sorry.

The first mate finally snapped back to his senses.

However, he did not know what to say next.

The other partys intentions were too unexpected, and it seemed like nothing would match.

They were there to catch the scammer.

How did the scammer turn the tables on him

He wanted them to find another iceberg


What was he after

The first mate was puzzled.

The Captain, who was yawning earlier, was no longer sleepy.

Frowning, he walked to Zhou Shengsheng and asked solemnly, “Who are you people Did you really make the iceberg disappear”

Zhou Shengsheng laughed and said, “Lets put it this way.

It doesnt matter who destroyed the iceberg.

Whats important is that you guys have to help find another iceberg.

Itd be best if it were about the same size.

Can you do that”

The Captain and the first mate looked at each other.

“Ive been out at sea for so many years, but this is the first time Ive heard of such a request,” he said, shaking his head.

“All you need to do is find the iceberg,” Zhou Shengsheng said.

“Leave the rest to us.”

The first mate wanted to have the last word.

He retorted unwillingly, “Even if you cleared the iceberg, its too much to ask us to find another one.

How can you guarantee you can clear the iceberg in time next time Do you want all of us to risk our lives with you”

Zhou Shengsheng looked at the Captain and asked curiously, “How did he get this position Does he have a brain Im asking you to find an iceberg, not run straight into it.

You couldnt avoid it the last time because you werent prepared for it.

Cant you avoid it this time What risk are you talking about”

The man must have misunderstood.

After the reminder.

He immediately realized how ridiculous he was.

The first mates face instantly paled, and he was so embarrassed.

The Captain finally cleared his doubts.

To prevent his men from making fools of themselves again, he hurriedly said, “Leave it to us.

Well find an iceberg.

Go rest with your companions.

Enjoy the VIP treatment; all the food and drinks will be free.

Just ask the waiters.

You can also use any amount of chips in the entertainment room.

Well take the loss, and youll take the win until the iceberg appears.

Upon hearing that…

Zhou Shengsheng raised his eyebrows and nodded.

“Then Ill have to trouble everyone.”

In the cabin.

At the gourmet restaurant.

After the iceberg incident, everyone was a little frightened.

They were fearful.

It was easy to increase ones appetite.

The restaurant was filled with people.

Zhu Xingguo pulled Ren Ruoruo and forced her to the front of the buffet table with incredible difficulty.

When he saw the food on the table, he shouted excitedly, “God, such a big lobster! Its almost as thick as my arm!”

He grabbed half of the shrimp tail and started to gnaw on it.

He stuffed a piece of brown cake into his mouth with his other hand.

After chewing for a while, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he took another piece and continued to eat it.

At the same time, he shouted in a muffled voice, “What a delicious cake! The coffee is sweet! Ren Ruoruo, dont you like sweet things Try this! No, I have to pack some for my master.”

Ren Ruoruo looked at him; she was still terrified of the crowd they had to push through.

She carefully guarded her chest.

Some of the guests frowned in displeasure.

When she heard them talking, she turned around and realized what they were wearing.

One lady said to the waiter at the counter, “Are you guys allowing the maintenance people to dine here Theyre covered in dirt! If thats the case, Ill be extremely disappointed with this trip!

Ren Ruoruo looked up at the woman and snorted disdainfully.

She picked up the food and took small bites.

She even showed a satisfied expression.

On the other end, Zhu Xingguos mouth was full of food, holding a huge round plate in his hand.

Hearing the ladys voice, he looked at Ren Ruoruo curiously and said, “Wheres that person Ive never seen a ship repairman before.

How powerful must they be to be able to repair such a big ship”

Ren Ruoruo looked at him helplessly.

The lady covered her mouth and chuckled.

She looked at Zhu Xingguo as if she were looking at a pile of sh*t.

The waiter at the dining table also saw the duo.

Frowning, he asked, “Ive never seen the two of you before.

Youre not staff, are you Please tell me your name, and Ill check the guest list.”

Zhu Xingguos mouth stopped.

He pointed at himself in confusion.

The waiter nodded.

He swallowed his food and laughed.

“I am Sha Zhouleng.

I will never change my name.”

Ren Ruoruos body trembled.

She was shocked.

On second thought, she smiled and said, “My name is Ash, as in smoke that will turn into ashes.”

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