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The iceberg accounted for 50 percent of their progress.

It was only 50 percent.

After everyone recovered from the shock, they looked at the remaining 50 percent with worry.

Wang Wen did not understand why they were so worried.

He said, “This is half.

Lets find another one and finish it.”

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled.

“Master, didnt you say that this move is very energy-consuming Do we have to go through such a huge iceberg again”

Wang Wen was puzzled.

“Im only using a lot of energy for myself; what does it have to do with the iceberg The iceberg is essentially water, and water is not difficult to get.”

Zhu Xingguos eyes widened as he tried his best to improve his thinking level to catch up with his masters pace,

Ren Ruoruo, on the other hand, seemed to be deep in thought as she listened.

Her eyes flickered as if she had understood something.

Zhou Shengshengs expression was restless as he confirmed with Wang Wen.

“Can we really do it again If its possible, Ill go and act cool!”

“Why would I give you a chance to show off” Wang Wen looked at him, amused.

Zhou Shengsheng did not expect Wang Wen to say such a thing.

He was tongue-tied for a long time.

In his opinion.

With a wave of his hand, the heavens would collapse, the earth would split, the mountains would shift, and the seas would fill.

At Wang Wens level of strength, he could ascend on the spot and become a true immortal.

It was completely different from the so-called immortals who had climbed to the 500th floor.

How could a great immortal with such a noble status say such words


The main point was acting!

It was because he did not have it.


Why did he need to pretend

Zhou Shengsheng had never thought of snatching anything from Wang Wen.

He just thought that Wang Wen did not need it.

That was why he recommended himself.

Previously, he could only do that outside the tower.

He had never done it inside the World Tower.

Since he had the chance to do so inside the tower, he was too excited.

He did not expect someone to rain on his parade.

Wang Wen noticed that he was disappointed.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Im just teasing you.

Why should I pretend to be anything Do whatever you want to do.

My only aim is to clear the level.”

When Zhou Shengsheng heard that, he became happy again.

However, he confirmed with suspicion.

“Then I can go”

He looked back with every step he took.

He looked as if he was afraid that Wang Wen would go back on his words.

It was not until he entered the control room and saw the dazed Captain and the others that he was relieved.

He coughed twice to clear his throat.

Zhou Shengsheng said, “Dont worry, everyone.

Weve cleared the iceberg.

Please continue to sail, continue to play music, and dance.”

Just as he finished speaking,

Someone immediately asked, “You made the iceberg disappear That huge iceberg Who are you”

“You dont need to know who we were.

We worked together to clear the iceberg.

You just need to know that.” Zhou Shengsheng did not have much confidence, so he emphasized the word together.

As expected.

His weak confidence significantly reduced the credibility of his words.

The first mate beside the Captain looked at him suspiciously and asked, “If thats the case, its equivalent to you saving the entire cruise ship.

How should we thank you”

The first mate asked an excellent question.

On the surface, he expressed his gratitude in a manner that was neither humble nor overbearing.

In fact, he avoided a verbal argument to get to the truth of the matter and planned to ask the results before pushing the question back.

In his opinion.

Such a lie could be easily exposed.

He only needed to know what the other partys intentions were.

Whether it was money, fame, or beauty, the truth would immediately be clear as long as the other party reported their intentions.

The Captain understood the first mates question.

He gave him a look of admiration.

He gave the position to the ordinary helmsman and walked out of the room while yawning.

The Captain appeared to have been jolted awake by the ice mountain.

He was ready to go back and catch up on his sleep now that he had confirmed that he was no longer in danger.

The Captains admiring gaze made the first mate feel even more proud.

He cast a glance around at the crew members.

It was clear that as long as he heard the other partys answer, he would make a move to capture them.

The crew had been working together for many years, and two of them had blocked Zhou Shengshengs escape route.

The remaining people laughed maliciously.

They were equally unhappy.

Did he think they were stupid to believe that a human could clear the iceberg

That person was too bold to take advantage of their situation.

They had to come up with some tricks later!

In the control room.

Everyone was waiting for Zhou Shengsheng to continue speaking.

Zhou Shengsheng looked around and suddenly laughed.

He was unsure because Wang Wen, not him, had destroyed the ice mountain.

It was not fear.

Seeing everyone was on guard against him, he smiled and said, “If we are talking about gratitude, there is something I need to bother you with.”

One crew member took another step forward.

“Its no trouble at all; please speak.” The first mate smiled.

Zhou Shengsheng nodded.

“We still need to clear another iceberg.

So, I will have to trouble you to sail in the direction where one might appear.

Once you see an iceberg, inform us immediately so we can take action to clear it.”

The voice fell.

The room was silent.

Everyone, including the helmsman, was dumbstruck.

The Captain, who was yawning, stopped.

The crew members froze as they were about to make a move.

The first mates smile seemed to have been frozen into a statue by the frigid wind, and he even forgot to blink.

Zhou Shengsheng laughed as he looked at their dazed expressions, thinking he was not the only one shocked by Wang Wens work.

He thought for a moment, then pretended to be sorry and said to the first mate, “Its too much trouble, isnt it”

Everyone swallowed their saliva in unison.

Outside the control room.

Among the five tower climbers, Zhou Shengsheng went to have fun.

Wang Wen found a place to shelter from the wind and sat down to rest.

There were only three people left on the deck.

The previous do-not-disturb-me guy had an unnatural expression on his face.

He licked his teeth and gathered his courage to ask Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, “I apologize for my previous ignorance.

How many floors has your captain reached”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo looked at each other and said, “Im not sure how many floors he has reached, but the last time he climbed the tower, he climbed up to the 300th floor with us.

He even healed his body.

After that, we left the tower, and he stayed there alone for who knows how long.”

“Healing his body…” the guy repeated in a daze.

“Its a reward for the first three hundred steps.” Does that mean that was his first time

Zhu Xingguo shrugged.


It was my first time too.

Im not sure about the details.”

The do-not-disturb-me guys expression seemed to collapse, and he scratched his ears and cheeks in pain.

“It had nothing to do with your first time! Thats not the strength that can be obtained at the 300th level! Ive been in 359 for a whole year! Ive seen too many people climbing the 300th and 400th floors.

Even a half-immortal on the 400th floor cant destroy such a huge iceberg!”

“I dont know about that,” Zhu Xingguo replied casually.

His master was resting, and he did not want to disturb him.

The progress at that level was not something a newcomer like him could help with.

For a moment, he realized that he did not know what to do.

He yawned in boredom, thinking about whether he should find a bed to sleep in.

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