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Zhou Shengshengs eardrums almost burst.

He suspected that he was hearing things.

He picked his ear with his pinky.

Then, he tilted and patted his head.

It was as if doing so would make him more clear-headed.

However, before the buzzing in his head disappeared…

Wang Wen spoke again.

He smiled and said to the drone, “Are you kidding me Just because someone received an apple as a reward, you changed the apple to sh*t.

When we raised our doubts, you said that the reward is two portions of sh*t.

Do we care how many”

Ren Ruoruo, a professional tower climber and a refined beauty, was a little lost for that topic and covered her forehead in embarrassment.

However, Zhu Xingguo was worthy of being Wang Wens good disciple.

He immediately nodded in agreement.

“Right! Its not a matter of how many portions; its a matter of sh*t!”

The drone fell silent.

It was as if the World Tower had begun to think.

Wang Wen waited patiently as he casually shattered the layers of mental illusions that rose one after another.

Zhou Shengsheng looked at the drone in silence.

“Captain Wang, its good enough that theres a reward.

Theres no need to be so tense, right What if the World Tower got angry and decided not to give the reward It does set the rules.”

“How can skills below the 350th floor be considered extraordinary”Wang Wen snorted disdainfully.

“If its really such a trashy reward, then I dont need it.”

Zhou Shengsheng could not help but take half a step back.

He covered his mouth and almost cried.

‘Big brother, I want it even if you dont want it.

He felt sad.

However, the hidden reward was incurred by Wang Wen.

It was already very good to be able to fish in troubled waters while lying down and reaping benefits.

It was not convenient to question too much.

Zhou Shengsheng could only cover his mouth and stare at the drone.

He prayed that it would not be angered and run away.

In comparison, Wang Wen and the other two were much calmer.

They winked at each other and chatted.

“In other words, if someone triggered the hidden reward before that, they would not have raised the issue of special privileges,” Ren Ruoruo said softly.

Wang Wen nodded.

“Thats right.

Theres a high chance that its continuous.”

Zhu Xingguo clenched his fist in excitement.

“Why are we so lucky We can get the reward that others cant.”

Ren Ruoruo patted him and secretly glanced at Zhou Shengsheng, who was staring at the drone not far away.

She said softly, “We are lucky to have come across such a rare opportunity.

Its all thanks to Captain, who spent time studying the progress.

We are very lucky.”

Zhu Xingguo was smart; he nodded in agreement, “Yes, yes, yes! Were really lucky!”

Zhou Shengsheng, who was not far away, saw no movement from the drone.

In the end, the three of them were still chatting away.

“Captain Wang, it seems like the drone has gone silent,” he said to Wang Wen dejectedly.

“Will you give it back after youve offended the person”

“Youre the First Consortiums Young Master.

Do you really need to do that” Wang Wen looked at him with disdain.

Zhou Shengsheng widened his eyes and raised his voice, “Why not Thats a hidden reward! Hidden! Thats the first time I have seen such a thing.

Even if my strength had yet to increase by much, it should be enough to bluff people, right I dont even think Captain Lu has had the chance to do so!”

“Dont worry,” Wang Wen patted his shoulder and consoled him.

“Itll definitely be released, dont worry.”

Zhou Shengsheng frowned again.

“How do you know that How can you be so sure”

She realized that he did not believe her.

Wang Wen helplessly pulled the drone over and kicked it.

After a short while.

The drone slowly floated back to them.

It stopped above the group and fell silent.

“You see.” Wang Wen pulled the drone again and kicked it in front of Zhou Shengsheng, who was dumbfounded, “If I did not ask about the reward, the drone would have run away.

Why would it stay here and endure being teased Theyre obviously discussing countermeasures.”

Zhou Shengsheng was dumbfounded as he looked at the drone in the distance, flying back again.

It stopped at an altitude far away from Wang Wen, as if it was scared of being kicked, but it could not leave.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He watched as Wang Wen waved his hand in the air, pulled the drone down, and kicked it for the third time.

“Do you believe me” he turned around and asked.

He quickly went up to Wang Wen, who was about to kick the fourth device, and said, “I believe you, Captain Wang.

Please dont be like that.

My heart cant take it.”

“Relax, youre strong if you have no desires.” Wang Wen grabbed the stupid drone and handed it to him.

He asked concernedly, “Do you want to try it out”

Zhou Shengsheng felt like his head was about to explode.

He kept waving his hands and retreating to refuse.

“No, no, no, no,”

The First Consortiums Young Master almost died on the spot.

The mechanical voice finally sounded.

“After verification, the special privileges have been issued as a hidden reward and cant be selected again.

The tower climber who triggered the hidden reward can choose one of the following three rewards.

One, two types of transcendence skills below 350th floor.

Two, a unique supreme treasure from below the 350th floor.

Three, ignore any limit and forcibly raise a basic skill to the level of a Broken Might master.”

The mechanical voice echoed in everyones ears.

Wang Wen frowned.

Zhu Xingguo waved his fist in excitement.

There were stars in Ren Ruoruos eyes.

Zhou Shengshengs scalp went numb.

He gradually lost his mind and stood still on the spot.

It seemed like even his breathing had become difficult.

He was there to gather information.

There was indeed information.

There were still many.

Even his own gains seemed to be huge.

But for some reason, he felt as if his heart could not take it.

That group of climbers was so strange!

He always did things that people could not understand.

Then, the World Tower responded with some incomprehensible feedback.

That feeling was as if he was a virgin brought to a brothel for the first time.

He would have a great time playing with the brothel keeper, calling out to the girls he knew secretly.

He could only stand alone at the side, not knowing what to do.

How could that be

He was the First Consortiums Young Master, and he had access to a wealth of information.

He had nearly 400 levels, but he did not look down on the other team members.

Even if she were not the one leading the climb, she would be the main force.

In the end, they could not even get in.

The three always had their own way of doing things.

There was no logic, rules, or reason.

“What were you doing”

“I was just being modest when I said I would not drag you down!”

“Why are you all taking it so seriously

“It got more terrifying when I felt like it was about to become real!”

He stood alone at the side, looking at the three people who were close but seemed far away.

They were discussing the rewards among themselves.

At that moment, Zhou Shengsheng wanted to cry.

He wanted to go home.

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