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It was a house with a small, independent courtyard.

Liang Xiaobins license plate was recorded.

The guardrails automatically rose when he passed the gate, and a voice said, “Welcome home.”

It was somewhat ironic.

Wang Wen and the other three got out of the car and knocked on the door.

He was not worried that the driver would escape.

Strictly speaking, a driver who had lost his progress had no value anymore.

Not long after.

The courtyard door opened.

A woman looked at Wang Wen and the others in confusion.

Wang Wen smiled politely.


Director Liang had something to do.

He asked us to pick up Xiao Liang to meet him.”

The woman took out her phone and said, “Pick up our son Ill call him and ask him.”

Wang Wen spread his hands to indicate she was free to do as she pleased.

He was a professional tower climber.

Most of the time, he liked to follow the rules.

He liked rules.

That was because rules could solve chaos and make most things orderly and pleasing to the eye.

More importantly…

To a certain extent, abiding by the rules could prevent unnecessary complications.

The woman made a call, but the phone was turned off.

“Why is his phone turned off” she frowned.

“Maybe hes busy,” Wang Wen shrugged innocently.

The woman looked at the car parked outside.

It was his car, and it was also his driver.

She was less suspicious.

However, she still shook her head and said, “Why dont you ask him to call me and let me know He knows that our sons condition is not suitable for him to go out.

Why are you picking him up today Do you want to take him to see a doctor or something Ask him to come and tell me.”

The smile on Wang Wens face faded.

“Director Liang doesnt have the time.

Dont make us come here for nothing.”

As if she was used to ordering people around, the woman became angry when she heard that.

She pointed at Wang Wen and said, “What does it have to do with me that you guys ran for nothing” If you dont want to work, get lost! What kind of rubbish did he hire”

Wang Wen sighed softly.

He thought…

‘To hell with the rules.

He stepped forward and held the woman, who had fainted.

He helped her into the courtyard and leaned her against the flower bed.

The four of them entered the home in a single file.

Zhou Shengsheng, who was walking at the back, nodded to the driver in the car, then gently closed the door, leaving a gap.

He consciously stood by the door to keep watch.

Wang Wen took the lead and checked the rooms to find the person.

His mental power rendered all the servants and residents he encountered were rendered unconscious.

That was the benefit of climbing the tower.

As long as he was strong enough, he could do anything he wanted.

There was no need to worry about the aftermath.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo followed behind, collecting useful materials and putting them into their backpacks.

The only difference was that what Zhu Xingguo found were small things that could be used in machinery, such as springs, wooden boards, iron wires, rubber bands, and so on.

On the other hand, Ren Ruoruo filled hers with food and drinks, such as rice, drinking water, condiments, canned food, vegetables, and fruits that would not go bad easily, biscuits, bread, chocolate tea, coffee, instant noodles, and so on.

The two of them stuffed their backpacks full.

Then, while sweating profusely from exhaustion, they continued to make room reluctantly, choosing the least important things to throw away.

The three of them went all the way to the third floor, the top of the building.

Wang Wen found a room that was locked with a key.

He turned the key to open the door.

There was not much light inside.

It seemed like the windows were all barred, and the lights were not on, so it was very dark, and he could not see clearly.

Wang Wen had set up a transparent barrier around him and walked into the room.

Before his eyes could adapt to the darkness…

He heard a burst of laughter.

“Youve finally come to find me!”

Wang Wen looked in the direction of the voice.

A child as thin as a skeleton was sitting on the head of the bed, his eyes flickering at the light from the door.

Looking at the three of them, he said faintly, “As expected, none of you is human.

You are all ghosts!”

The voice fell.

The child suddenly went crazy.

His small and thin body burst out with unmatched power.

He kept throwing things on the bed at Wang Wen while shouting in horror, “Dont come over! I didnt do anything! I didnt do it!”

The transparent barrier gently blocked all the flying objects.

Wang Wen called the drone to check the progress.

He had 3 points.

If he remembered correctly, it should have been 2 points.

It seemed like the one progress point that disappeared from the drivers body had gone to that.

He waved his hand and lifted the child in the air.

His mental energy turned into various locks blocking the childs entire body and mouth.

He went downstairs.

The car was still there.

Wang Wen was a little surprised to see the driver waiting for him.

He opened the trunk and threw the child inside.

The group returned to the outside of the previous building.

The round trip only took about an hour.

The outside of the building was filled with cars.

There were private cars and police cars.

As soon as Wang Wens car stopped, he was surrounded by armed police with riot shields.

Wang Wen got out of the car and walked toward the building.

He said politely, “Everyone, please make way.”

“Stop! If you go any further, Ill shoot!” someone shouted.

Wang Wen protected Zhu Xingguo and the other two as they walked toward the building.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard.

Then, the whole place crackled non-stop like firecrackers during the new year.

The transparent barrier blocked all the bullets.

Wang Wen waved his hand to separate the crowd in front of him as he walked and walked to the front of the building.

Everyone who saw that scene was stunned.

The armed police officer who fired the gun looked at the bullets on the ground in confusion.

Some people who looked like leaders called for reinforcements.

The calls content was very interesting.

“Theres a monster! I couldnt even fire a gun at him! Im not f*cking joking! Hurry up and send the experts! What expert How would I know what kind of expert”

In front of the building.

Lin Kaihe was talking to a few police officers, and when he saw Wang Wen, he pointed at him and said, “You guys go ask him yourself; I have to continue with my work!”

After speaking, he left everyone behind and went back into the building.

There was a loud explosion inside.

The tower climbers stuck their heads out and looked in that direction.

Wang Wen realized that Lin Kaihe was capable.

It was unknown where he had gotten his hands on tools such as an electric pick, an electric hammer, an impact drill, etc.

He had dug a big hole in the cement ground, and five human-shaped skeletons could be seen inside.

Lin Kaihe was carefully and slowly separating the skeletons from the cement.

He was so busy that he did not even try to escape.

Wang Wen did not disturb him too much.

They turned around and silently left, leaving behind a group of people who were on guard as if they were facing a large enemy.

He went back to the other group of people who were standing guard.

He ignored the driver, who had been detained for questioning.

He opened the trunk and got the child out.

The child was already scared half to death when he could not move and flew into the air.

He was half-dead in the trunk.

At that moment, he saw the familiar building and the human-shaped skeleton on the ground.

He rolled his eyes and stomped his feet, contributing to the progress.

Wang Wen looked at the checkpoint that had stopped at 97% and shook his head helplessly.

He thought,These people were really stubborn.

They only let go of the driver.

He ignored all the threats, warnings, admonishments, and rebukes on the outside.

In front of everyone, he dug a hole in the pit where he had buried the man and threw the child in.

That was a reunion for Liang Xiaobin and his son.

The tower climbers just stood outside the building, eating cookies and chocolate, drinking Body Health Water, and watching Lin Kaihe poach people.

The people outside the encirclement looked as if they had seen a ghost, and the words they shouted were so beautiful.

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