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Zhou Shengsheng looked at the wasted Elixir of Life and felt a little heartache.

There were many ways to carry out an execution, and he could not help but ask Wang Wen, “Is it not too extravagant to use a World Tower relic”

Even as the First Consortiums Young Master, he could not bear to waste such a rare consumable item.

Wang Wen glanced at him but did not answer.

He snorted like a lunatic.

“If its wrong, Im just afraid of missing it.”

The mans father had fired a missile at him.

Even if Wang Wen were willing to forgive him for Mo Rans sake, it was already a big deal for him to treat Zhou Shengsheng as if nothing had happened.

It was impossible to teach him anything.

He was not his disciple.

He would not have spoken to him if the man had not helped them out previously.

Speak of the devil, and the devil would arrive.

Just as he thought of his disciple, Wang Wens precious disciple raised his head and asked, “Thats right, Master, why do you need to use such a precious relic to save them Did you discover something”

As soon as his disciple asked that, Wang Wens attitude immediately changed.

He kindly answered, “There were two reasons.

First, I want to see whether the Elixir of Life will work on the creatures in the tower and whether the effect will be the same.

Thats an important experiment, which will be helpful for us to reach higher floors in the future.

Secondly, didnt you notice that the drivers original 1-point progress had disappeared”

Upon hearing that, Ren Ruoruo and the others quickly called the drone to check.

Sure enough, the drivers progress bar was gone.

Zhu Xingguo looked at his master in confusion.

Wang Wen said with a smile, “Yes, since he gave up on his employer, progress has disappeared.

Im guessing its because he lost contact with that group of people! I want to see if that group can rebuild the connection and make progress by transferring the money to him.

Thats very important.

If I can grasp the rhythm of the change in progress, its worth much more than a few bottles of Elixirs of Life.

Do you understand”

Zhu Xingguo finally nodded his head, patted the 15-point man a few times, and asked, “Do you want to transfer the money”

“Let me die,” the 15-point man replied weakly.

Zhu Xingguo consoled him, “Dont worry, Ill let you die after you transfer the money.

Ill keep my word!”

After receiving an affirmative reply from Zhu Xingguo, he took the phone with his bloody hands and started to operate it.

Until everyone had finished transferring the money….

“How much did you receive” Wang Wen asked the driver.

The driver took out his phone to read the message and counted in a daze.

“Ten hundred… A hundred thousand, a million, a million… Its a total of 3.3759 billion!”

Wang Wen looked at his progress and found that it was still zero.

He shook his head.

He waved his hand and released his mental power to lift all the men and throw them into the corpse pit.

There were cries and howls, begging for mercy.

Wang Wen walked to the pit and said, “Im really sorry.

Theres no cement, only soil.

Please make do with it.”

The giants blade scooped up the soil and stones and filled the pit.

The scene was spectacular.

A large piece of stone slowly flew up and floated toward the pit.

The people below were so frightened that they screamed and dodged.

“Great immortal, wait a moment.

Can we survive this” someone asked Wang Wen loudly.

“Ill do anything you say!”

As the man shouted, he dug his fingers into the soil and stones to climb up with all his might.

His desire to live was extremely strong.

“Weve already wasted too much time.

We cant waste any more time,” Wang Wen said, shaking his head.

After saying that, the giant blade made of spiritual power poured a large pile of soil and stones that were half the height of a building into the bottomless pit.

The rocks and sand did not bury the people; they were smashed to the point where they were bleeding and dying.

He waited until the pit was filled with soil and stones.

Wang Wen turned the giant sword into a giant hammer.

Since he had done it, he had to do it properly.

The final step of digging a pit and burying it was to make the soil compact.

Just as the giant hammer was about to land…

The edge of the pit loosened.

A man covered in blood and mud crawled out of the ground.

He coughed and vomited while lying on the ground.

It was the person who had asked the earlier question.

All the tower climbers present looked at him in surprise.

Everyone was taken aback by the other partys strong desire to live.

Everyone could not help but feel a twinge of admiration, but they were also a little shaken.

Wang Wen summoned the drone to check on the progress of the other party.

He had 3 points.

The man did not shout or curse after he climbed out.

He spat out the sand in his mouth and nose and gasped for breath, looking dispirited.

“Whats your name” Wang Wen asked.

“Great immortal.” The man raised his head and looked at Wang Wen with difficulty.

“Im Lin Kaihe.”

Wang Wen nodded.

“Lin Kaihe, I cant save you.

If you want to live, you have to rely on yourself.

Ill give you a suggestion.

Do you know the location of the five bodies Find someone to dig them out and give them a proper burial.

You might be spared from death if you can get their forgiveness before we come back.”

Lin Kaihe nodded vigorously in agreement.

Soon, he revealed a troubled expression.”I have no money to hire anyone.”

Wang Wen waved his hand.

The chauffeur, who was not far away, came to the two in the car.

The driver opened the door and jumped out with a pale face.

“How much do you need” Wang Wen asked Lin Kaihe.

Lin Kaihe looked at the driver, then at Wang Wen, and carefully said, “In the short term, itll cost a million.”

“Transfer it to him.” Wang Wen nodded at the driver.

After the driver asked for the mans card number, he fiddled with his phone for a while and said, “I cant.

My account seems to be frozen.

I have to take my ID to the counter.”


Zhou Shengsheng was speechless.

“Its probably because there have been too many sudden large transfers.

I cant contact the pawnshop either.

Its probably because of some risk management measures.”

Wang Wen let out a deep sigh.

“Looks like that was heavens will,” he said as he looked at Lin Kaihe with regret.

“No!” Lin Kaihe struggled to get up from the ground.

He looked around.

“I dont need anyone else; Ill dig it myself!” he said firmly through gritted teeth.

Without waiting for Wang Wen to speak…

He turned around and rushed into the building.

He found a long hammer with a wooden handle and smashed it into the ground on the first floor.

Every time the hammer landed on the ground…

Lin Kaihes body would shake violently, and his already bloody hands would bleed even more.

It looked like he was planning to use his body to smash open the hard concrete ground.

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