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Chapter 196: Violent Decryption

The unexpected situation made the people around him jump.

They had no idea what Wang Wen had just done.

They only knew that the atmosphere was dark and frightening.

Someone suddenly had a nosebleed.

It was as scary as it could get.

Chen Hansheng immediately left the tower!

His speed of leaving the tower might be the fastest in the world.

He did not know what he had experienced, but leaving the tower had become a conditioned reflex, faster than the brains reaction.

He was simply gifted.

Zhou Shengsheng, who was beside him, saw the white light that suddenly lit up.

He was flabbergasted.


He could not regain his senses for a while.

He could not figure out what could have scared the third consortiums chief out of the tower.

He did not even say a word while counting down and sneaking away.

What was that

Should he praise him or scold him for being clever

However, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo knew the truth.

She was nervous and wanted to laugh, but she was too embarrassed to do so.

The people around him had all sorts of strange expressions and states.

However, Wang Wen ignored all of them.

Having climbed the tower for two lifetimes, his heart had long been as hard as iron.

He recalled the previous scene.

He would not care if 555,000 were buried alive if he had nothing to do with it, let alone just five people.

So what if the pit were filled with cement

Was death so great

Instead, he was infuriated by the other partys behavior of forcefully filling his brain without even saying a word.

He shouted in a low voice, “Stop acting mysterious!” He aimed at the cement sculpture and released a spiritual attack.


Something buzzed in his ears.

The cement sculpture did not move at all!

Even the buildings door was intact.

It was indeed a basic skill.

The power of the spiritual attack was very useful against a large number of weak opponents.

Once they encountered a high-level enemy, they would be powerless.

Fortunately, Wang Wen still had three Broken Might breakthroughs.

That was the first time everyone had seen real spiritual power.

He saw that rain had started to fall from the sky above the cement sculpture.

Every drop of rain glowed with a golden light.

The droplets, wrapped in a power that could destroy gold and break iron, fell onto the cement sculpture like boiling oil dripping into cotton candy.

It was so smooth.

In the blink of an eye.

Raindrops ripped the cement sculpture to shreds.

What was surprising was…

All the cement fragments seemed to have a life of their own.

After dispersing, they quickly pieced themselves back together into five complete cement sculptures, blocking the door.

That scene made Wang Wen raise his eyebrows.

Zhou Shengsheng asked curiously, “What was that golden rain A relic”

No one answered him.

“The Statue Of Resentment is made up of a high concentration of grievance,” Ren Ruoruo explained.

“It cant be destroyed, and it regenerates continuously.

The only way to get rid of it is to find its matching body and bury it.”

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head and said, “We cant even get out of the door.

How are we going to find the body Is it hidden in that building”

“Obviously,” Ren Ruoruo nodded.

Wang Wen transformed his spiritual power into an invisible giant hand and punched the wall.

The wall remained intact.

He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

That extreme level was not about violence or decryption.

The tower was getting really ridiculous.

Before he finished his thoughts…

A huge black shadow descended from the sky.

BOOM! It hit the center of the first floor of the circular building.

With the help of the faint starlight, one could see that it was a strangely shaped, human-shaped mountain of flesh.

Its entire body seemed to be pieced together by countless pieces of meat.

“What was that” Zhu Xingguo had learned to take the initiative to ask Ren Ruoruo.

Ren Ruoruo looked at the human-shaped mountain of flesh and said, “The stone statues vengeful corpses formed these zombies.

They tried to defeat the stone statues and escape, but they were not strong enough.

Therefore, they continue killing living creatures and feeding on their flesh and blood to strengthen themselves.

They are bloodthirsty and aggressive.”

“Alright.” Wang Wen looked at the human-shaped mountain of flesh that was charging over and said, “Theres the violent element; you guys hide well!”

With a wave of his hand, his spiritual power transformed into a transparent giant fist even larger than the zombies body.

He punched it hard.

The zombie flew out with a large spray of blood.

The golden rain started to fall again.

They fell onto the zombie.

It created dense, bloody holes.

After two consecutive waves of attacks, the other partys body was broken, and blood flowed all over the ground.

Wang Wens strength was not something the monsters on the 300th floor could withstand.

He turned back to look at the cement sculpture and said unhappily, “A pitiful person must have a nasty side! You have already taken your revenge, yet you are still shamelessly staying here, insisting on digging your body out of the ground and burying it again.

Arent you deliberately tormenting yourself You arent good people either!”

The stone statue of resentment seemed to understand his words.

He was so angry that he trembled, and the cement powder fell.

Immediately after, the entire building began to shake.

Large chunks of cement fell.

“You see, youre getting anxious after a few words!” Wang Wen called everyone to him and released a transparent barrier to block the falling concrete blocks.

Zhu Xingguo leaned over and asked in confusion, “Master, it looks like we have to follow their wishes to complete the progress.

Should we give it a try”

Wang Wen led the crowd to the side, squinting his eyes to see the zombie smashed by the falling concrete blocks.

He answered Zhu Xingguo, “Theres no hurry.

Its quite interesting to watch the two dogs fight each other.”

They followed his line of sight.

With the help of the starlight, he could see that the zombie seemed to be in a hurry after being hit.

It got up and rushed madly at the cement sculpture with its hands raised.

The cement sculpture was also not afraid at all, and its head was like iron as it withstood the zombies big fist.

In the end, it was unknown if the cement sculpture had become weaker after being beaten up by Wang Wen or if the zombies strength had increased.

One of the five stone statues was not very good at taking a beating and was smashed into pieces.

The stone statues were angry.

They did not look at the zombie but turned their heads to look at Wang Wen.

The broken pieces of cement suddenly flew up into the air and rushed toward Wang Wen.

The transparent barrier blocked the fragments.

The broken skin stuck to the barrier and kept absorbing spiritual energy.

The barrier quickly became thinner.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes and said, “You cant do anything when someone else breaks you, and you come at me instead.

Do you think Im easy to bully”

He was no longer polite.

He used the killer move he had learned after breaking through—a small, sun-like ball flew out.

It exploded as soon as it touched the fragment.

The surrounding space was instantly filled with a golden light so thick it could not be dispersed.

The fragments that bore the brunt of the impact were all vaporized at once.

The zombies a little further away howled and scattered into white ash.

The four cement sculptures turned into four mud puddles and could not stand up after wriggling for a long time.

Finally, they were dried by the golden light and cracked on the ground.

The buildings door opened.

The roof had almost collapsed, and the fresh air from the outside flowed in.

The entire area was no longer messy and filthy.

Only then did the little round ball slowly turn into bits of a star and dissipate.

The building returned to silence.

The only difference was that compared to the intact building at the beginning, that building was like a withered flower that had been destroyed by the wind and rain, teetering and in a mess.

Zhou Shengsheng and the others looked at Wang Wen in shock.

“Its an extreme level,” Wang Wen explained politely.

“Its not appropriate to not use violence.”

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