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Chapter 192: What was the answer

“There are some very unpopular theories in scientific decipherment.” Wang Wen looked at Ren Ruoruo.

“Similar to different colors of light, there are different wavelengths.

A certain kind of special color can only appear at a specific wavelength.

Maybe thats how we can decipher the information.”

Ren Ruoruo covered her forehead.

“If thats the case, the team that lacks a scientific decipherment master will collectively give up, right”

“Maybe its not that.” Wang Wen shook his head.

“The World Towers difficulty is quite fair.

They wont make certain personnel indispensable.”

Zhu Xingguo felt that his brain was about to explode.

“Master, do I still need to knock again”

“Wait a moment.”

Wang Wen strolled along the wall, observing the wall inch by inch.

He walked along the wall for one round.

He closed his eyes and replayed the scene in his mind a few times.

After confirming there was no mistake, he said to Zhu Xingguo, “Knock.”


The lights went out.

When it was lit up again, it turned blue.

Wang Wen observed the wall once again.

He frowned and said to Ren Ruoruo and the others who were staring at him closely, “Strange, I dont find anything different.

What does the change in the color of the lights mean We cant overthink it.

What did we miss”

He did not see any difference in the wall of blue lights.

But he vaguely remembered that when the lights went out, and the room fell into darkness, there seemed to be a shadow on the wall.

Ren Ruoruo thought for a moment.

She hesitated and asked, “Why dont we keep knocking on the wall and see what happens”

Wang Wen was slightly taken aback.

Did he have to do something so unskilled

Would that not be looking down at the all-rounder tower king who had returned from the 900th floor

He thought about it.

He said to Zhu Xingguo, “That makes sense.

Just keep knocking.”

Perhaps he was not an all-rounder.

However, he was not at all shabby.

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at the wall.

If not for the fact that he was not sure what was behind the wall, he would have already used his spiritual power to break through it.

Those special checkpoints were nothing but a waste of time.

It was very likely that there was a fatal trap hidden behind the wall.

The goal was to surprise people when they broke it down.

That was the most common scene after passing the newcomer stage and entering the high tower from the lower floors.

The World Tower was constantly cruel to the tower climbers.

It became common from the 300th floor to send a surprise.

They had to be careful.

Only then could they climb higher.

Zhu Xingguo began to knock on the wall.

The lights began to go out, light up, and go out in a cycle.

After red and blue, yellow, green, and purple followed.

They waited until the purple color changed.

The lights went out.

It was pitch black.

They did not light up again.

Zhu Xingguo asked in shock, “Master, we destroyed the lights!”

Wang Wen turned on his flashlight.

He aimed at the shadow he had been staring at for a long time.

He saw a secret compartment that quietly moved away from the top of the wall, which had not changed when the lights were on.

It was about five to six meters above the ground and almost at the top of the room.

It would be difficult to notice it if one did not look closely.

Everyone followed Wang Wens flashlight beam and found the inconspicuous secret compartment.

Chen Hansheng, who was bored, said happily, “I see it!”

Ren Ruoruo frowned.

“Its too high.

Does anyone have any tools to climb”

Her gaze was focused on Chen Hansheng and Zhou Shengsheng.

After all, in terms of background, they were the two financial tycoons on the team.

Zhou Shengsheng was the first to shrug his shoulders, indicating that there was nothing he could do.

Chen Hansheng, on the other hand, called for the drone to check its storage.

Everyone was excited; they thought he would pull out some magical and practical tool like a robot cat.

He pushed the drone away.

Chen Hansheng said helplessly, “There were too many things; I cant remember clearly.

I looked through it once, and sure enough, there isnt anything we can use.”

Zhu Xingguo, who was beside him, patted his shoulder.

“Why dont we build a human ladder Ill stand at the bottom! Just two more people will do it!”

They started arguing about who should be at the bottom and the top.

Wang Wen had quietly risen into the air and was hovering steadily in front of the secret compartment.

Chen Hansheng was shocked.

“Captain Wang, do you already have a flying tool”

As he spoke, he ran to Wang Wens feet and looked up, but he did not find any traces of a relic.

“Is it a shoe”

Chen Hansheng looked at Wang Wens dirty soles and fell into deep thought.

Zhou Shengsheng also looked at Wang Wens feet, which seemed to be supported by an invisible object, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Wang Wens voice fell from the sky.

“Stop messing around.

Theres an interface in the secret compartment.

There are dozens of small buttons on it; each button is a different color.

Whichever button I press, it will light up.

Theres an OK button at the bottom, which we should probably use based on the order of the lights.”

“The order of the lights”

Ren Ruoruo began to recall.

Zhu Xingguo answered in advance, “I know, I know! The order was red, blue, yellow, green, and purple!”

Wang Wen, who was in mid-air, did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Dont worry about it.

Leave it to us.”

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head in confusion.

“Did I remember wrongly”

“The sequence is correct,” Wang Wen explained.

“But the answer is wrong.

Ive already tried that sequence.

When I pressed the OK button, all the lights went out, and there was no response.

Obviously, it did not work.”

When he heard that answer…

Zhu Xingguo finally gave up.

“If its not the sequence, then what else can it be”

Ren Ruoruo, who had been silent all that time, finally said, “Theres very little information.

The sequence is the only answer we have so far.

According to the usual principle, the sequence of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple is correct, but theres still one color missing.”

She raised her head and asked Wang Wen, “Captain, is there a white button”

Wang Wen reached out to operate the hidden compartment.

“Yes, if we calculate according to the color of the light, the initial white should also be counted as one color!”

As he operated, he dictated the order of pressing the buttons.

“White, red, blue, yellow, green, and purple, OK!”

In the reflection of the flashlight.

Everyone noticed that Wang Wen was slightly stunned.

Then he turned to look at the walls and said helplessly, “Its still not working.

There are no changes in the surroundings.

The answer is not right.”

Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo looked at each other.

There were question marks written all over their faces.

On the other side, Chen Hansheng asked tentatively, “In terms of color, does darkness count”

“White, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and black” Ren Ruoruos eyes lit up.

She raised the night light in her hand and called out to Wang Wen, “Captain, Captain!”

“I can hear you…” Wang Wen had already started pressing the button as soon as Chen Hanshengs voice fell.

“The room is only five meters high and is sealed… Alright, adding black still does not work.”

Everyone in the room lowered their shoulders.

There was a moment of silence.

They had tried every color they could think of, and if that was still not right, what was the answer

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